5 of the best family attractions in Europe

As parents, we know the frustration that comes from travelling with kids. The number of times I would have loved to have had a romantic dinner with my wife in Paris or Barcelona, only for the reality that this Dad is travelling with kids. Meal times will reduce to complaining about the food, wanting a soft drink or asking for ice creams. The continual ‘can I have this, can I have that?’ It may come as a surprise to my kids but I am not a bank. Anyone would think I have a Haagen Dazs ice cream factory tucked away in my suitcase. Alas, my magician skills have dried up and I can’t magically make dirty laundry into choc chip cookie dough ice cream. What about that old classic that gets wheeled out ‘are we there yet?’ Go ahead and shoot me when they start asking that because it’s a heading down a slippery slope from there, a slope that can only lead to either the kids or their mother blowing their stack!

But let’s be honest we must also frustrate our kids by dragging them around the churches, museums, castles and even the occasional trip to the market that their mum loves. Not one of these activities would rate highly among kids or spark their interest except for the chance to hear their voices echo as the yell in the church, or wander off in a museum.

Rest assured there are places that the kids will love. We try to throw in as many kids big ticket kids activities that we can afford while on holiday. The kids deserve it too! We spent 9 weeks in Europe the past May-June and July and found the following places were 5 of the best family attractions in Europe that our kids loved. Quietly, so did we!

Warner Bros Studio Harry Potter Tour – London

The tour allows you to visit the studio where the Harry Potter movies were filmed. The sets they used are still on site at WarneStudios’s with thousands of other bits and pieces that appeared in the movie. The Great Hall was just as you would see in the movie. Dargon Alley was open for business, with all the strange shops that you only see in the world of the Boy Wizard. Our Girls were in awe of this place especially since they are big Potter fans. Expect to spend 3-4 hours at the studios. Tickets need to be purchased online and well in advance to attend this highly popular attraction. The studio is located at Leavesden which is reachable from London via Watford Junction train station. A bus from the studio will take the to the front door. Don’t forget to try the butterbeer!. Harry Potter tour one of the best family attractions in Europe


Europe Park – Rust Germany

Europa Park with 5 million visitors a year constantly ranked in the top 10 theme parks in the world. There a plethora of accommodation options on site. Everything from 5-star hotels to budget camping options is available. Europa Park is broken up into sections like a more famous park that we all would know. Europa Park would require a good 3 days to explore and take in all the available rides. There are roller coasters, carousels, boats, trains and stage shows. We attended a Spanish horse stage show that was amazing. Make sure you check out the shows that are taking place all over the park. Europa Park as it all. Expect the lines to be long to the major attractions at this park. Being located near the borders of France and Switzerland this park is very popular for day trippers. You can read about our experience staying at Camp Resort Europa Park Here. Europa Park one of the best family attractions in Europe.

5 of the best family attractions in europe

Dream Park – Ochaby Poland.

Dream Park Ochaby is located in southern Poland. Dream Park features life size Dinosaurs, miniature wonders of the world, 4d cinema aquarium, ropes course, playground etc. The dinosaurs are life size like they are motion activated, they move their heads and tales and even have sound effects. The ropes course is amazing with trying foxes, obstacles and ladders to challenge all members of the family. We really enjoyed this little theme park. the crowds were low and the prices were even lower. we spent excellent 3-4 hours here and enjoyed every minute of it. Highly recommended if you are in Poland.


Sealife Porto – Porto Portugal

A member of the Sealife franchise of aquariums. Porto aquarium is small and compact on the beach a few kilometres from the centre of Porto. We found this Aquarium to be very good. Sharks, penguins, stingrays, even Nemo are on display at the Aquarium. If you are lucky you might get to feed the stingrays. Most aquariums these days have a glass tunnel that you walk through while the fish swim above and around you and Porto is no exception. Porto Sealife is a member of the worldwide Sealife chain of aquariums. If you have been to a Sealife before you will know what to expect. Porto was really great because it was very quiet compared to other Sealife’s we have been. Our kids asked plenty of questions to the staff. The staff was very friendly and helpful.

5 of the best family attractions in europe

Provins Medieval – Provins France

Provins is a medieval walled town in France. Provins is one those towns where they have tried to keep it all in the theme of what it was in the past. They have an arena for jousting, bird shows with falcons and other games of the day. If you are lucky enough to catch a festival there the whole town fills up with people in costume, knights, damsels, monks and more. Shops in the town sell period crafts and costumes for you to get in the spirit of it. Provins provides a great day trip from Paris, taking around 1.5 hours to reach from Paris.

5 of the best family attractions in europe

The costumes were amazing at the festival

We have personally been to these sights and can tell you our kids loved them and quietly we loved them too. It’s good to unleash your inner kid at these best family attractions in Europe. We love these family travel attractions.

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