90 miles of Beach you say!

The 90 Mile Beach is located in Gippsland Australia. Gippsland is the most sparsely populated area of Victoria. As the name suggests it runs for 90 miles along the Australian coastline. The beach faces into Bass Straight. Bass Straight is notorious for its bad weather and huge swells. On a good day, you can see the oil rigs out at sea and occasionally whales passing by.  The name “The 90 Mile Beach” is rather ironic since in Australia we measure everything in Kilometers. Truth be told it’s actually 94 Miles long. It runs from Port Albert in South Gippsland to Lakes Entrance in East Gippsland. The stretch of coastline is scarcely developed with only 3 towns having access to the beach. Seaspray,  Loch Sport, and Lakes Entrance. These 3 towns sit just over the sand dunes from the incoming waves. The Gippsland lakes run adjacent to the 90-mile beach. The Gippsland lakes are the biggest inland waterway in Australia. The lakes compliment the ocean by giving holidaymakers multiple options when staying on the 90 Mile Beach.


 Lakes Entrance is like your Typical coastal resort town similar to ones I have been to on the baltic coast in northern Germany. Caravan parks, hotels, mini golf, and tourists. Lakes Entrance is one of the most popular coastal towns in the Summer for Tourists. The population more than triples as holidaymakers seek the beach and sun during their December and January break. You see here in Australia school is out for 6 weeks of summer vacation at this time. My parents live at Lakes Entrance now so we visit this town regually.

Did you say they catch Sharks here!

Seaspray, on the other hand, has 1 shop and 1 caravan park. This town is the polar opposite to Lakes Entrance. Seaspray has a reputation for its fishing. Over the summer months when the water temperatures rise fish are aplenty. Shark fishing is on everyone’s mind. The beach is littered with fisherman trying to catch Gummy Sharks,  Salmon, and Flathead. It is quite a sight watching intrepid fisherman paddle a canoe 300-500 meters out into the ocean to drop their baits. Seaspray was recently named as the cheapest coastal town in the state of Victoria to build a house.


Loch Sport is known for its mosquitoes. You better take the insect repellent if you visit this town that’s for sure. Loch Sport is fastly developing for holiday makes. Loch Sport features a yacht club that is very popular for yachts on the Gippsland Lakes. Boating of all types is popular in Loch Sport as the calm waters of the Gippsland lakes make it perfect for water skiing. Loch Sport has a caravan park and motel, numerous shops.

Lifesavers operate in the towns of lakes Entrance and Seaspray over the summer months. The Seaspray end of the beach is notorious for its rough waters, sandbars and rips that can cause the novice swimmers plenty of troubles. More than 1 life has been lost in the waters of the ninety-mile beach. The Seaspray Surf Lifesaving club has won many nation titles in different disciplines of surf lifesaving. The beaches are patrolled during holiday periods for your safety

90 mile beach

This seal was unhappy to see us on the 90 Mile Beach

Our life along the 90 Mile Beach

I have lived my whole life within a 40-minute drive from the white sands and blue waters of the 90 Mile Beach .As a child, my family holidayed at Lakes Entrance every January for 3 weeks. As a teenager, I spent many weekends body boarding and swimming at Seaspray with my friends. As an adult, I have spent time standing on the beach waiting to catch fish.  As a father, I have had time to watch my kids build sand castles and chase the incoming waves up the beach. As a family, we have camped at the beach with friends. As a husband, I have comforted my wife. Someone close to both of us ended up in a wheelchair for life after shallow diving into a wave at the beach. We will once again head to the ninety-mile beach this summer as we do all summers. Beach life is very intertwined with Australian lifestyle with 90% of the population living within 100 kilometers of the ocean.
The 90-mile beach is a part of my life and my families.

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