3 day Berlin Pass for families

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Berlin is a city shaped by its past, a city still rebuilding from its past and moving on from its past.  The German capital offers so much to see and do both culturally, historically and entertainment-wise. The best way to experience all that Berlin has to offer is with the Berlin Pass, the Berlin Pass for families offers you free entries and discounts to many of the cities’ greatest sites.

We have used the City passes all over Europe for sightseeing, and the one offered in Berlin is by far the best we think.

The Berlin Pass includes all the popular Merlin Entertainment sites in the City, Berlin Dungeons, Sea life and Madam Tussaud’s are popular with teenage visitors to Berlin. You can add a public transportation ticket to your pass for a few extra euros. Just remember though you can always swap this rough Berlin itinerary around to suit whatever you would like to do, the weather or your energy levels!

A picture of the large words ALEX with the Alexanderplatz Tower in the background with a beautiful blue sky. One of the best ways to get views over Berlin with the Berlin Pass for families
Alexanderplatz is an amazing place in Berlin for families

The Pass comes in durations 1,2 and 3 days. We were lucky enough to be given a 3-day pass for our family to try out while we were visiting Berlin. There is no shortage of great attractions in Berlin as a family could easily spend weeks exploring and thousands of dollars on entries.

Our Berlin itinerary is only indicative of what we wanted to do and the number of hours we wanted to spend exploring. If you’re motivated and prepared to start early and finish late, the sky’s the limit to what you can see and do with the time you have in Berlin.

Day 1 in Berlin with the Berlin Pass

We started out at Alexanderplatz at 10.30 am where we picked Berlin Welcome Card at Big Little City Berlin. You can purchase the Berlin Pass at hundreds of places, including most hotels but we recommend getting your passes online prior to arriving

Big Little City Berlin

The whole family really loved this attraction, it is basically Berlin scaled down as it tells the history of the City through sometimes interactive models. It shows Berlin from the 18th century through to the present time. There is a special section dedicated to WW2 and what it was like to live in East Germany under the Stasi.

You see the Berlin Wall coming down, New Year’s Eve at the Brandenburg Gate and the history of Christmas markets in the City and this is a great attraction for the whole family in Berlin. Recommended time spent 30-60 minutes.

Best of all, it is free with the Berlin Pass for families.

We hopped on the tram and headed 5 stops to Brandenburg Tor for our next attraction in Berlin.

Madame Tussaud’s Berlin

This is another fun family attraction that does not fail to entertain, this was the kids’ first experience with a Madame Tussauds Berlin and there is always a section devoted to the home country in every Tussauds worldwide. We did not know much about some of these people, but we soon moved into the sport, music and movie section where faces became familiar.

Madame Tussauds Berlin with the Berlin Pass for families
Willow and E.T at Madam Tussaud’s

We soon found ourselves flying home with E.T, getting selfies with Taylor Swift and doing Albert Einstein’s hair. A special treat was the star wars exhibition at the end of the museum where there was a battle between Darth Maul and Obiwan, Vader and the stormtroopers, and of course, Luke, Leah and Han.

Best of all entry is free with a Berlin Pass.

When we exited the museum, we walked 100 meters to the front of the Brandenburg Gate. The gate is the symbol of Germany; for many years, it was trapped in no man’s land between the front line of East and West Berlin.

We hopped back on the bus this time the 245 and travelled 3 stops getting off at the Berlin Dome Church.

The Berlin Dome

Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom), completed in 1905 and is Berlin’s largest Protestant church. The church is located on Museum Island, just near the DDR Museum, the dome is an outstanding example of Prussian high-renaissance baroque architecture and is one of the top Berlin tourist attractions.

The church is home to the crypt of the Hohenzollern dynasty, who are the former Kaisers and the Royal Family of Germany, ninety sarcophagi and tombs are on display including those of the Prussian Kings. The Berlin Dome is not to be missed on your vacation in Berlin.

The Dom’s appearance has changed many times since the Middle Ages. First built in 1465 as a parish church on the Spree River, it was only finally completed in 1905 under the last German Kaiser -Wilhelm II. But it was damaged during the Second World War, and it took over 50 years to be reopened after restoration in 1993.

