Blue Gables Vineyard is located near Maffra in the East Gippsland region of Victoria, Australia.

It is only a stone’s throw away from Lake Glenmaggie and the foothills of the Victorian High Country.

Blue Gables Vineyard

A beautiful day for relaxing


The East Gippsland area is developing a reputation for producing fine wine. There is a number of small wineries operating with great success in the region. Blue Gables Vineyard, like some of the others wineries, has evolved from a cellar door tasting winery into a reception centre/weekend entertainment venue. Most of the wineries in this region are still just a shed that has had balconies/decks built on to them and the inside of the shed enclosed for a more formal venue if need be. You would not know once inside that you were in a shed as the transformations they have undergone are amazing!

Blue Gables Vineyard

What the vineyard is all about great Wine!


DSC08264Blue Gables vineyard was established in 2004 on what was hilly farmland that could not be used for crops or harvesting. The vineyard consists of four grape varieties, namely Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Shiraz. The climate in the area of the vineyard is moderate to warm, with the vines planted in varying soils across the vineyard block under drip irrigation
Blue Gables bottled wine range includes Sauvignon Blanc ($25),  Pinot Gris ($25),  Chardonnay ($25), Sparkling Chardonnay/PinotGris ($30), Shiraz ($30), Sparkling Shiraz ($30), Cabinet Sauvignon ($25), Liqueur Pinot Gris (375ml $30), Unwooded Pinot Gris ($30) and Moscato ($25).  I had the Moscato and it was a very nice drop. The friends we were with highly recommended the Sauvignon Blanc. They also had 2 beers and a cider on tap selling by the glass as well.

Blue Gables Vineyard

A great view of the Gippsland countryside is offered at Blue Gables Vineyard

Blue Gables vineyard also has an old style wood fired Pizza oven and they use it to churn out high-quality pizza. We had a Hawaiian Pizza (ham and pineapple for those of you from countries that don’t do this pizza). There were 7 different Pizzas on the menu including Meat Lovers, Salami, Margherita, Mushroom and Garlic and Cheese as well as a variety of gourmet pizza’s and two amazing looking dessert Pizzas! I must say as nice as the pizza was I thought $20 for a pizza was a little over the top for the size you received. Potato wedges also served from the pizza oven where fantastic, but once again the prices of the food let them down. $10 for what I would call a small bowl of wedges. You did receive a small dipping bowl with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce with it. They also feature a cheese platter showcasing local produce that looked amazing.

Blue Gables Vineyard

Hawaiin Pizza straight from the wood fire pizza oven at Blue Gables Vineyard

There are stools and wine barrels to sit around if you choose to sit on the balcony around the shed. If you prefer the lawn area there are many large wooden picnic tables with umbrella’s set up for you sit on and enjoy the day. Blue Gables Vineyard also features live musicians a few times a month on weekends. The day we attended they had a book launch from a local author.

Blue Gables Vineyard

Moscato time at Blue Gables Vineyard

There is also a play area for the little ones to play on at Blue Gables Vineyard. They had balls to kick around, cricket bats and even a Klopp set you could use for kids or adults

Blue Gables Vineyard

Play equipment to keep the kids occupied

This allows the kids to have some fun so they are more than happy to make new friends while you sample the awesome wines and watch an afternoon disappear!

Overall I would highly recommend a visit to Blue Gables Vineyard if you are in the area.

Blue Gables Vineyard

The kids enjoying a soft drink at Blue Gables Vineyard



Blue Gables Vineyard

100 Lanigan Road
Maffra West Upper – VIC 3859
Phone :+61 (0)3 51 48 03 72

How to find Blue Gables Vineyard

Blue Gables Vineyard
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