At Wyld Family Travel we love castles.


We seek out castles anywhere we are travelling. Maybe it is because in Australia where we live there are no castles. Even though e were colonised by Europeans no one built a castle in a castle in Australia. There is something hauntingly beautiful about Castles, Palaces and Fortifications. For some, it’s the location of them, Castelo St George in Lisbon springs to mind. For some, it is the romanticism connected to them such as Neuschwanstein in Germany and others it is just the sheer size such as Schonbrunn in Vienna.


Visiting castles is like walking in History. Walking in the footsteps of many famous people such as King Edward 1st who built the great castles of North Wales in the 12th Century,  Frederik the great who built The Sanssouci in Potsdam Germany and Prague Castle which was home to The Holy Roman Emperors.


It is not just the adult Wyld’s who love visiting castles. Our children are also taken by the experience, sometimes for different reasons than their parents. A ride on a Horse and cart  through the forest at Herrenchimsee Palace in Bavaria, Exploring the cave that contains the Dragon Den at Wawel Castle in Krakow and counting the hundreds of steps at Oravsky Hrad in Slovakia.


Join us on our Journey through some of the great castles, palaces and fortifications of Europe. We have walked, explored, photographed and written about sites from Finland in the North to Portugal in the South, From Wales in the west to Poland in the east.

Index of Castle, Palace, Fortification Articles

Germany                                                                                                           Poland                                                                                                       

1: Hohenzollern Castle                                5.Neuschwanstein Castle                    1.Wawel Castle                                               

2. Hohenschwangau  Castle                        6.Royal Castles Bavaria                        2.Pszczyna Poland                                         

3: Nymphenburg Palace                              7.Heidelberg Castle                                                                                                

4: Herrenchiemsee Palace                          8.Munich Residenz – coming soon

Wales:                                                 France                                                     Finland

1: Rhuddlan Castle                                  1. Chateau Haut Keonigsbourg                1.Suomenlinna Sea Fortress

2: Caernarfon Castle                               2. Provins 

3: Conwy Castle               

Austria                                                        Portugal                                         

1.Belvedere Palace                                  1.Castelo St George                                  4. Moorish castle – coming soon

2.Schonbrunn Palace                             2. Pena Palace

3.5things not to miss in Vienna             3. Belem Tower


Spain                                                                           Collaborative Articles

 1. Segovia Alcazar – coming soon                5 castles for family travel

 2. Royal palace of Madrid – coming soon

 3. Alhambra Granada – coming soon



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