Beach holidays are great, sometimes there’s nothing nicer in life than spending a week or two lying on golden sands- and not doing much else. However, if you’ve only ever done beach holidays you might start getting restless and want something new to do, and when you have kids especially something different might be the way to go. Read on for a few reasons why it’s worth switching it up.

It’s Good Exercise

The best kind of exercise is when you’re having so much fun, you don’t even realize you’re exercising! When you’re on an adventurous trip, you’ll rack up lots of steps on your Fitbits and avoid that holiday weight gain that comes from too much indulgence.

You get to see lots more local architecture and local culture when sight seeing in the cities, and splendid views when going more rural. A child can only imagine the world and see it in pictures, but to experience it is something else.

Whether you are hiking with your teenagers in the green hills of England or at Grand Canyon National Park, the views are breathtaking and not only are you gaining wonderful memories your fitness levels are increasing too.

New experiences

It’s always good in life to try something different, and an adventurous holiday can allow you to do new things. Whether it’s a week or two in Disneyworld, camel trekking a snow tour or zip-wiring through the forest, these kinds of unique experiences will build far more memories than lying around on the beach.

Adventure holidays are great for bringing new experiences and that is always exciting, as we almost always remember our first time at trying something out.

Opportunities arise to allow children to tackle new challenges, overcome fears and learn new skills, and by doing that they may gain a sense of accomplishment and pride as they learn to do something new.

Kids won’t get bored

Relaxing on the sand might feel like heaven to you, but kids will quickly get bored. It’s hot, sticky and there’s only so many sandcastles they can build before they get fed up.

Taking the family on an adventurous holiday is great for family bonds and you certainly won’t hear the kids complaining about being bored. To see animals on wildlife shows on TV is all well and good but go on safari in Africa and see them in real life, it can show them how big and powerful and also quick and gentle all these animals are.

Seeing animals in their natural habitat is a much different experience to the cages in the zoo. There are lots of adventure holidays you can take with the kids, from white water rafting, kayaking, and climbing. All these activities are fun-filled and exciting and can really capture the whole family’s imagination and sense of wonder and adventure.

A family adventure holiday can be packed  with magical scenery and unforgettable experiences,learning curves and achievements,so if you have kids and are thinking of your next holiday destination, why not consider going on an adventure of a lifetime.

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