As a child, my father tried to drag me out all over the East Gippsland Shire fishing all the time. I hated fishing in Gippsland as a child, it was slow and boring and what in the world was fun about sitting on a river bank for hours at a time doing nothing but waiting for a fish to take the bait? In my eyes, this was not fun at all.

Fast forward to 25 years and my employment as a disability support worker forced me to re-engage with the sport of fishing. My employment requires me to support people with disabilities to go fishing in Gippsland at one of the many Gippsland beaches or one of the beautiful rivers we have here in the region

After 5 years of taking clients fishing Gippsland Lakes, I must say I now love fishing and I think it is one of the best things to do in Gippsland. I fish for work and for leisure.

I take the girls fishing when I can which is not as often as I should. The girls though much like myself as a child get easily bored with it and expect a fish every time the line goes in the water.

We are lucky enough to live in a region that is full of fishing locations. Here I will let you know about some of the best fishing in Gippsland locations in my region of the East Gippsland Shire.

Fishing in Gippsland is a fantastic day out for everyone!

A fishing rod close up with the water crashing in onto the beach in the background. Fishing in Gippsland is awesome at the beach

Fishing in Gippsland – Seaspray – Golden Beach

This area of the coast on the 90-mile beach is renowned for its shark fishing. Gummy sharks are caught in large amounts in the summer season. Salmon are also caught off this amazing Gippsland beach. The bigger sharks can be caught if you have someone willing to take the line out a few hundred meters offshore. This long stretch of beach draws hundreds of surf fishermen during the summer.

Even in the winter, some fishermen brave the enormous seas which roll in from the Bass Strait to haul abundant catches of salmon, snapper, silver trevally, jewfish, tailor, whiting, and sharks. Merryman’s Creek at times breaks through to the ocean at Seaspray and there are good catches of bream to be had in the creek there.

Fishing Gear for the 90-Mile Beach

  • Jarvis Walker Aquatec Surf Rod & Reel Combo ( great for beginners )
  • Rogue Star Sinkers
  • Surf fishing hooks

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A look out over the sand dunes from a lookout. It is a cloudless day and the dunes are covered in dry wood and tea tree. It is a great day for fishing in Gippsland
Golden Beach

Loch Sport

Loch Sport is located just up the road from Golden Beach. At Loch Sport, you will have access to both the Gippsland Lakes and the 90-Mile Beach. You can launch a boat one day in the Lakes and fish the ocean the next day.

There are a boat ramp and significant jetty to fish off ( See video below courtesy of our sister site travelsingippsland ). The foreshore along the Gippsland Lakes is sandy and can be fished off at just about every spot.

Cowwarr Weir

We have headed inland for this one. We are about 60 kilometres away from the coast.

The Cowwarr Weir is managed by Gippsland Water. Cowwarr Weir is located in between Traralgon and Maffra just outside of the township of Cowwarr in Gippsland. The weir is a popular destination for swimmers, fishing and canoeing.

Camping for completely self-contained recreational vehicles is available free of charge. No power boats, jet skis or the like are allowed on the weir. Freshwater fish such as Trout, Redfin and bass can be caught in the Weir.

Fishing in Gippsland – Lake Tyers

Lake Tyers is at the eastern end of the Gippsland Lakes. Periodically the Lake is open to the ocean. It is known for its bream and Flathead. Lake Tyer’s fishing is known for Dusky flathead can be taken up to a metre long here. Any flathead over 50 cm must be returned to the water by law as they are spawning fish helping to populate the waterway.

Lake Tyer’s fishing can be done from the shores of the lake, the beach or on the water with the boat. Lake Tyer’s charters are a great way to get the best from Lake Tyers Fishing. Lake Tyer’s charters will take you to all areas of the lake. We have been on board and can recommend this Lake Tyres fishing experience

Mark out fishing in Gippsland on a boat holding up a fish he has caught.

Fishing in Gippsland – Lakes Entrance

Lakes Entrance is located in the East Gippsland Shire Australia some 320 east of Melbourne. Lakes Entrance is at the eastern end of the Gippsland Lakes system.

The Gippsland Lakes are the largest inland waterway in Australia. This area is sometimes referred to as the Victorian Rivera. Lakes Entrance is aptly known because it is where the lakes meet the ocean. Lakes Entrance is the only entrance/exit to the ocean from the lakes system.

Lakes Entrance is a tourist town (It has some of the best 90-mile beach camping spots in it) which gets heavily populated in the summer months but still has some fine fishing. Lakes Entrance fishing can either fish the ocean or the inlet which is connected to the Gippsland Lakes.

For those wanting to explore the waters ways, Lakes Entrance Boat Hire can get you out on the water. Lakes Entrance Boat Hire does not require a licence.

On both sides of the entrance (which is part of the 90-mile beach) beaches provide an excellent surf fishing for salmon, snapper, tailor, silver trevally, jewfish and bream. Lakes Entrance beach fishing is very popular.

The Gippsland Lakes region is a good spot for bream, tailor, luderick, perch, flathead, garfish and mullet usually found in lakes, estuaries, rivers and inlets. Marlin has also been caught if you are willing to travel many kilometres offshore.

Willow as a little girl fishing in Gippsland from a jetty. Perfect blue skies and a seagull flying overhead
Willow at Bullock Island Lakes Entrance

Marlet fishing in Gippsland with her Grrandpa in the background.
Marley fishing Gippsland Lakes Entrance

Fishing in Gippsland – Lake King, Mitchel River, Nicholson River and Tambo River

These are the most popular of the lakes. Where three rivers flow into it and their estuaries offer flathead, bream, mullet, trevally, whiting and garfish. The lake also holds jewfish and snapper.

Fishing in Gippsland – Wattle Point

Wattle Point is on the Gippsland Lakes. Its located just out of Bairnsdale to it north and Paynesville to its east. Wattle Point has a jetty and boat ramp for access to the Gippsland Lakes. Fishing at Wattle Point is a peaceful and relaxing experience because every time I have been there you will find very few people. We have caught Bream and Flathead at Wattle Point here before. Best bait is worms and prawns and soft plastics produce good results

jetty for fishing at wattle point gippsland lakes

Fishing in Gippsland – Lake Wellington and Hollands Landing

Is the shallowest and largest of the lakes. It is linked to Lake Victoria by McLennan Strait which is known for its large catches of bream. Three rivers meet in the lake and these can be a good spot for bream, mullet and carp.

The girls fishing in Gippsland from a jetty. It is a bit cludy and they both look very bored with Marley laying down leaning over the jetty.
The girls at Holland Landing

Fishing in Gippsland – Port Albert and Port Welshpool

This is prolific with channels, islands, rivers and inlets which are subject to strong currents. More than 4 kg of large dusky flathead can be taken at Port Albert and snapper enters the bay in October or November. The surrounding waters of Port Welshpool take salmon, snapper, whiting and trevally. Other kinds taken in the area include barracuda, trevally, snook, mullet and cod.

Two fishing rods leaning against the jetty waiting for the fish to bite when were Fishing in Gippsland. The water is very blue and there are mountains in the background
Port Welshpool

I could write an article a mile-long talking about fishing in our region. This is just saltwater fishing I have mentioned here. I have only touched on a few fishing spots in the East Gippsland Shire but there are hundreds, believe me. There are also many freshwater options nearby with the mountains for catching trout, bass and Redfin readily available. The European carp is a major problem in a lot of our waterways. It is an introduced species of fish and by law, if you catch it you must kill it and not put it back in the water.

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