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Travelling to different destinations around the world is a learning experience as much as it is a recreational one. One of the things you learn most about during your travels has to do with food, and the following will take a look at 4 things you will realise about food when you travel overseas.

 You’ll get a greater appreciation of food

If you travel to poorer countries where food scarcity is a problem, you’ll quickly learn how lucky you are to come from a country that is abundant with food. This is especially true with regards to the clean drinking water you enjoy back at home, since many communities around the world struggle with getting access to this basic resource we take for granted in wealthy western nations.

When you get home, you’ll want to be less wasteful when it comes to food and have a greater appreciation of the fact that you don’t need to go without.

food in india

 You’ll be surrounded by healthier food

When you travel overseas, especially in poorer countries, you’ll probably encounter food that is far less commercially processed and is a lot closer to nature than what you buy in the supermarket at home. Eating and enjoying these foods can help you get away from eating highly processed foods back at home and encourage you to seek new nourishing meals to prepare once you get back to your own kitchen.

Food is a key part of every culture

If you haven’t noticed, every documentary you’ve ever seen about cultures past and present talks about their signature foods and cooking practises. This makes sense when you think about it since food is connected to the native plant and animal life in a geographic area and will necessarily be unique to each of the regions you visit in your travels.

While certain cultures will have similarities in their food (such as rice being ubiquitous in Asian cultures), each new place you go to will have their own variations that make them stand out. This is why food tourism is its own activity, with individuals or groups travelling across continents specifically for food tours that allow them to sample all the different local cuisines.

Cultural dishes are a huge part of the appeal of visiting any country. Every region in the world will have a dish or type of cuisine that is unique to it.

Whenever you visit any kind of rural community, you’ll notice the importance of communal eating and the role food plays in knitting the cultural fabric of a place. The gathering of ingredients and preparation of food is something that can take all day in some parts of the world, with farming communities totally dedicated to producing food both for themselves and the big cities that rely on them.

Nothing beats the authentic version of a dish you get while travelling

Food in Xian China

While you may think you’ve eaten plenty of foreign food at cultural restaurants in your hometown, these experiences are never as good as the experience you have actually travelling to those countries. For example, the Korean BBQ you’ve had in your home country will never compare to the authentic version found in Korea proper.

In fact, many of the dishes you’ve had were probably ‘westernised’ versions of a dish, and pale in comparison to the authentic version in its country of origin. Many dishes that are served in the west are sweetened far more than they would be in their country of origin.

There are a lot of dishes that you’ll encounter while overseas that you will have never seen before, and plenty that will look and taste completely different from what you are used to. This is why, if you love a certain cultural cuisine, you absolutely need to travel to the country of origin to have an authentic experience.

We hope this article from us here at Wyld Family Travel has you inspired to try as many foods as possible while travelling. There are so many foods to try in different countries when travelling. Food is a big part of any cultural experience. For more amazing Food-related articles click through to our page for more brilliant inspiration.

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