We have a television show here called Border Security and I am stunned at some of the things that go on at our borders. We also have other reality television shows that plenty of times show visitors getting themselves into serious trouble. So I thought that I would write my top 5 most important things to know about Australia BEFORE you get here!!

1. Things to know about Australia – 000 is our emergency services phone number.

Emergency service’s fire engine

This is something that you should know. If you are in trouble and need an ambulance, fire brigade or the police this is the number to call BUT IT IS FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY. You will be put through to an operator while you are waiting and they will instruct you on what to do. Again make sure that you are in an emergency situation as there are hefty fines for calling this number for no reason.

2. Things to know about Australia – Our border rules are strict.

Be sure to declare everything

You will be given a declaration form on the plane before you land in one of our cities. You really need to read this properly and make sure you fill it out correctly. Ask one of the flight attendants if you are unsure about the things you are carrying with you. A quick list is no fresh fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts, plants, wool, eggs and honey. There are signs everywhere and sniffer dogs around while you are waiting for your luggage. If you are unsure ASK SOMEONE or declare it as you go through customs. If English is your second language and you have family who is coming here who are not great with English make sure they understand what they can and can’t bring into our country.

3. Things to know on your trip to Australia – If you can’t swim find a patrolled beach.

The beach can be dangerous be water wise!

We have patrolled beaches for all people’s safety. This means that there are trained lifeguards on the beach at certain times of the day to make sure people are safe. If you can’t swim you need to find one of these beaches.  Always SWIM BETWEEN THE FLAGS. If you get into trouble you should raise one hand in the air and hopefully you will be seen by a lifeguard who will come and help you. Please, this is very important. Our beaches are beautiful but they can be very dangerous. Our beaches, while beautiful, can change in an instant, if you are not a great swimmer you need to stay in the shallows.

4. When you travel in Australia – Not everything will kill you.

Our daughter Willow feeding Kangaroo’s

While we love a joke around about our wildlife most of our animal are nice and friendly. If you are visiting a zoo, wildlife sanctuary or are just at the park you should be fine. It is when you venture out into the bush or into the ocean that you should really be wary. While the majority of the time you will have nothing to worry about if you are into bushwalking, camping or any saltwater activities you should be aware of your surroundings.

Speaking to locals is a great way of trying to know the area and what to watch for. You need to research where you are going and what are possible issues you may run into. But remember common sense should be used in all situations…if it does not feel right or look right then maybe you should reassess your situation or ask someone you think may be able to help you

**If you are planning on camping having extra supplies with you is a must. It is also a great idea to have a battery-operated radio with you as well. The ABC radio station is our emergency broadcast station and it will alert you to dangers in your area if there is one.

5. Things to know about Australia, it’s Big….Like REALLY Big!

Europe and more fits into Australia

Plenty of people come here for holidays are surprised they are unable to do a day trip to Melbourne from Sydney because of the distance. It is something you really need to look into and make sure you know the distance from place to place as you go. Looking into the distance between places is something you will absolutely master when you are researching your stay here. There is so much to see and do here that one trip just may not be enough! If you need some travel Inspiration for your trip here is a guide to some amazing places in Australia!


I hope that you have found our tips on things to know about Australia to be useful and helpful in some way. Have you visited Australia? If you have what would be your ultimate Australia tip for people about to visit this beautiful country?! If it is your first time here are some more Wyld Family Travel posts on things not to miss in this beautiful country of ours!








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