Build a Bear Myer Melbourne

Last year we visited Chadstone Shopping Centre and out of the corner of my daughters eyes they spotted Build a Bear.

Build a bear at Myer Melbouirne

Build a bear at Myer

Build a Bear is a store where you guessed it…you build your own bear! They wanted to do it then and there but right before Christmas the store was really busy. We left and it was all they talked about doing. I thought after a couple of months they would forget,  but unfortunately everytime a trip to Melbourne was mentioned it was the first thing they said. Because of our European trip this year Marley missed out on some of the bigger treats she would have received had she been at home for her birthday. (But who can really complain with 2 months off school and birthday in Portugal!) So on her birthday we promised we would take them to Build a Bear in Chadstone.

Build a Bear in Melbourne

Bears waiting to be bought and loved

Fast forward to now and Saturday was the day! I had wanted to go to Melbourne for the day to see the Myer Christmas Windows like I did as a child. (More on the windows in another post) The plan was to see the windows and Federation Square then head out to Chadstone ( the biggest shopping centre in the southern hemisphere) to Build a Bear. While we were waiting for a friend we had a look in Myer and we came across a Build a Bear store in their Giftorium…and there was no way we were even leaving there without a Bear. Chadstone was long forgotten!

Build a Bear

Willow and Marley with their bears ready to be filled


As they ran around like complete crazy people…(thank goodness it was the level where all kids were all running around like crazy people) trying to choose the Bear they wanted to make we approached the counter to ask the relevant adult questions. The young girl behind the counter, who I must admit has the patience of a saint, was fantastic. She told us what we needed to do and what we should tell the girls to do. Step one was to choose the Bear. Willow chose a rabbit and Marley chose a purple/pink bear. The young lady had gone through this bit with us so we went over to her where she took over explaining everything to the girls. They had to decide on names but not right now if you need some time.

Build a bear stuffing

The girls waiting for their teddy bears to be stuffed

Then they chose a heart to put inside the Bear. With the Build a Bear, a bar code was put into the Bear so then if it is ever lost it can go back to Build a bBear where the Bears details are stored! Great Idea! Talia then put the bear onto the machine to be filled with stuffing. Willow went first and as a part of the process they make the machine release the stuffing as the assistant makes sure the bear is being filled in all the right places. When it was done it was Marley’s turn for her Bear. Talia then told then to get the heart they had chosen give it a kiss for love, rub it on your ears so they will listen, rub it on your muscles so they will be brave and strong, rub it against you head for knowledge and put it on your heart and make a wish. Both the girl did this and I could see they were just loving it. Talia then took the hearts and popped them into the bear and stitched up the back. You have the option of adding a heartbeat, a sound (Frozen seemed to still be very popular) or a scent. I told the girls that I would prefer them to be able to be washed so maybe getting those things was not the best idea. (I then proceeded to forget to ask that question)

Build a bear birth certificate

Marley waiting to make a birth certificate for her bear

Then the real fun began…picking the clothes for them. The store we were in had plenty of different costumes

build a bear at Myer

Willow with her freshly stuffed bear

that the Bears could be dressed in. By this stage, Mark was even getting into it and was seriously considering making his own Darth Vadar Bear! I must admit he was pretty cool! Both the girls chose an outfit and then it was time to fill out the birth certificate!

I had to scan the Bears barcode and enter my details as the girls are under age. Then I was able to fill in the certificate with the girls and the Bears details on it. Willow decided to call hers Nutella and Marley decided on Bubblegum. With the Bear, you also got a box for it to be kept in which was really good for us as we still had some things to do and it kept them protected as we wandered around the city.

build a bear clothes

picking the bears accessories


All in all, it was a really good day and the girls were stoked with the Bears they made. Willow’s Bunny was $25 and Marley’s Bear was $30 it came with its house and birth certificate. Willow and Marley chose the checkered heart to put into the bear, so we paid for a heart as a donation to the Royal Children’s Hospital. Both are really happy with the Bears they made and it was a great experience for them. I think the young lady working there made it twice as special with her care and attention to the girls. Thank you very much Build a Bear and Talia!

If you would like any additional information regarding Build a Bear go to their website Here

Build a Bear darth Vadar

Darth Vadar bear yes please


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