Chicken Schnitzel meals, the best pub grub in Australia

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Some Aussie pubs pride themselves on the varieties of Chicken Schnitzel meals they serve with a range of amazing toppings. Most pubs have a signature ‘schnitty’ as they can be known as but most chicken schnitzel topping generally includes bacon, cheese, tomato or Napoli sauce, eggs, onion, chorizo, cream, sauce, and prawns. You name it, you will find just about anything on a schnitzel in an Australian pub.

For visitors to Australia, you will inevitably find yourself at a pub at some stage for food and drinks. An Australian pub menu can at times belong, with many varieties of meals, to both Australian and international cuisines. One pub meal you will find everywhere is the humble chicken schnitzel. A piece of chicken breast pounded till it’s thin, dipped in an egg white wash and rolled in bread crumbs before being shallow fried in a hot fry pan.

So what chicken schnitzel meals are there?

Below are some of the most popular Chicken Schnitzels meals that you will find in most Aussie pubs

Chicken Schnitzel Parmigiana

The most popular pub food schnitzel in Australia by far is the Parmigiana. Like many popular things in Australia we shorten it to Chicken parma, a lot of pubs will offer what they call a pot and parma meal. You get your chicken parmigiana meal along with a pot of beer.

The typical chicken schnitzel toppings that make a parma in Australia will have a tomato paste base, with a slice of ham topped with cheese that is grilled (after frying) to make the cheese brown. You will have no trouble loving one of these chicken schnitzel meals.

Chicken Schnitzel Hawaiian

The Hawaiian Pizza is maybe the most popular Pizza in Australia, so it comes as no surprise that a Hawaiian Chicken Schnitzel finds its way onto many pub menu’s. With a tomato base, bacon, pineapple and cheese, this one will have you feeling tropical.

a chicken schnitzel with bacon, pineapple and cheese with chips and salad
A Hawaiian Chicken Schnitzel

Chicken Schnitzel Kilpatrick

The topping for Schnitzel Kilpatrick lends itself to the popular Oysters Kilpatrick entree you will find in pubs and restaurants in Australia. This Chicken Schnitzel is dowsed in Worcestershire sauce and is topped with fried bacon pieces and a small amount of grilled cheese. If you get a chance, this is also good as a beef schnitzel topping.

Chicken Schnitzel Neptune

As far as gourmet schnitzel toppings go, the Neptune is right up there. The Neptune chicken schnitzel comes served with a white sauce that has prawns and seafood with grilled cheese on top.

a chicken schnitzel with prawns and white sauce on top with chips and vegetables on the side
Seafood gourmet schnitzel toppings

Chicken Schnitzel BBQ

This one is very popular in small country towns and is definitely one that sells well. It’s chicken schnitzel, BBQ sauce bacon and melted cheese on top. These chicken schnitzel toppings will keep the most ardent BBQ fan happy and full.

Chicken Schnitzel Aussie

Now, this is the ultimate Aussie pub grub schnitzel. Egg and Bacon are very popular in Australia as a breakfast food, topping and accompanies many meat dishes. This one is Chicken schnitzel, bacon, fried egg and cheese. Egg and bacon are some easy chicken schnitzel meal toppings you will find everywhere.

The above chicken schnitzel meals are only a small example of the schnitzel dishes that you will find around Australia in pubs everywhere.

What to serve with chicken schnitzel meals in Australia

Most chicken schnitzel meals in an Australian pub will come served with hot chips (fries) or vegetables. In Australia, you can also ask for chips and vegetables mixed together. Some people like to get a serving of gravy on the side that they can use on their chips or their schnitzel.

Chicken schnitzel sandwiches, burgers and wraps

In addition to the above amazing traditional pub food, you will also find chicken schnitzel burgers, sandwiches and chicken schnitzel wraps.

Different types of chicken schnitzel burgers you may find in Australia
A huge variety of Chicken Schnitzel Burgers

Most Chicken Schnitzel burgers and sandwiches come with bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese and a choice of chicken schnitzel sauce on top. The chicken schnitzel wrap is aimed at the more health-driven clients, with one of the most popular warps being a Caesar salad wrap.

We hope this article from us here at Wyld Family Travel inspires you to try some chicken schnitzel meals from the pub or a chicken schnitzel burger from the nearest takeaway store when in Australia.

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