Sealife Berlin

Sea life Berlin follows the popular formula of these aquariums that you will find worldwide. You will find a range of tropical, fish, rays and small sharks on display. If you time your visit right, there are talks and feeding times to be seen which is great for families on a trip to Berlin. The Berlin version is on the small side compared to some other Sealife sites we have visited but is still a great Berlin tourist attraction for kids.

Where to eat in Berlin on day 1

We finished day 1 off with dinner at Asia Gourmet in Alexanderplatz. Asia Gourmet Berlin serves around 30 different Asian dishes in the 6-8 Euro price range. We had crispy chicken and noodles, crispy duck with vegetables, Pad Thai and Chicken Curry. The meals were in good size and value for money. They have a small amount of seating inside and some seating outside. Take-away is also available. This is a great budget option in Berlin for family travel.

If this type of food is not for you there are plenty of other food options in the Alexanderplatz area like fast food, Kebabs, sausage and a small supermarket if you prefer to purchase food.

Day 2 with the Berlin Pass for families

Now that you have had a great nights sleep with a full tummy it is time to start your day 2 in Berlin with the Berlin Pass for families. Just remember though you can always swap this rough Berlin itinerary around to suit whatever you would like to do, the weather or your energy levels!

Big Bus Tour Berlin

We started off day 2 in Berlin by using the Big Bus tour Berlin. We have used the hop on hop off tours in many cities around Europe and find them great ways to get an overview of the City especially for families travelling with children. The Big Bus Tour is one of the many hop on hop off bus companies working Berlin. Big Bus Berlin has 2 routes that run in the winter months.

Blueline takes you into the old East Berlin, you will pass Soviet Designer Boulevards and parts of the Berlin Wall that are leftover. Back at Alexanderplatz, we change buses and head off on the Red route. I do have to say the bus trips are at the whim of the Berlin traffic at times; it will be very slow as you move through the streets of Berlin. These types of sightseeing tours are great for smaller kids as it cuts down the inner city walking

 Topography of terrors

Topography of Terrors

The Topography of Terrors is one of the most moving museums in Berlin. It is located on Niederkirchnerstrasse, formerly Prinz-Albrecht-Strasse, on the site of buildings during the Nazi regime from 1933 to 1945 was the SS Reich Main Security Office, the headquarters of the Gestapo.

The museum had numerous photography displays depicting what it was like in Berlin living under the Gestapo and Hitlers storm troopers.

Here you can also see a large part of the Berlin Wall.

Berlin family travel tip:

If you are travelling in Berlin with kids this may not be an appropriate place to visit. Our daughters were 11 and 14 when we visited and we checked some of the displays before they saw them. It is a very personal decision if you visit with kids or not.

Check Point Charlie

We choose to get off at Check Point Charlie for our first stop of the day. After viewing this historical point in Berlin and a flashpoint of the Cold War, we decided to check out the museum. The Checkpoint Charlie Museum is an eclectic managery of exhibits, information, documentary and more. Make a plan on spending more than a few hours at this museum if you want to get the best out of it. This has to be one of the most unique tourist attractions in Berlin.

We ended up being stuck waiting for the bus for over an hour which turned day into night and ended our day.

Where to eat in Berlin on day 2

Just off Alexanderplatz where the Hop on hop off bus terminates near Hofbrau Munich’s Berlin restaurant. Here you will find all things Bavarian being served from Pork Knuckle, Schnitzel, bratwurst, beer and more.

The food is excellent; the atmosphere is relaxed and we highly recommend a visit to Hofabrau in Berlin. If you are visiting Berlin with family, the Hofbrau has kids menus and large tables.

Berlin Pass day 3, exploring Berlin

Another amazing day discovering Berlin with the Berlin Pass. With so many options in Berlin with kids, the last day needs to be epic to make sure your vacation in Berlin with family leaves a lasting reminder.

The DDR Museum

We started the day exploring Berlin at the award-winning DDR museum. The DDR museum tells the tale through exhibits both real and multimedia of what it was like to live in East Germany.

DDR Museum

There are full-size kitchens, lounge rooms and more set up. You will see famous brands from the era, where East Germans took holidays and what types of food they ate and more. It is easy to see why this is such a highly rated attraction in Berlin and would be very nostalgic for many who lived in the DDR.

Are you planning on seeing more of Germany? Freiburg is an amazing city to visit and you can read our top first hand guide right here to plan your visit to Freiburg!

