Bec and I love UNESCO sites, we love the history of these sights. We love how UNESCO sites are maintained in today’s modern world to shine a spotlight on how the world was in times past. I love walking around these places admiring them sometimes you can nearly feel what it was like be transported back in time. A simpler time, a more violent time, a time of kings, Queens, castle and palaces. A time of wars, armies, and beautiful medieval building. A time where cobblestone’s ruled the streets and Religion ruled the world. UNESCO is our living breathing history right in front of us just waiting for us to sample it. We make a priority to visit UNESCO sites when we are anywhere near them and will continue so as long as we travel. We now love taking the kids along. Like all things with kids, some sights are awesome for kids while others not so good.  Here is our UNESCO list of sites we have visited.

Do you like visiting UNESCO sites

UNESCO sites


Family travel tip: During school holiday periods the Opera House runs kids programs. You can catch a ferry located adjacent over to Toorango zoo or  the historic fun park “Luna Park”.

Family Travel Tip : The Melbourne Museum is located next door to the Royal Exhibition Building. The museum is world class and there is something for the whole family.

UNESCO sites

Schonbrunn Palace


Family travel tip: Vienna/Schonbrunn Zoo is located within the palace grounds. Excellent zoo featuring Giant panda’s and Koala’s just name a few.

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Czech Republic

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UNESCO sites

This picture appears courtesy
The photo archives of the Governing Body of Suomenlinna/Suomen Ilmakuva Oy. The Governing Body of Suomenlinna retains the copyright

Family travel tip: if your kids like biking there are planty of paths that go around the fortress and the island. Bikes can be hired on site for exploring.

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Family travel tip: The Strasbourg old town centre is quite small and can be covered in a short time. There is an old-fashioned carousel in one of the squares that the kids will love.

Family travel tip: jump on one of the many boats the cruise the Siene River the kids will love it.

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UNESCO sites

The costumes were amazing at the festival in Provins France

Family travel tip: People will be dressed in period costumes. There are jousting and falconry shows that can be attended.

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Family travel tip: Take a boat ride around the city and explore the amazing town gate.

Family travel tip: Get the hop on hop bus at Potsdam. There is an amazing amount of Palaces to be seen and they are not in walking distance. You will encounter people dressed in period costume and people playing music.

The Holy Sea:


#fishermans #bastion is a terrace on the bank of the #danube #river in #budapest #hungry

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UNESCO sites

Wawel Castle located in Krakow Old Town

Family travel tip: Wawel castle located in the old town. The castle features a Dragons den and a fire-breathing Dragon statue

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Family travel tip: Plenty of stairs and tunnels to explore in this one. Take jumpers as the tunnels reach hundred’s of metres underground and it get very cool

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UNESCO sites

Auschwitz-Birkenau the saddest place i have ever been.

German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp (1940-1945)

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Family travel tip: Bright colors and funny shaped castle’s and palaces are very interesting. Catch the hop on hop off bus to access all of the sites. They are not within walking distance.

Family travel tip: sky high bridges, cable car and street performers make the Porto riverside amazing.

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United Kingdom:

UNESCO sites

View of the castle with Thomas Telford’s suspension bridge in the foreground
Intellectual Property Office © Crown copyright 2015

Family travel tip: Lots of high walls and narrow dark staircases to explore in the castles

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Family travel tip: There is a special kids activity. kids are given a clipboard and pencil with an activity sheet on it. If the kids complete the sheet they are given a free chocolate coin.

Family travel tip: Go on the free beefeater tour. The tour leader makes it very light hearted and tells jokes along the way. Explore the armory and crown jewels. Photo opportunities with people in costume. Straight outside the Tower of London is the famous Tower Bridge

Total of 41 UNESCO world heritage sites I have visited, Bec has visited 35, Willow has visited 31 and Marley has visited 28 sites.

More UNESCO sites on the horizon

On our upcoming trip later this year, I have at least another 6 UNESCO sites picked out in Spain, Portugal, Croatia and Montenegro we will be visiting. I am hoping to maybe get up to 50 UNESCO sites on the next trip

What are you favourite UNESCO sites please comment and let us know?

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