There is a huge variety of places to eat in Sanur. You will find everything from Mexican to Thai, from Indonesian to western at many Sanur restaurants. There is a little something for all taste buds in this part of Bali. During our stay in Bali, we had the chance to eat at some of the best restaurants in Sanur.

Sanur is on the east side of Bali around a 30-minute drive from Kuta. It may as well be on another island. We found that Sanur has a more village type vibe, maybe a more relaxed area of Bali. It was definitely a lot less hectic than Kuta.

When you are staying in Sanur Bali you have two different options for places to eat in Sanur. You can chose to eat on the main road or just off it or eat at one of the amazing Sanur beach restaurants. Let us start off our recommendations of Sanur Restaurants on the main road which is Jl. Danau Tamblingan.

Best restaurants in Sanur – Taqisa Mexican Restaurant

One of the newer Sanur Restaurants on the scene and very popular. We walked past this place every night and it was always packed with people. They serve what I would call Mexican fusion food.

You will find bowls, taco’s, burrito’s, quesadillas and more. It is a build a meal restaurant where you pick your base and then pick a choice of ingredients. A major bonus of eating at the Sanur Restaurant is it has air conditioning. Expect to pay around 80,000IDR for a main meal

For great ice cream head to Italo Gelato for some of the best Italian ice cream, we have had anywhere. Try the caramel banana

Address: Jl. Danau Tamblingan No.178, Sanur, 

Ulu Thai & Indonesian Food

This restaurant has the feel of a surf shack. Very laid back and relaxed with bamboo and surfboard decor. Big screen tv’s with surfing on and plenty of seating. They had plenty of Thai rice and noodle dishes on the menu.

Pad Thai, stir-fries, spring rolls, fried rice etc. They do fried rice that comes in half a pineapple that was very impressive. Like most restaurants in Sanur, they also have a western section serving burgers and steaks. Pad Thai was 75,000IDR.

Looking for a great coffee in Sanur? Kopi Kiosk – Coffee Hut is the place to go. Your only problem may be getting a seat at this popular Sanur coffee spot

Address: Jl. Danau Tamblingan, Sanur

De’Dapoer Sanur

De’Dapoer Sanur is attached to the Oasis Lagoon Hotel in Sanur. The De’Dapoer Sanur does a good Sunday night BBQ buffet for 160,000IDR per person (Janury 2020). The bbq features steak, fish, chicken skewers, squid and prawn canapes. All this was accompanied by salads, pasta and potatoes.

De’Dapoer Sanur also does a breakfast buffet each morning for 100,000IDR (January 2020) that features fruits, omelettes, cereals and more.

Address: The Oasis Lagoon Hotel, Jl. Danau Tamblingan No.136 A, Sanur

Sanur Night Market

The Sanur night Market is located at the northern end of Jl. Danau Tamblingan road. It is a small night market by Asian standards, especially if you are comparing it to the night market in Thailand. It officially starts at 6pm but does not really get going to 7pm.

The night market is one of the best places to eat Indonesian food in Sanur. You will find well over a dozen food carts selling every possible variety of Ayam (chicken) dishes, rice dishes and even some Babi Guling (suckling pig). Make sure you try a traditional Indonesian dessert such as Pisang rai. The night market in Sanur can be quite an experience

The beach at Sanur has a brick path that leads right along the waterfront. You will find 5-star resorts, market stalls, beach clubs, warungs and small stalls selling food. Some of the areas are shaded with big palm trees while other areas are exposed to the direct sun. The water is crystal clear and the sand yellow. It is an amazing area to walk, drink and eat.

La Playa Cafe – Sanur Beach Restaurant

La Playa sits right on the edge of the beach overlooking the fishing boats, kids playing, waves breaking on the reef. We loved this place. For us it was one of the best Sanur bars we visited as the atmosphere was relaxed, there was plenty of shade, the staff were super friendly and the prices were good.

