Every year, families set out on circuit drives through the Great Lakes. Along the way, they will cross over into Ontario, as it possesses more shoreline of these bodies of water than any other jurisdiction in the region.

Wondering what you can get up to with your kids while travelling through the Great Lakes in Ontario? Read on below, and we’ll give you a few great ideas.


1) Spend a day at Wasaga Beach


For most in Ontario, the Great Lakes are a great place to cool off on a steamy summer day. Every resident has their favourite beach, but if you are looking to patronize the most popular of the lot, pack your bags and head straight to Wasaga Beach.


While a fire back in 2007 drove some swimmers away from this summer resort town, services have mostly recovered more than ten years on from the incident. If you are are looking for restaurants, arcades, and shopping, you’ll find enough to keep you occupied when you are away from the beach.


The beach itself stretches for fourteen kilometres along Georgian Bay, and is shallow in nature – this allows it to heat up quickly in summer, and provides a safe swimming environment for those with small children. With campgrounds nearby, it is the perfect base for a family looking to enjoy the Great Lakes while on a visit to Ontario.


However, the sun doesn’t always shine on vacation, especially in Canada. Occasionally, rain will roll in, leaving you with an entire day to fill somehow. While your partner takes the kids to play some video games at the local arcade, why not fire up your mobile internet connection and try out some internet gaming?



2) Go camping on Manitoulin Island


Want to go camping in a place less crazy than Wasaga? If you have never heard of Manitoulin Island, it’s time you discovered it. A sizable isle sitting in the middle of Lake Huron, it is a heavily rural place defined by farms, forest, and salt of the earth people.


When you aren’t telling stories by the campfire or roasting marshmallows, get out on the water and treat yourself to some of the best fishing in the Ontarian Great Lakes. If you can gut them, whitefish make an excellent dinner – just be sure to pick some licenses before casting a line.


3) Check out Safari Niagara


Looking for something fun to do while passing through the Niagara Falls area? If your kids love animals, spend part of your day discovering Safari Niagara. Within, you’ll find giraffes, monkeys, and several species of big cats to name but a few of the highlight attractions.


However, there is more to do than just look at exotic species here, as you will also find paddle boats and a splash pad to help keep smaller children cool on those boiling hot days.