Lakes Entrance on the Victorian Riviera

Lakes Entrance is located in the East Gippsland Shire Australia. Lakes Entrance is at the eastern end of the Gippsland Lakes system. The Gippsland Lakes are the largest inland waterway in Australia. This area is sometimes known as the Victorian Rivera. Lakes Entrance is aptly known because it is where the lakes meet the ocean. Lakes Entrance is the only entrance/exit to the ocean from the lakes system.

I have been visiting Lakes Entrance since I was a young child. Lakes Entrance weather is generally really good in the summer months and my family holidayed here every summer holidays for 3 weeks. You might say this is where family travel started for me, because of our Lakes Entrance holiday house. I have some fantastic memories of these times from being a young child playing mini golf, watching movies at the Lakes Entrance cinema and swimming along the Gippsland coast with my cousins. In my teenage years, time was spent with school friends to early adulthood partying in the local pubs and clubs. The Esplanade Lakes entrance was the place to be on a Saturday night! My parents now live in Lakes Entrance so my family, Bec and the girls, are frequent visitors to Lakes Entrance.

Things to do in Lakes Entrance – The ninety mile beach

Lakes Entrance is your typical beach town. The population swells three-fold during the summer months when families flock into the town for the school summer holiday period. Lakes Entrance is one of the most popular seaside towns for holiday makers in Victoria and you can find some of the best Gippsland Lakes accommodation here. You can choose between a Lakes Entrance holiday house, flats, caravan parks, motels and resorts They all host families for the 6 weeks of the school summer holidays and there are plenty of things to do in Lakes Entrance.

Lakes Entrance

The foreshore area

The beach at Lakes Entrance

The ninety mile beach at Lakes Entrance is popular with swimmers and sunbathers. The ninety mile beach as its name says runs for ninety miles along the Gippsland coast. I find it quite funny it is called the ninety mile beach as Australia uses Kilometres. The main beach at Lakes Entrance is accessed via a footbridge that allows you to cross from the town over the lake inlet to the beach and it is manned by Life Savers during summer. (There is another beach easily accessible at Eastern Beach located on the outskirts of town). Over at the beach, there is a cafe serving cold drinks and ice creams, paddle boats, aqua bikes, kayaks are available for hire. The girls and I went on an aqua bike last time we visited. I must warn you they are hard work! The adults end up doing all the work while the kids sit back and love it. At least they think it is one of the best things to in Lakes Entrance! It has been 20 years since I have been on an aqua bike and it may be 20 more until I go on one again. A popular activity is the Entrance walk. There is a man-made path that takes 2 hours return where you can walk to the entrance which is where the ocean can access the Gippsland lakes.

Fishing is popular in the Lakes Entrance area. Eastern Beach Lakes Entrance is where most of the surf fishing is done. The jetty’s that are present in town yield a variety of fish from bream to garnish but you have to get in quick, they are popular spots! Many people have boats which allow access to the Gippsland Lakes system.  For foreign visitors, you need to buy a fishing licence to fish within the state of Victoria. You can catch Salmon, flathead, bream and mullet just to name few. We have taken our kids fishing Lakes Entrance and crabbing and it is great fun.

2016-02-27 11.01.27Bike hire, mini golf, trampolines, cinema, the aquatic centre and a summer carnival are all available to keep the kids entertained in Lakes Entrance during your holiday. The indoor aquatic centre lakes1is available for swimming and kids fun if you don’t like the ocean. This works well for our family as Willow does not like the ocean, the waves scare her. Marley, on the other hand, is full throttle into the ocean. Lakes Entrance mini golf is particularly popular with multiple mini golf businesses in town. Our family always ends up playing mini golf and the girls love it another one of their favourite things to do in Lakes Entrance. A new attraction to the town is camel rides on the beach at the Eastern Beach area located 2 kilometres out of town. If you are coming from Melbourne to Lakes Entrance it will take you about 3.5 hours. If you are coming from Merimbula to Lakes Entrance it will take you about 3 hours.

For Adults that like to golf, there are 2 golf courses in town. The main course is one of the best course in the Gippsland area. The town has clubs that have gaming machines and budget meals. Floating restaurants that specialise in seafood, and cafe’s all along the main street for a bite to eat or a much-needed coffee break.

Ice cream time

Riviera ice cream parlour is a family favourite for us and is located on The Esplanade Lakes Entrance. The ice cream is made on a local dairy farm and sold in the shop. The kids love the snow cone, one scoop of flavoured ice cream and a dollop of vanilla soft serve in a waffle cone…Yummo! There is an array of usual shops selling souvenirs, clothes, toys, sporting goods and all your shopping needs on the main street.

Lakes Entrance

Snow Peaks all around


Lakes Entrance

Aqua Bike time for the girls

We love Lakes Entrance and visit regularly. Lakes Entrance reminds me of British seaside resorts that you find in the UK. If you are in Victoria Lakes Entrance is located 3 hours east of Melbourne on the Princes Highway. You can access the town via public transport from Melbourne for summer fun. If a beach holiday is what you and your family are after Lakes is a great place for a family travel holiday! See you there!

We here at Wyld Family Travel are very proud of our little part of Australia and we hope you get to visit one day too. If you do here are two more posts on our beautiful part of the world!