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For all our readers we have some great news. Wyld Family Travel has partnered with the amazing new travel app GPSmyCity.! Now you can take Wyld Family Travel articles with you on the go thanks to a partnership with GPSmyCity. What does this mean and how can it help you? Great content from Wyld Family Travel  (and many others) are converted into travel article apps that can be downloaded to your mobile device and used offline in the very cities that the post is about.

GPSmyCity app is a new way to explore the cities of your choice around the world. If the average city walking tour just isn’t our thing.  If you feel rushed by the tour guides, if you are taken to places that are not interesting and most of all you feel you have wasted your money then GPSmyCity app could be just the thing for you.


How many times have you read a great blog post with useful tips about what to see and do in a new city you are about to visit, only to think I should make a note of that later, then forget. You cant find reliable WiFi or a hotspot. You waste time and effort trying to find that piece of information that could be easily accessed on the GPSmyCity app anywhere anytime offline.

GpsmyCity takes travel articles from established websites and converts them into an app you can use on your phone complete with route and offline map. Why you ask should you pay something that you can get free online? Its simple as mentioned above the article is city walk or travel article comes with a detailed travel route plotted on an offline map, so you can explore the local highlights and hidden gems on your own.

GPSmyCity page

The GPSmyCity guided tours connect you with knowledgeable local guides who can show you around to local attractions, markets, food, places of culture, and nightlife venues, as well as share with you the insider knowledge only the locals are privileged to have.

First off you need to log into the iTunes or google play and download the GPSmyCity app for your device. The app is FREE to download

Wyld family Travel has recently launched some great articles on GPSmyCity as follows

Click on the link below and if you haven’t already downloaded the GPSmycity app, you will be prompted to do so. Otherwise, just follow the link and then click on Upgrade and you will get the free upgrade for our article at

GpsmyCity has a number of different option for purchasing and using their articles.

  • Single city walks can be downloaded from $1.99 for lifetime access to that article.

  • An annual subscription to full version articles and walks are also available

When you compare the price of a GPSmyCity app by buying a Lonely Planet book or any other guidebook they are way cheaper and much more convenient.

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GPSmyCity App is the best tour guide

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