Food tours scare me. Like they actually bring fear whenever we are going on one. Marley is an extremely fussy eater and getting that child to try anything different is a mission even at home.

The food here in Asia for her has been extremely limited to chicken and rice so I was so looking forward to going out with Ratih on our Good Indonesian food tour in Ubud, so hopefully, we could try some of the local Ubud food and find something that she would like. Finding places that have great food for us all can be hard in a new place and a food tour is a perfect way to find all of those hidden gems you may miss out on if you are not in the know.

We met Ratih at a well known Ubud cafe called Seniman Coffee Studio at 10 am for our walking tour of some of the best Ubud restaurants. Mark, Willow and I were keen to check out everything Ubud had to offer us.

Seniman Coffee Studio

The owner of the Seniman Coffee Studio started his business from a small coffee cart in Ubud. He believed that making coffee is an art and that the barista is an artist. I can completely agree with that as we have found a great cup of coffee very hard to find in the first few weeks of our trip, so we were really looking forward to having a cup of Ubud finest coffee.

We got to go inside and have a chat to the barista about what sort of coffee we wanted and what would best suit us. We both wanted a good strong cup with an extra shot on the side. We then made our way back out to the small air-conditioned room they have on the side of the shop as we are still not fully acclimatised to the heat!

You can tell this is a very popular Ubud cafe with nearly all of the seats taken by both locals and visitors. Ratih told us it has some of the best coffee in Ubud and both Mark and I can agree with that. It was smooth and creamy, nicely washed down with a homemade shortbread as well.

What Mark had: Mark had a latte with an extra shot of espresso on the side. No sugar.

What Bec had: Bec had a latte with an extra shot added and a small amount of sugar.

What Willow had: Willow had a viatmin c boost juice

What Marley had: Marley had one so Senimans famous iced chocolates.

*Another great thing about this Ubud cafe is the decor. Most of the furniture is recycled and even some of the cups are made out of recycled beer bottles! It was a real treat to enjoy our first awesome coffee in Bali at Senimans.

Our tour guide
Our amazing tour guide

Idu Oka Suckling pig (Babi Guling)

We have read everywhere that you will not find better suckling pig than the stuff you will get in Ubud. The second stop on the tour was Idu Oka’s home where she prepared the most amazing pork we have ever tasted! This lady again started her business out of a small cart in Ubud and then ended up making an area (warung) out the back of her home to accommodate the scores of locals and tourists alike that come to enjoy her signature Babi Guling. You can either take the side entrance to the warung or you can walk through her yard which I felt strange about but Ratih said it was fine.

Top food to try at Idu Ora

Idu Oka is the top Ubud restaurant to visit if you want to try the very best suckling pig. We had a sampling plate that included pork, crackling, blood sausage, salad and rice.

What we thought of this famous Ubud dish

Pork is one of my favourite dishes and especially roast pork. The pork was abslutely amazing and just melted in your mouth. The crackling was crunchy and not overly salted. One with I did not eat was the bloody sausage but mark said it was tasty. Willow enjoyed the prok as well and surprisingly Marley had a small r=try. we ate the sampling pork wothout adding the spices that were on offer.

Indonesian suckling pig
The famous Indonesian Suckling Pig

Betutu Ayam Pak Sanur (Nasi Ayam Betutu)

Another Ubud restaurant that is a hit with the locals and is just starting to be discovered by tourists when they visit Ubud. It is run by a husband and wife team who originally had a stall in a local market that started in 1987. Once the market was burnt to the ground it was decided to continue to serve their much loved chicken from their home kitchen and that is where you can get your dose right now.

Top food to try at Betutu Ayam Pak Sanur

We all had a serve of their famous Ayam Betutu which has spiced chicken, chicken intestines, deep fried scrambled egg and some rice.

Ratih was awesome with our visit here with Marley as she knew Marley could not handle any spice at all. For this stop Marley had a plain piece of friend chicken with some rice.

What we thought of this famous Ubud dish?

This was the spiciest dish we have had and all three of us really struggled with how spicy it was. I am not keen on eating vital organs so I did not try them and Mark said they were nice.

Murni’s warung Balinese caramel cake

Murni’s is hands down the best warung in Ubud for dessert! We had a small walk down the hill to get to Murni’s but we all had a spring in our step with the thought of some yummy cake.

Top food to try at Betutu Ayam Pak Sanur

The cakes are the one thing that people visit Murni’s for and if you get there you will not be disappointed.

What Mark had: Cashew caramel cake with coconut ice cream with an iced coffee.

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What Bec had: Traditional Balinese caramel cake with an iced coffee

What Willow had: Traditional Balinese caramel cake with a chocolate milkshake

What Marley had: Banana caramel cake with a vanilla milkshake

What we thought of this famous Ubud dish?

We all loved our cake and there was absolutely no sharing! It was so nice to sit out and enjoy our cake with a beautiful view. It was cool enough out side and we all felt very comfortable there. we planned to go back for more cake but we ran out of time in the end.

Ubud cake
Traditional cake

You know all about the best food in Ubud now for where to stay in Ubud

Top Tips for your Good Indonesian Food Tour:

  • Try it all, even if you are not sure
  • Wear great shoes as there is a bit of walking
  • If you don’t like spices or have a low tolerance just let your guide know and they can help you not have a burning mouth
  • Drinks do come with some of your meals but take some extra water too as it can get hot walking between places
  • Use a small backpack to hold your belongings while you eat
  • Take some extra tissues with you in case you get a runny nose
  • make sure you bring your hat

As you can see there are so many amazing foods to try in Ubud when you are staying there. We didn’t notice too many take away or fast food shops but with food like this who needs it! Pick an Ubud restaurant and enjoy the amazing food! An food tour should be part of any planned things to do in Ubud

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Accommodation in Ubud

Ubud Indonesia has many styles of accommodation to suit all budgets. You will find Ubud Villas, hotels, backpacker hostels and private rooms everywhere. We recommend you book your accommodation in advance as visiting Ubud and staying a few nights is very popular indeed.

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We had some amazing Indonesian Food in Ubud. We went on a Good Indonesian Food tour.

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