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As we walked into the lobby at Holiday Inn Pasteur I was so worried. It looked so beautifully clean, stylish and neat. Everything matched, everything was new and it all dazzled in the sunlight streaming in from the perfectly clean windows. This was not something we were used to and I was concerned our kids would be disturbing all the business people that would be staying here.

It only took a few minutes to realise that this wasn’t just a business orientated hotel. Families were everywhere enjoying all the amazing facilities this beautiful hotel has to offer. We were going to fit right in. People will tell you all the time that the small things are forgotten by big chain hotels, that they are stiffer and lack the friendly, welcoming vibe. I can tell you this is certainly not the case at Holiday Inn Pasteur.

The Huge bed in the executive sweet at Holiday Inn Pasteur

As apart of our trip through Indonesia we stopped for a holiday in Bandung. As a family who travels with teens and tweens, we stay in all types of accommodation from budget to midrange, from independent to chain hotels.

Where is Bandung?

For those of you that don’t know, Bandung Indonesia is on the Island of Java and Bandung is the capital city of the West Java province. Bandung for us was a handy break between our train trip from Yogyakarta and Jakarta.

Marley looking at the Bandung skyline
Marley looking out of the window at Bandung

Where is Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur?

The Location of Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur is Jl. Dr Djunjunan 96 Pasteur Sukajadi, West Java Bandung 40162 Indonesia 

The hotel is located just outside the city centre. You can walk to the city in around 20-30 minutes. Alternatively, you can call a Grab (Asian Uber) and it will cost you Rp.15,000 to Rp.30,000 ($1.50-$3.00 AUD)

What are the rooms like at Holiday Inn Pasteur?

Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur is a four-star hotel in Bandung boasts 278 spacious, comfortable rooms with some amazing facilities that suit family travellers. We stayed in 2 executive rooms that were both comfortable and welcoming for families.

The Hotel Holiday Inn Bandung Rooms feature:

  • Heating and cooling, Indonesia is hot and humid!
  • In-room safe, always good to lock money and passports away.
  • Private bathroom, slippers and soft fluffy robes
  • Kettle for coffee and tea
  • Cable, satellite, premium TV channels
  • Sound system
  • Electrical power adapters available

What was our room like at Holiday Inn Pasteur?

Our room for us parents featured an amazingly comfortable huge king-size bed, while the kid’s room had 2 single beds which are great for the girls as they believe they are getting too old to share! I like the little things that great hotels do. This is not much but I really appreciated a clock beside the bed. No being a great sleeper I like to know what time it is when I wake up

bathroom supplies at Holiday Inn
Bathroom extras
Pool on the 6th floor
The Indoor Pool

Facilities Holiday Inn Pasteur has for guests

Most importantly for us, there was a TV, fast internet and a work desk. The Internet is important for our work on the website and the kids to do school work. Having a dedicated desk space was great as we were able to work easily and comfortably.

Facilities for family travel at The Holiday Inn in Bandung

  • Indoor and outdoor pool
  • Kids pool for small children
  • Kids Menu in the restaurant
  • Kids activity corner every Sunday
  • Non-smoking areas

Facilities for the Adults

  • 24-hour lounge and Cocktail Bar
  • Complimentary fitness centre
  • Onsite aerobics and fitness trainer
  • Orchidea Spa & Massage

Another great option that Holiday Inn Bandung offers is that we were able to hire a car and driver and head to Lembang for the day. Lembang is located in the hills above Bandung and features a long list of tourist attractions to visit. We went to the Maribaya Lodge, The Fairy Garden, and the Lembang floating market.

The Concierge will help you book the car and driver. We were out for nearly 9 hours and it cost us Rp.1,000,000 ($100AUD $70.00USD or 63.00Euro). The traffic can be crazy in Bandung so it was os easy to walk out get in the car and go and then be dropped off right at our front door after a huge day.

Our favourite things at Holiday Inn Pasteur

Holiday Inn Pasteur has to be one of the grandest places we have ever stayed and I have to admit I was in love with most of the things there. Here are our most favourite things.

