Barcelona Port Cable Car

One of the first things I noticed in the Catalan capital was the Barcelona port cable car.

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Heading into the city from the airport you head around Montjuic and the harbour area comes into sight as one of your first views of Barcelona. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the cable car that is cruising the sky in front of you.

I knew straight away that our kids would be all over this. You see they love cable cars, ski lifts anything that involves heights. Wyld family Travel activity here we come. They can’t get enough of this sort of activity. Only a few weeks earlier they dragged us up a ski lift in Zakopane Poland. I must admit the views were fantastic.This inconveniences their mother greatly. You see Bec does not like heights at all. Bec has got used of shelving her fears and just taking one for the team for the sake of our kids.

The names used locally for this cable car service are the Transbordador Aeri del Port or “Port Cable Car”. The cable car is a bit of an oddity in Barcelona. Its link to the past that this city seems to want to forget. Barcelona you see is mainly a shiny new city. When Barcelona was awarded the Olympics  in 1992 it went on a major redevelopment and demolished a lot of the old building in the city. I loved the old world architecture of its towers. The iron construction reminds me of the Eiffel Tower.The port cable car was constructed as an attraction for the 1929 world’s fair that was held in Barcelona. The size of the project was seriously underestimated and the cable car did not open till 1931. The venture has had a checkered past including being used as a machine gun tower during the Spanish civil war. It has opened and closed numerous times since it inception but with the re-development of the port area early in the late 1990’s its future was secured.


The Barcelona port cable car has 3 stations. You can only access two of these stations.  Montjuïc station at an altitude of 57 m (187 ft), passes through the highest point of Torre Jaume I which is 107 m (351 ft) high and ends at the top of Torre Sant Sebastià at 86 m (282 ft), from where an elevator descends to the streets of Barceloneta. The Barcelona Port Cable car can also be caught at Barceloneta and finish at Montjuic. You can catch the cable car at either end.

“Off we go”

I must warn you for people who don’t like heights this is not an experience for the faint-hearted. We arrived at the Barceloneta entrance to the cable car. It was 36 degree’s the day we decided to take on the cable car. There was a 30-minute wait downstairs. The operators had mist fans working to keep people cool while waiting in line. This was greatly appreciated. We were unaware that once at the top of the station there would be another 30 minutes wait. I often say anything worth doing is worth waiting for and it was true. The views from the top of the Barceloneta station were amazing. On view was the Mediterranean Barcelona coast, The Marina with its super yachts and cruise liners and the Barcelona sky line.

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Only 2 cable cars run, one going in each direction. As you step on the cable car its one of those heart in mouth moments when the car finally takes off and there is nothing but air surrounding you as you glide away from the tower. The total length that you cover is 1,303 metres across the harbour taking about 7 minutes from one side to the other. We were lucky that we were at the front of the line when they let the 16 people in the cable car. We were able to position yourself near the windows. There is no seating available in the cars, standing room only. This provided us with some magnificent views of the city as you glide across. The cable car slows when you reach Torre Jaume the centre tower as the cable tightens the cable car itself bounces a little causing some anxiety.  You pass through the station and slide on by and off you go again. The cable car takes you right over the top of the trade centre the working port of Barcelona on one side. On the other side, you get views of Sagrada Familia, La Rambla, Arc de Triomf, Bari Gothic and the Columbus statue. The kids loved it and were excited the whole way across. As for Bec she held on for dear life, maybe even put finger nail marks in the rails. The fact we had a fellow Australian saying “I wonder what would happen if the cable breaks” did not help.

Once you reach the Montjuic side and disembark more amazing views are on offer. There is a cafe/bar where you can enjoy a drink and the views. You can continue to the top of Montjuic on another cable car if you choose, The Teleferico de Montjuïc. We choose instead to head up the road and visit the 1992 Olympic Games stadium.

Barcelona Port Cable Car

Marley waiting patiently for the cable car to arrive

Barcelona Port Cable Car

The Barcelona Port cable car is a good bit of family travel fun for the whole family. It is not to be missed, one of the may great things to do in Barcelona .

Ticket Prices For Port Cable Car:

Round trip:  €16.50
One Way:  €11.00
Children of 6 years and under travel for free.



When in Barcelona we choose to stay at Casa Consell Guest House in the city Centre

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