When we announced to the kids that we were going to Phillip Island I mentioned penguins and koalas The kids straight away said can we go to Amaze N Things. For me Amaze N Things was not something I associated a visit to Phillip Island with but for two young girls it seemed to top their wish list of what to do in Phillip Island. So Amaze N Things was added to our Phillip Island activities that we would be doing.

We had driven past Amaze N things for the first few days we were on Phillip Island and every time we went past the girls became more and more excited. It is conveniently located adjacent to another major what to do in Phillip Island attraction, the Koala Conservation Park which we had also visited. We arrived at Amaze N Things at 10 am Sunday morning ready to go! We were greeted by Ian and his staff at the front counter. The fun began almost straight away with the front counter staff performing magic tricks for the girls who thought they were completely amazing.

Puzzle Island at Amaze N Things Phillip Island

We headed to the Puzzle Island section of Amaze n things Phillip Island first. As the name suggested this section of the fun park was all about illusions and puzzles. Features of this section included a mirror maze, an optical illusion room where you looked bigger or smaller depending on where you stand, a gravity room where everything learned the wrong way, boogie boards to ride, trains to drive and the amazing giant slide. The gravity room was designed to throw your senses off with things seemingly going up a hill. We made our way through the mirror maze and into the largest room of the section. This area contained the boogie board races where you fly around Phillip Island. The giant slide is not for everyone, you need to hang and free fall down the face of it. It looks like fun but it is not for me!

amaze n things

The kids have shrunk us!

Phillip Island accommodation options

Ramada Resort – self-contained cabin style accommodation. Complete with cooking and laundry facilities. Featuring an on-site gym, restaurant, playgrounds and pools

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Comfort Resort Kaloha –  Rooms offer a refrigerator, a spa bath and a kitchenette. Free Wi-Fi, an outdoor heated pool and a playground for the kids. Located in Cowes

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Seahorse Motel Cowes –  Rooms include air conditioned and include a private bathroom, wireless internet access and a refrigerator. A  BBQ/picnic area and laundry facilities are available.

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Magic Manor at Phillip Island Amaze N’ Things

amaze n things

Wyld Family Travel getting their magic on.

Magic Manor was my favourite part of the whole attraction. You entered through a cave and after saying some magic words like abracadabra and alakazam you entered the Magician’s Manor.  Inside the Magician’s Manor, you were witness to some amazing magic tricks and illusions such as putting your hands into the fire, pulling a rabbit from the hat and even travelling back in time. The girls loved trying them all out.

Illusions were everywhere from disappearing hands to handkerchiefs falling from the sky. Were we really in the presence of magic or just a slight of hand? From a manor room to a magicians alley way and into the time machine we went. We were promised to be delivered 10 minutes back in time and yes we were!

amaze n things

The fire illusion.


That’s something you will need to visit Amaze N Things to see for yourself, we can’t reveal all of the secrets kept here. One of the girls favourite things was the rabbit world. This is where the magician’s rabbits lived and hang out in between magic shows. We all got to pat the bunny rabbits which was very cool. Onto the coolest thing of all was when we got to make a magic movie. Yes, we donned the capes put on our top hats and magically levitated our daughter on a plank. We were certainly channelling our inner Houdini.

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The Maze at Amaze N Things Phillip Island

The kids were quick to rush into the big maze and very quick to get lost. The maze can literally take ages to get out of. The maze has over 2 km of passageways for you to navigate. The kids had been in the maze for a good 10 minutes or so while we watched from an advantage point outside of the maze. Marley was getting a little frustrated with being lost so Bec ventured into the maze to find her. Another 10 minutes elapsed before I gained sight of the Wyld Family Travel ladies, still all separated but edging closer to exit with every step. The Maze truly was the biggest puzzle on site.

Other things to do on Phillip Island

3 Park Phillip Island Pass

Get entry to your choice of 3 out of 4 of the following attractions on or near Phillip Island: A Maze’N Things, Maru Koala and Animal Park, Panny’s Amazing World of Chocolate and Rhyll Trout and Bush Tucker Farm.

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Phillip Island: 4 Parks Pass Including Penguin Parade

Experience the top attractions of Phillip Island with a flexible 4-park pass. Watch the famous Penguin Parade at sunset, visit the Koala Conservation Centre, go on an interactive Antarctic Journey and more

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Phillip Island Penguin Parade Experience from Melbourne

Spend your time exploring Melbourne, discovering the wonders of the city. Benefit from the tour’s later leaving time and head straight to Phillip Island’s Penguin Parade.