Eating and Drinking at the Holiday Inn in Bandung

The hotel has 3 dining options serving food all through the day. Your room booking comes with complimentary breakfast

  • Cham Khaw Thai Restaurant – authentic Thai food and ambience
  • Ambassador Restaurant – Serving Internatioaln and Asian meals
  • Magenta Lounge – Serving light meals and sweets.

The options to eat outside the Holiday Inn were limited in this area unless you wanted to take a taxi, grab, uber into the city centre. Meals at the Holiday Inn ranged from around the Rp.80,000 to around the Rp.200,000 price range. There was a good mix of Asian dishes and western favourites on offer.

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What Mark thought of the food

We were lucky enough to arrive on the Chinese New Years Eve and the hotel had a banquet on that night. The banquet featured traditional Dragons and lanterns decorating the Ambassador. The feast that was put on by the hotel was nothing short of mouth-watering. The only problem was my belly was not big enough to try everything. The Peking Duck, the Pepper Beef and the extensive array of Dim Sum on offer were delicious.

The buffet dinner at Holiday Inn Bandung
A buffet or ala carte was available at dinner time

The epic, never ending breakfast

The breakfast at Holiday Inn Pasteur was a grand affair with a huge spread of food. Particularly impressive if not obsessive was the choice of 6 different ways to have your eggs. Choices of cereals, fruits, bread, rice, noodles the list goes on and on. A particular favourite of Bec and Willow was the bread and butter pudding.

Amazing food from Holiday Inn
Some of the amazing food

The pools (by Marley)

It was amazing, it wasn’t warm like all the other pools. It was cool and refreshing. It was good that it was deep and i was able to easily go under the water. It was fun to hang over the edge and watch the Koi fish swimming.

The pools, one located on the ground floor outdoors and one located on the 6th floor indoors. The outdoor pool was great to hang out at with its big shaded lounge chairs and its close proximity to food and drinks.

It had a kids swimming section for small kids and then an adults pool that was deeper. The pool was lined with a channel of water on one side featuring Koi fish. Man, I love those coloured fish they look so cool and they are always hungry.

Enjoying the pool at Holiday Inn bandung
Marley loving the water at the pool

Bec reviews the Orchidea Spa & Massage

I have never had a spa treatment before so I was excited but nervous at the same time. I did have a massage many years ago in Australia and it didn’t go very well so I was hoping to have a much better experience and I can guarantee you I did. Asti has the most magic hands and even after a week I still feel some much more relaxed. Picking up my 8kg backpack doesn’t include a thousand creaks and cracks from all over my body!

ready to be messaged
The messgae table is ready

I chose a Javanese massage and foot bath. Asti led me into the little room where I put on the disposable panties and a soft kimono. My feet were done first and then I laid down on the table for my hour-long massage. It was divine.

I really thank Ari and the staff at Holiday Inn Pasteur for organizing this treat for me. It is not something I would have booked on my own but I am so glad that I went. I think I will now be having them done again but the other masseuse has very big shoes to fill after Asti.

Sunset in Bandung
I will remember Bandung for its amazing sunsets

How to get to Bandung Indonesia

Bandung is connected by train from jakarta in 3 hours 15 minutes and from Yogjakarta in 7 hours 45 minutes.

Bandung International Airport is located within the city and 2.4 km from Bandung Central train station. Bandung Airport is served regularly by Garuda Indonesia, AirAsia, Lion and CityLink.

Jakarta to Bandung by car is 154 Kilometers. I would not even guess to specify a time frame. We spoke to people who said as short as 3 hours and then people who said as long as 8 hours depending on the traffic.

Do we recommend the Holiday Inn Pasteur?

Holiday Inn Pasteur is a great place to stay when in Bandung. Great facilities, rooms, and Staff. We were made to feel welcome from the moment we walked in the door till the moment we left. Today when so many hotels have great facilities it can be the staff that makes or breaks your stay. We would highly recommend a stay at Holiday Inn Pasteur

We hope this article from us here at Wyld Family Travel has you inspired to stay at the Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur when you visit Bandung. There are so many things to do in Bandung that will have you entertained for your families whole stay. For more amazing ideas on where to holiday in Indonesia click through to our Indonesia Destination Guide page for more brilliant inspiration.

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