<img src="belvedere-vienna.jpg" alt="Belvedere Vienna" />

Upper Belvedere Palace

Belvedere Garden is fit for royalty


Belvedere Garden are located in the third district of the city of Vienna Austria, on the south-eastern edge of its centre

The complex consists of an Upper Belvedere and a Lower Belvedere. The Belvedere palace and Gardens was built during  a period of Hapsburg rule. The Hapsburg’s were responsible fo a period of extensive construction in Vienna. At the time, Vienna was the imperial capital of the Austrian empire.

<img src="belvedere-vienna.jpg" alt="Belvedere Vienna" />

Upper Belvedere Vienna

<img src="belvedere-vienna.jpg" alt="Belvedere Vienna" />

Selfie Belvedere Garden Vienna

<img src="belvedere-garden.jpg" alt="Belvedere Garden" />

One of the many sculptures at Belvedere

This palace complex was designed and construction on this regal project started during the reign of the Hapsburg empire for Prince Eugene of Savoy.
The building was completed around 1723 and the  Belvedere Garden where opened

There are a contemporary art museum and another gallery which displays a permanent collection of Austrian art. The Palace Belvedere Gardens were designed by Bavarian garden designer Dominique Girard. The Gardens follow a concept that copies the French design of arranged trees and hedges, sculpture, fountains and cascades.

Belvedere garden

Marley playing around at Belvedere Vienna

Belvedere Garden is great for the whole family. Our kids enjoyed the sculptures, waterfalls and maze-like hedges. Marley enjoyed drawing as you can see lol.  Belvedere Garden is also good on the family budget as it costs nothing for entry to gardens. Tours of the inside of the place are available for a cost.

Belvedere garden

Lower Belvedere

Belvedere garden

Belvedere waterfall

Belvedere garden

The Belvedere Garden Vienna is a great place to spend a few hours walking around the Gardens.
Read more about the Belvedere Gardens 

How to get here:
Upper Belvedere

Prinz Eugen-Straße 27, 1030 Vienna

Train: Station “Quartier Belvedere”
S-Bahn: Station “Quartier Belvedere”
Tram: D (Stop “Schloss Belvedere”), 18 and O (Stop “Quartier Belvedere”)
Bus: 69A (Stop “Quartier Belvedere”)
Underground: U1 (Stop “Südtirolerplatz”) + Walkway around 15 minutes




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