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The Skytrail at Phillip Island Amaze N Things

amaze n things

The Sky Trail course at Amaze N Things. A challenge 10 meters off the ground

We have previously encountered these sorts of high ropes course before when visiting the Enchanted Adventure Garden on the Mornington Peninsula, Australia and Dream World at Ochaby Poland. Every time we seem to get a bit braver and more willing to test our nerves, especially Marley and I. Bec and Willow not so much they both like their feet planted firmly on terra firmer! The Skytrail is a new Phillip Island attraction. You need to get fitted into your harness and given a short explanation before you head up the first set of stairs to level 1 out of level 2. Mitch was our instructor that day and gave us all the information we needed before we headed up onto the Sky Trail.

amaze n things

Marley challenging her limits on the skytrail

Both levels have similar challenges where you must walk over ropes, wooden planks that are all designed differently to challenge you. The top level is at a height of 10 meters.  At no stage can you fall as you’re connected to the structure at all times. Marley seemed to revel in the Phillip Island Skytrail. She spent some time traversing the first level then headed upwards to the top level. Marley was happy to spend an hour having fun and challenging her balance and nerves. These sort of physical and mental challenges are great for kids.

The Maxi Mini Golf at Amaze N Things Phillip Island

amaze n things

Mini golf was great family fun

19 holes of challenges await you on the amaze n things Phillip Island Mini Golf course. From tunnels to loops to water hazards the course has it all to challenge everyone from every age. Small putters for kids large putters for adults so everyone can experience the fun. Be warned the lines can be long in the afternoon and it can take you a good hour to play the 19 holes. The course compliments the landscape at amaze n things with shrubs and bushes between holes and lots of green to blend in with the bushland area that amaze n things is located in. We had a great family competition at this Phillip Island Mini Golf course and there was also plenty of laughter!

Eating at Amaze N Things Phillip Island

The Puzzle Cafe is unique in the fact that there are dining tables mixed in with puzzle and teaser tables. This is great to keep the kids occupied while you have a rest over a cuppa or a cold drink. The cafe serves all types of fair from the humble Dim Sim, pies and sausage rolls to Foccacias and salads. Maybe just a cappuccino and a scone with jam and cream is more your pace. We thought all the pricing was really good and we enjoyed our lunch before heading back out and enjoying more of Amaze n things.

Family Travel Tip: There are BBQ facilities available and a picnic area. Bring your own food, cook up a snag in bread with some coleslaw. The BBQ’s are located close to the play ground with swings and slides.

How to get to Phillip Island – Amaze N Things

Amaze N Things is located on Phillip Island, Australia. Just a short 1½ hr south-east trip from Melbourne

How to get to Phillip Island and find amaze n things? We are on the main Phillip Island Road, 10km past the Chocolate Factory and 4km before Cowes. A Maze’N Things Holiday Park sits between Rusty Water Brewery and Phillip Island Adventure Resort and the Penguins, Antarctic Exhibition and Seal Rocks are less than 10 minutes away.

There are plenty of ways of getting to Phillip Island. By Car is the most popular way of getting to Phillip Island and can provide handy transport when travelling around the Island. Access by car lets you explore the Phillip Island Beaches. The Phillip Island beaches are very popular in the summer months.

There are also options for public transport such as buses and a passenger ferry. You see there are plenty of options of how to get to Phillip Island. Hire a car if you are a visitor to Melbourne!. Phillip Island day trips are very popular.

Prices at Amaze N Things Phillip Island
A Maze’N Things
Admission Prices
Puzzle Island, Magic Manor,

Maze & Golf

Puzzle Island, Magic Manor & Maze Maxi MiniGolf Sky Trail
2 Adults & 2 Children
$130.00 $99.50 $50.00 Climber Crew
16yrs & over
$44.00 $34.00 $15.50 Climber
3yrs & under no charge
$29.50 $22.00 $11.50  “
Pensioner & Senior $35.20 $27.20 $12.40  “
Students $39.60 $30.60 $14.00  “


As someone who had no expectations of what Amaze N Things was all about, I must say I loved the time we spent there. 5 hours at any attraction is a great value. Amaze N Things should be apart of your Phillip island activities. We were dazzled by magic, challenged by the height and puzzles. We were greeted by amazing staff who were friendly and loved their jobs. So I think we have answered the question what to do in Phillip Island? Amaze N’ Things is a must when visiting the island!


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