The Eiffel Tower is there a more iconic, recognizable symbol of one country in the world? If so, I don’t know of one. The Eiffel Tower is basically the symbol of France to everyone outside the country. It is recognizable to kids and adults alike. How could it not be? Every time the Tower is on TV it is shining bright in the Paris night or looking radiant in the Parisian summer sun. My wife and I look at each other and say been there! So after visiting it with just the two of us, could we visit the Eiffel Tower with kids?
Eiffel Tower with kids

So you think it’s a good idea to visit the Eiffel Tower with Kids?

Our kids so wanted to visit the Tower on one of our recent trips to Paris. Our eldest daughter Willow had been to the top when she was 10 months old and as you could imagine, she can’t remember it. I would always say Willow you have been to the top whenever we saw the Eiffel Tower in movies or on TV.  Willow aged 9 along with her 6-year-old sister Marley were ready to tackle the French Icon, not mention blow off the scammers under the Tower wanting you to pay for their operation!
Eiffel Tower with kids

The journey to the top can be long and hot if you are visiting in the summer months. 3 hours is not unheard of from the time you line up to the time you get to the 3rd level which is the top. To be honest there are easier things to see in Paris with the kids but after all it is the Eiffel Tower and so the Eiffel Tower with kids it is!
Eiffel Tower with kids


Tips for visiting the Eiffel Tower with Kids

Take food and drink’s with you in your bag for the kids. Like I mentioned it can be a long wait and kids will get bored and start complaining, there is no doubt!

Bring an iPod, iPad, tablet, book or magazine, whatever will take the kids minds off the long line and wait.

Take a notepad and have the kids draw pictures of ther Eiffel Tower.

See the Eiffel Tower with kids eyes. Give your kids a camera so they can capture their own images.
Eiffel Tower with kids

The Eiffel Tower offers kids aged 6-10 a fun educational experience. On level one there is a permanent exhibition that allows kids to learn all about the Tower and Eiffel himself. Like many other attractions these days the Tower has a little Gustav Eiffel character that is placed at a different spot on the tower. Kids are given a bilingual French-English booklet-game and a little pencil provided for them. Whenever they find the Eiffel character there is something to fill in. Kids will learn many facts of the history of the Eiffel Tower, about the man who designed the tower and about the landscape of Paris seen from the Tower. The booklet and pencil can be collected from the Ferrié pavilion on the first level. The booklet can also be downloaded from the Eiffel Tower website. I would recommend this just to see if you think your children will like this activity. You do not want to waste any more time waiting at the Eiffel Tower than you must.

Do not be fooled into thinking that when you get in the elevator on the bottom floor that you will be at the top soon. It’s just not so, the nightmare will begin again on level 2 when the elevator door opens and you see a line just as long as the one on the ground level was. You see you must line up all over again for final assent to the top of the Tower.
Eiffel Tower with kids

Always pre-book tickets online if possible. The wait for the ticket office can be easily over  1 hour. Kids do not take well to standing in line for this amount of time. They say first thing in the morning or after 8pm is the best times to visit the Tower. You can walk up the stairs to the first and second level. This will cut down time waiting, but I would not recommend this unless you have extremely fit children.
Eiffel Tower with kids

You must select a time to visit when booking online. Please don’t be any longer than 30 minutes late or your tickets will not be valid.

Choose whether you are wanting to go to the top level, middle level or lower level of the tower (We booked to the top but our daughter was getting distressed by the height so we stopped at level two) All levels offer great views of Paris. A full guided tour of the Eiffel Tower is available for download on the Eiffel Tower website.

Eiffel Tower 2013

Eiffel Tower with kids

Tickets can be booked here

Family Travel Tip: Access to the Eiffel Tower is best done by Trocadero Metro stop. Trocadero is on lines 6&9 of the Paris Metro system. Trocadero delivers you to an amazing spot overlooking the Eiffel tower which is great for family photo’s with the Tower in the back ground.




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