Planning and packing for a family vacation can be stressful, especially when you are arranging a family camping trip. Very often, people drive to their destination, meaning that you need to plan your route and keep everyone happy on the journey. You also need to remember to take all of your gear with you; forget something vital and it might result in you having nowhere to sleep for the night! Vault Cargo’s range of products ensures that you have plenty of space for the essentials. No more leaving behind your child’s favourite stuffed toy or game that they just can’t live without because there’s no more room in the car.

1. Roof Rack

A sturdy roof rack is ideal if you want to take larger items, like bicycles or kayaks, on your family camping trip. Making use of the top of your vehicle can free up so much space inside for other items, meaning that you’re less likely to omit anything vital. There’s no reason to stuff your trunk to overflowing, to the point where people need to sit with bags on their laps and crammed in by their feet.

2. Cargo Hitch Carrier / Trailor

If you just can’t fit everything in your vehicle, no matter how much you try, don’t despair. You can gain extra space by using a cargo hitch carrier. Affix it to the rear of your car and enjoy the additional room for tents, cooking equipment, bags of clothing etc. Nobody likes being crammed into an over-packed car for a long journey, especially kids. Give your family enough space to breathe, pack some travel games and activities and try to smile each time you’re asked if you’re nearly there yet!

3. Various Sized Straps

It’s all very well and good having extra space to transport things by using a roof rack or a cargo hitch carrier, but don’t pat you on the back just yet. If your things aren’t secured properly you may lose them in transit. As well as being an inconvenience, and probably expensive to replace items, it is also hazardous to drive with improperly secured items. Vault Cargo’s straps and ties are available in different sizes, enabling you to make sure items are well secured.

4. Equipment for Towing

If you’re planning to tow a trailer, trailer tent or caravan behind your vehicle, don’t forget to take along all necessary towing equipment. Visit Vault Cargo’s site to purchase D-ring shackles, axle straps and shackle hitches. Safety and security are paramount on any family camping trip, a road trip with kids or vacation. Tow straps and snatch blocks are also available and can come in handy.

Once you’ve packed your tent, pegs and poles, sleeping bags and airbeds, clothes, cooking equipment and food, snacks for the journey and plenty to keep the kids occupied while on the road, don’t neglect useful but commonly overlooked items too. They may not be things that are top of your camping packing list to take along on a family camping trip, but you’ll sure be kicking yourself if you need them and don’t have them!