A gift of experiences and memories is a truly unique gift to give a person. Something that won’t soon be forgotten or tossed aside. Tinggly makes this even more adventurous by offering the recipient a range of choices they can choose from. Booking.com’s recent customer survey found that Almost two thirds of travellers (60%) value experiences higher than material possessions. With this in mind you just need to go to tinggly.com and choose a package of your choice to give as a gift. Tinggly have a whole range of experience collections including
  • The Bucket List – 600+ experiences in over 100countries
  • Best Helicopter Rides
  • Best Balloon rides
  • Time Together for 1-2 people with 440 plus experiences
Tinggly really has something for everyone and you will find everything from getaways for 2 in capital cities to exploring islands in Thailand. The person that you have gifted the voucher to or if you have received one yourself, they will then have a whole 2 years to apply for a travel experience out of hundreds of choices that they’ll be given. Once you have picked the experience you wish to do you can have the experience voucher delivered straight to your inbox or mailbox, it is completely up to you, you can choose what is convenient for you. Check out Tinggly today!

Tello Drone

The Tello is a great introduction for a first-time drone users. The Tello is a small and inexpensive drone that is easy to use. Coming at around the $160 AUD or 99USD it is an affordable Christmas present option. You will get a drone powered by DJI intelligence and DJI the market leader in drones worldwide. The Tello is controlled by a specially built app on your phone that you can download. The Tello, much like it is much more expensive counterparts, has flight modes that allow you just to hit a button on the app and off it will go. Here are a few things to know about the Tello
  • 13 Minutes Flight time (a second or third battery may be handy)
  • Image transmission distance is 100 meters
  • Films in 720p not quite HD but still a better than expected quality
  • Intel processor provides smooth images
  • No SD card required
  • Compatible with the DJI Virtual Reality headsets
  • Family-friendly price of $169 (AUD) or around $99 USD.
The Tello can also be a world of fun especially when you choose the Flip flight mode. You can buy the Tello today from the DJIStore.

The Amazon Firestick

  The Amazon Fire Stick might jus be the ultimate entertainment tool for today’s traveller. It’s a simple plug and play operation. No more watching Netflix or Amazon Prime on your phone or computer with this amazing device. Better yet you can log into your countries Netflix account from anywhere in the world with the Firestick. The Firestickplugs into an HDMI port in the back of any TV, you just need to be able to log into the Wi-Fi where you are located and away you go! The Firestick remote will enable you to download apps and games, stream YouTube, Facebook videos and much more. The Firestick and its components are small enough to fit into any carry on luggage.
Featured on the Firestick
  • Listen to Music via Spotify & Tune in Radio and more
  • Play games such as PacMan and Hungry Shark
  • Access YouTube, Facebook, Reddit and the internet via the Firefox browser
  • Streams in up to 1080p HD
  • Interface supports 5 different languages
Get your Amazon Firestick today.

The Langogo 

  The Langogo is one of the new generation translators on the market. The Langogo translates up to 60 different language in 1 second, yes 60 different languages! Never be caught out not being able to order a meal or find a train station. The Langogo translates Arabic, Bulgarian,Catalan, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, English, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hindi,Croatian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian,Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovene, Swedish, Tamil,Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Chinese and more The Langogo will connect to 3G/4Gnetworks as well as Wi-Fi in up to 72 countries. Just switch it on and it will automatically connect to the best local network with its built-in Cloud-SimCard. The Langogo has one more trick up its sleeve. Euri is the built-in artificial intelligence assistant. Euri will answer all your travel related questions from exchange rates to daily weather reports, from directions to train timetables. Euri makes the Langogo the ultimate portable language translator and more.
Things you will love about the Langogo
  • The size, it is small and compact
  • Ease to use. The girls find it easy too
  • Lanyard for your wrist to hold it
  • Kid-friendly, it can be educational
  • That it connects to the internet free of charge in up to 72 countries
Get your Langogo today

The Anker Power Point

Anker is the leaders in the field of charging and cables. Anker is the brainchild of a former Google software engineer. Anker charging devices use its PowerIQ proprietary technology, which detects the connected device and automatically optimizes the current delivered, thereby reducing the amount of time for a device to reach full charge. The Anker 5 port charger easily charges5 devices at once with ease. This power port comes with surge protection technology to protect all of your devices while charging them at maximum speed. Get your Anker Power Port
We hope you found something to inspire a Christmas present for the one you love or just something for yourself  

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