Museum Island

Museum Island in Berlin is a UNESCO world heritage site containing 5 museums. These museums are:

  • Pergamonmuseum (Pergamon Museum)
  • Bode-Museum
  • Neues Museum (New Museum)
  • Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National Gallery)
  • Altes Museum (Old Museum)
Museum island Berlin

We took the time to visit 2 of these museums while we were using the Berlin Pass. We visited the Neues and the Altes Museums and the highlight of this was the Neues Museum. The famous bust of the Ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti is the showpiece exhibit in the Neues Museum. Best off the entry is free with the Berlin Pass.

The Berlin Dungeons

Just up the road from here is the Berlin Dungeons. The Dungeons franchise is popping up in cities all across Europe. We had previously been to the London Dungeons and the kids were mega keen to experience the Berlin Version.

The outside of the Berlin Dungeons

The concept is half history and half horror as you are taken through the gory history of Berlin on a 1-hour experience with actors, lighting displays, props and much more

*This top Berlin travel pass attraction is not for everyone. Bec was not keen on visiting The Berlin Dungeons, instead opting for a coffee and cake in one of the cafes next door.

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More things to see with the Berlin Pass

As we mentioned up top, the Berlin pass offers so many free entries to different attractions all across Berlin for families and for every other traveller to Berlin. Here you will find some more of the best places we could have visited on top of the attractions in Berlin that we did visit:

  • Berlin River Cruise
  • Berlin street art walking tour
  • Berlin Bike Tour
  • Berlin Natural History Museum
  • The Reichstag Parliament Building
  • Logo land Discovery Centre
  • Olympic Stadium
  • The Wall Museum
  • Labyrinth Children’s museum
  • Berlin TV Tower

You can add any of these Berlin tourist attractions highlights to your Berlin itinerary when you visit Berlin. Make sure you check your pocket guidebook which includes a free map that you get with your pass for more Berlin sights. 

Top tips for using the Berlin Pass

It is a great idea to get the Berlin Pass for families the day before you plan on using it. This will give you time to study the maps and what are the top things to do in Berlin for your stay. The Berlin Welcome Card comes in different combinations and durations. You can get 48 hours, 72 hours, 4 day, 5 day duration and also a pass that includes the nearby Potsdam.

Having a basic Berlin itinerary for your family vacation in Berlin will make your time in the amazing city easy.

Where to stay in Berlin

Berlin has accommodation to suit all types of travellers from singles, families and couples. You will find apartments, hostels, hotels and more. When we were in Berlin, we stayed at Meininger Alexanderplatz. If you’re looking for more options, we recommend you use Trip Advisor for the best choice and price or Booking.com for the perfect Berlin accommodation.

Berlin apartment alternative for your stay in Germany

If you prefer a home away from home-style accommodation then an apartment in Berlin is the best choice for family travel. There are so many options for singles, families and budget-friendly options as well. Check out the map below to find the best Berlin apartment. Search for a Berlin apartment today

How to get to Berlin

Berlin has a brand new airport only opened in 2020. The Berlin Brandenburg Airport is located 18 kilometres (11 mi) south-east of the city centre and serves as a base for EasyJet, Eurowings, and Ryanair. Search your flights to Berlin with Kiwi Flights

By rail you can reach BER Terminals 1 and 2 via the regional trains FEX, RE 7, RB 14 and RB 22

You can book an airport transfer with Suntransfers, who we have personally used on many occasions.

Berlin Hauptbahnhof is where ICE regional, high-speed and international trains to Berlin now arrive. Two major bus stations in Berlin: the central bus station at Funkturm, called ZOB Berlin, and the bus station at Berlin Ostbahnhof. Check your trains and bus and bus prices here.

You can book a rental car with AutoEurope and have it waiting for you at Berlin Airport. Alternatively, you can drive to Berlin from Poland, The Netherlands or any country in Europe.

We hope this article from us here at Wyld Family Travel has you inspired to visit Berlin and purchase a Berlin Pass for families. There are so many things to do in Berlin with the Berlin Pass that will have you entertained for your families the whole stay in Berlin. For more amazing ideas on where to holiday in Germany click through to our Germany Destination Guide Page for more brilliant inspiration.

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