A London family vacation often has the connotation of being an expensive, luxurious European trip. In fact, British news website The Independent claims that it tops the likes of New York and Hong Kong as the most expensive city to live and work in. But beyond the majesty of England’s capital, lies charming features that allow travelling families to truly enjoy the journey.

A London family vacation yes, please!

Airports are sort of the determining factor whether travellers get to start and end their trip on a high note. Not only are these establishments like welcome mats for tourists and locals alike, they also act as the familiar ‘thank you, please come again’ signs. Having said that, London boasts airports that represent the city’s efficient transportation sector. Take Gatwick, for instance.

Behind the world famous Heathrow, London Gatwick is the second largest international airport and second busiest in terms of total passenger traffic in the United Kingdom. It’s also the world’s most active single-use runway based on statistics by Panethos. With this Gatwick’s congestion has the tendency to spill over from its packed departure areas and runways into its cramped parking spaces.


When it comes to airport parking, Gatwick officials have invested millions in coming up with viable solutions. In addition, they welcome the services of parking aggregators that give convenience to local and even foreign travellers. Car bays at Gatwick are divided into two groups of two: the North Terminal’s long stay and summer special, as well as the South Terminal’s long stay and long stay plus.

Parking4Less even highlights an award-winning short stay car park that’s fittingly situated in the middle of the two. Gatwick Airport, in a way, represents the proficiency of London’s public transportation industry. It’s also one of the many reasons why tourists have an easy time visiting the city’s famous sites and taking the roads less travelled.

The City Has Tons of Free Places to Visit and Things to Do

Aside from Michelin-starred, restaurants and a pub on every corner, sightseeing tours, and West End musicals, a London family vacation can be extremely affordable for travellers on a budget. From world-class museums and iconic houses to lovely parks and interesting attractions, the city has plenty of free places to see and things to do. A little pre-preparation and planning should alert you to many free things in London.

Once you’ve settled down in London, you’ll have access to a plethora of activities for the whole family. You can see the full size of a tyrannosaurus Rex firsthand at the Natural History Museum and at Crystal Palace Park, or discover the captivating wonders of the city at the Museum of London and at the William Morris Gallery.

There are also odd yet fascinating objects on display at the likes of the Anaesthesia Museum, the Hunterian Museum, and the British Museum just to name a few. Kids love the British Museum. The Museum’s dinosaur section contains full-size skeletons that will leave the kids in awe.

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For a steadier ambience, you and your family can head to Little Venice. Charming waterfront cafés and pubs have set up shop in this area. Since London’s streets are generally pedestrian-friendly, you can stroll along South Bank, Millennium Bridge, or Richmond, and embrace the culture. For those on a London family vacation with a little extra in their budget The London Eye and the London, Dungeons can be found on Southbank.

Both these attractions are very popular with people visiting London. The Tower of London is one of our favourite family attractions in Europe. Additionally, your family trip wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the relaxing park life at open spaces such as Kensington Gardens, St. James Park, and Hyde Park. The United Kingdom is great for families to visit in the winter or summer.

Family travel Tips: A London family vacation can be made cheaper by ordering you visitors oyster card on-line for London Public Transport before you arrive. The oyster cards can be pre-loaded with what ever amount of credit you please and be topped up as required during your stay in London. Children under 5 travel free. You will be charged considerably more to travel on public transport if you buy individual tickets.

Wyld Family Travel stayed at the Premier Inn London Kensington and loved it!

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