The menu consisted of a mix of Indonesian and western, You could get a meal of Ayam Sate for 50,000IDR or a cheeseburger for 65,000IDR. You could get pizza, pasta, steaks, rice, noodles or even a full roasted pig for 10 if you pre-order it. The La Playa Sanur Beach Restaurant has some of the coldest beers we had in Bali.

Food to try in Indonesia

Nasi Goreng: Probably the most well-known dish in all of Indonesia. Nasi Goreng means Fried Rice in Indonesia. There are many types of Nasi Goreng, some of the most popular include shredded chicken, sausage or fish. Besides the topping, the Indonesian Fried Rice comes with a fried egg on top.

Sate: Sate is grilled meat skewered on bamboo, it comes in various kinds of meats, such as chicken, beef, lamb, scallops, and fish. The meat is basted in a sauce and grilled. before serving toppings, like peanut sauce, sliced shallots, and diced tomatoes or spicy yellow sauce are added. If you have it in a restaurant it will come with a serving of rice,

Rendang: Rendang is a popular spicy meat dish. It can be made from either beef or lamb. Rendang is made of a combination of chilli and coconut milk to produce a spicy creamy taste. We were able to find Rendang on the menu in many local Warungs in Bali.

Warung Nelayan – Sanur beach restaurant

One of the best things about Sanur beach bars and warungs is you can sit back and relax with a cool breeze coming off the water. On the Sanur beachfront there are many places that have seating set up so you can sit under big palm trees and watch the water roll in. This was really nice place to sit and relax have a drink and order some food.

The venue was popular as a table was hard to come by. They did a variety of smoothies that were popular and the usual ice-cold beer. The food featured a variety of Ayam dishes such as chicken wings, sate and crumbed. Most meals were around 40,000 to 50,000IDR

Cafe Akaya – Best Breakfast in Sanur

If you are looking for a good healthy option to start the day head to Cafe Akaya. It has to be one of the best cafes in Sanur. Serving everything from Acai bowls to Eggs benedict you can find something for everyone. The decor is nice and bright and the cafe is air-conditioned.

Prices start at 65,000IRD for a Acai bowl and 45,000IDR for a large iced latte.

Just a tip. Iced coffee is an iced long black. If you want an iced coffee with milk it is an iced latte. Also, the coffee is barista made and is lovely.

Top tips for eating at Sanur Restaurants

  • Most of the places we ate at had Government approved ice
  • Anywhere between 16 and 21% were added onto the bill at the end to cover government tax and service charges
  • We didn’t always tip but we rounded up most of our bills to the nearest whole amount.
  • If the service was great we decided on an amount but nothing over 50,000
  • Many tables right on the beach front are popular on Friday and Saturday night. Ask your hotel if they can book a table for you.
  • Wine is available at many Sanur cafes and beach bars but it is expensive per glass
  • Many Sanur cafes on the beach have a happy hour starting early in the day

Money in Bali

The official National Currency in Indonesia is the Rupiah (rp). They come in 1,000 2,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, and 100,000 Rupiah banknotes as well as 100, 200, 500 and 1000 coins.

Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) banknotes

We always recommend exchanging money at a reputable bank and double check the amount you are given. If the exchange rate is too good to be true it normally is!

Where to stay in Sanur

Sanur has accommodation for all types of budgets and all types of travellers from singles, couples and families. You will find homestays, villas, hotels and 5-star resorts. We choose to stay at Jati Homestay and Villas, which we highly recommend

Rating an 8.8 from 489 reviews and starting at $65US per night for a teo bedroom villa. Hotel Jati has a location score of 9.2. There is also a pool on-site, free wi-fi, toiletries, family rooms, free breakfast and onsite restaurant.

How to get to Bali

Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport is the only international airport in Bali  It is located 13 km south of the capital Denpasar

In 2018, the airport served 23,779,178 passengers and is capable of handling the biggest aircraft up to the A380. Kuta is located just 2.5 kilometres from the airport.

Sanur is 15 kilometres away and will take you 30-45 minutes depending on traffic.

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