Travelling as a family means taking a lot of stuff. It’s much more difficult than packing for yourself, or even yourself and a significant other. Depending on your children’s ages, it can be even more complicated. So what’s the best course of action?

Vary the types of luggage you keep in your household. Ali Express is a great source for purchasing a variety of luggage and travel gear offering everything from rolling suitcases to fold-away backpacks.

Different pieces can be ideal for different types of trips. Examine the length of your stay, your destination, the weather and your activities. To help you decide what to bring a packing list is helpful to figure out which of your bags will be ideal for the vacation.

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A backpack is an essential luggage component for traveling


Luggage for Families – The Backpack

The most pivotal item for any traveller is a backpack, but these can be especially handy for families. If each member has his or her own backpack, you can cut down a little bit on checked baggage as its a carry on piece

With fun, colourful options for kids and bags with plenty of pockets for parents, they’re the perfect carry-on luggage. Stuff some books or games inside to stay busy on the flight, but load in extras like toothbrushes and a jacket too.

Backpacks can play a double role as well. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, take everything out and use them for day hikes. You can also fill them with snacks and drinks to cut down on costs throughout the day.

Rolling Bag

Luggage for families. Make sure the luggage is easy for kids to push and carry.

Luggage needs to easy to move through airports for kids

A rolling suitcase can make all the difference in your travel experience. If you have a long trek through the airport or through the city, you’ll want to have wheels. Save your energy for your trip rather than for carrying your bag around before you arrive.

Most wheeled luggage holds quite a lot so it’s great for families who need to consolidate their clothes into a few bags. Don’t forget to be unique though. A brightly coloured or funky patterned bag makes it easier to spot in the baggage claim.

Make sure you pick the right bag. Does it have everything you could ask for? Is it easy-to-navigate wheels? Does it have a range of colours and plenty of space?. You can find one (or two or three) suited to your family’s needs right HERE

You may also consider a small rolling bag designed for kids so they can pull their own clothes along behind them. There is an amazing range of kids bags waiting to be looked at NOW

Duffle Bag

A duffle bag may not seem entirely practical on a family vacation, but it has its place as well. Some trips present some traveling difficulties. If you’re headed somewhere where you’ll be trekking through dirt or forests before you reach your base, a duffel is a great option. It won’t be near the ground and if it gets dirty, it’s no big deal.

Duffel bags are also ideal for those traveling in ancient cities or places with a lot of cobblestones. Avoid the hassle of manoeuvring a rolling bag over the rock and carry your bag instead.

Because they usually have soft sides, it’s easy to pack duffel bags to the brim as well. Cram as much of your family’s gear in one as possible and get ready to jet set.

Luggage for families

Luggage for families needs to be easy to move

Travel Tote

While this isn’t the perfect item for everyone in your family, a travel tote can be a wonderful treasure for moms on the go.

Carrying a suitcase, a backpack and a purse isn’t practical, but a tote is a seamless blend of backpack and purse. It’s larger size provides ample space—like a backpack—so you can fit everything you need. Don’t leave behind the hand sanitizer and snacks. Just load them into a tote—alongside everything else.

On top of their practical use, totes can make great replacements for purses. They’re still fashionable so you won’t have to worry about carrying an ugly bag around town when you arrive. Leave all of the unimportant stuff at the hotel or hostel and you can use them to store souvenirs, maps and snacks as you wander.

Make sure you choose the right luggage for families when you are traveling.