Experience Aristocracy at these 5 Castles in France

Thinking of France, most of us would visualize the iconic Eiffel Tower, deliciously crunchy baguettes, and endless vineyards. Sooner or later; however, a vision of a grand chateau is likely to emerge among these thoughts. From sprawling walled palaces to steep hilltop chateaus, the landscape of France features some of … Read the full article here

How to get from Munich to Neuschwanstein Castle

The high towers, the location, the fairy tale type design, the mystery of King Ludwig all make a day trip from Munich to Neuschwanstein Castle an absolute must. Neuschwanstein Castle has to be one of the worlds most recognisable castles and you need to see it with your own eyes … Read the full article here

Visiting the spectacular Burg Lichtenstein in Germany

Lichtenstein castle

  Lichtenstein Castle strikes an amazing pose as it sits perched on a cliff. It is reminiscent of castles you would see in horror movies. Maybe a damsel in distress is crying for help from a window. Lichtenstein Castle Germany is often referred to as Little Neuschwanstein in reference to their … Read the full article here

The best things to do in the Alsace France

Every town in the Alsace France is like a postcard, beautifully coloured house’s, cobbled stone streets, small streams and stalks nesting on roofs. Alsace towns make you feel like you are stepping into a 1600’s canvas painted by one of the masters. Colours and designs hit you from all directions. … Read the full article here