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If you’re a keen traveller and a bit of a whizz with a camera it’s likely that you’ve pondered the idea of pursuing travel photography. It’s one of those jobs which sounds like a dream involving endless possibilities and adventures! So many people are stuck in a routine whereby they do not enjoy their jobs yet have come to accept this as just part and parcel of life. To avoid falling into this trap, if you have a dream, you should follow it. Let’s dive in and consider the fab reasons that you should grab your camera and pack your bags!


Travelling allows you to partake in the ultimate journey of self-discovery. Visiting a vast range of beautiful countries and experiencing different cultures will enable you to learn about yourself because you’ll be nurturing your sense of independence, confidence and self-love. Being out of your comfort zone allows you to really find out what you are capable of. You’ll try and see new things that would not have been available to you back home, and with this, you may discover new facets to your personality, new talents or passions. 

Learn about the world

With each and every place that you visit, you’ll learn new things about the world. This could be anything from picking up new languages, to sampling new cuisines, discovering the rich history of a culture, or connecting deeply with nature. When you learn things about the world you can nurture your mind and gain personal fulfillment. In addition to this, you can become  inspired to promote positive social change in terms of negative societal issues. 

Creativity and new skills

Creativity has long been linked to positive wellbeing and a better quality of life. Through your photographs, you can tell stories and create beauty. Many photographers pick up new creative skills because they start writing blogs about their trips and thus develop their creative writing skills. Also, blogging can help you to learn new branding skills and discover ways that you can improve your online presence as a business. As an independent photography business, it’s important that you look to digital asset management to best organize and protect your work. Overall, you’ll gain so many new skills and understandings via pursuing a photography career.

Meet new people

Travel photographers have the chance to meet a huge variety of different people from many different countries. As social creatures, meeting and having positive relationships with lots of different people is great for our wellbeing. What’s more, as a travel photographer, you’ll be able to attend networking events and meet like-minded people within your industry. Networking is such a positive step, especially within creative fields; you can find people who will inspire you and learn from one another.

 With the advance of technology, it’s easier than ever before to set up your own website to showcase your work and offer your services to clients. You can also make money by selling some stunning prints of your work along the way! 

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