How to get from Basel to Colmar

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Many travellers to Switzerland take the opportunity to visit neighbouring regions such as the Alsace in France and Baden-Württemberg in Germany during their stay in Switzerland.

Being so close together the call to easily visit another country is too hard to ignore for so many. There is no better trip to take than to go from Basel to Colmar.

Why is Colmar unmissable?

In the Alsace region of France, Colmar is a popular tourist destination. Travelling from Basel to Colmar is extremely easy. Maybe you want to visit in the winter and see the Colmar Christmas markets, maybe you want to see the Colmar Statue of Liberty or wander Little Venice and take in the world-famous Colmar streets.

When you visit Colmar you must take your time to stroll the old-world streets of Colmar, drink the wine from the surrounding area’s and eat the fresh organic produce that the region is famous for. A trip to Colmar would just not be complete without all of these.

Whatever the reason, a day, night or week in Colmar and the surrounding area is a must. There are so many great attractions in the Alsace. Let us take a look at the options for travelling from Basel to Colmar.

How to get from Basel to Colmar

There are so many ways to get to Colmar from Basel, but what is the best way for you. Below, we go through all the options on how to get from Basel to Colmar, so you can make your trip hassle-free and easy.

Trains from Basel to Colmar

Catching a train from Basel to Colmar is easily done by heading to Basel SBB train station. The station area is situated on the southern side of the city centre. Trains depart daily from Basel, carrying over 111,000 people every day in and out of Basel.

How do I catch a train from Basel?

To catch the train from Basel to Colmar you need to buy tickets for the TE2 service Basel SNCF – St. Louis – Mulhouse Ville – Colmar – Sélestat – Strasbourg. Grab a Basel to Colmar train ticket at the station or online.

How long is the journey by train from Basel to Colmar?

The average travel time between Basel and Colmar is 1h15 minutes. If you search the timetable you will find the quickest route is 42 minutes. The first train of the day leaves Basel is at 05:21, the last at 21:21.

Gare colmar

You will arrive at Colmar Station. The Colmar Train station is located just on the edge of the old town tourism and shopping district.

You can walk from the Colmar train station to Little Venice Colmar in 10 minutes.

A taxi will take you 2 to 3 minutes and cost you around 5-6 Euros.

*If you decide to use the return train to Basel, make sure you check the Colmar to Basel train timetable before you leave the Colmar train station, as it may differ slightly from the Basel to Colmar train timetable.

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Basel to Colmar Bus

There is a minimum of 5 buses a day travelling between Basel Switzerland and Colmar France. The bus will take anywhere up to 1 hour and 40 minutes to reach Colmar. The Basel to Colmar bus stops at Euro Airport (Basel, Mulhouse, Freiburg), Mulhouse and then onto Colmar. The Basel Mulhouse Freiburg airport to Colmar bus makes flying a great option for your visit.

This route is covered by FlixBus. On overage, the bus runs every 4 hours, costing you between 7-9 Euros for the trip. Departure in Basel is from SBB station (same as train departures) and arrival is at Colmar Station (same as the train).

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Basel to Colmar by car

The fastest route takes you along the A35 freeway. This route attracts tolls and takes you just on 50 minutes. Traffic on the A35 can be heavy, with trucks moving from Southern Europe to Northern Europe.

We suggest taking the alternative route as pictured above. This route is only 11 kilometres and 9 minutes longer.

You cross from Basel, Switzerland into Germany and then onto France.

The scenery will be much better on this route, driving to Colmar.

If you are arriving at Euro Airport, you can pick up a hire car and head straight to Colmar. Be sure to book your hire car in advance and have it waiting for you on arrival. Browse Rental Cars at Euro Airport now.

Parking in Colmar France

There is plenty of car parking available in the Colmar City Centre. We recommend parking in the Place de la Mairie parking garage underneath the Monoprix grocery store.

Place de la Mairie is reasonably priced for the city centre parking location, with a WC for public use. A little out of the centre but in easy walking distance is the Parking Le Grillen. It is a free car and is 1.4-kilometre walk to the Little Venice Colmar area.

Tolls in France

Tolls in France can be a huge surprise for people who are not aware of them. They can be extremely expensive and there can be many in a short space.

Have an idea on how you will pay for these and maybe even have a small amount (around 25 euro) put aside for these, so you are not spending out of your daily budget.

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Ride share from Basel to Colmar

New ways of travel such as Bla Bla Car are another option for travellers getting to Colmar from Basel. Bla Bah Car allows you to split the costs of the trip with the owner and others.

What makes it different from Uber is that basically, you are catching a ride with local who is going to your destination.

They are not just going there to drop you off. A journey to Colmar with Bla Bla Car can cost as little as 7 euro. Check Bla Bla Car at

We hope this article from us here at Wyld Family Travel has given you all the best options on how to get from Basel to Colmar. Colmar is an amazing destination for all, no matter where you are coming from.

Colmar is easily reachable from major centres nearby. Travel to Colmar from Paris, Strasbourg and Freiburg is very convenient.  For more incredible ideas on where to holiday in France click through to our France Destination Guide page for more brilliant inspiration.

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