The 3 Best California Balloon Ride Destinations Families Will Not Want to Miss

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Hot air ballooning offers one of the most magical experiences you can share or gift someone you truly love in your family. Fewer activities have the perfect blend of adventure and romance that teenagers love.

Safe for people of all ages including teenagers, hot air balloons are usually beautiful, colourful, and spacious. These three unique features make hot air balloons the most photographed aircraft.

Other aviation forms are designed to travel from one destination to another. They are mainly means of transport; enjoying yourself is the only thing you can do in a hot air balloon with your family.

From the Temecula hot air balloon to the Palm Springs hot air balloon, a vast array of balloon tour packages is available to suit every budget, need, and occasion, whether it’s a wedding, an anniversary, or a birthday.

Let’s discover the five best California balloon ride destinations for family travel, which  include: 


Temecula is a historic city beautifully surrounded by rolling hills, vineyards, and mighty mountains that can be seen from a reasonable distance. The Temecula area proves that the sky is the only limit.

hot air ballonns in Temecula california
A hot air balloon or two is taking off

Temecula is the perfect destination for every family member from teenagers to younger adults to feast their eyes on the most spectacular landscapes in California from over 1,300 feet above. Only approximately one hour from San 

Diego and about 90 minutes from Los Angeles, Temecula is an easy and quick visit for spontaneous outdoor dates. Head out for an unforgettable escapade in the skies at dawn and join hundreds of other family travellers rising above the beautiful vineyards in hot air balloons. 

Book your hot air balloon family tour with the leading experience gift providers in California to take your experience to a new level. If you have a family member, teenager or someone who dreams of exploring the skies or wants to see the sun emerge at dawn from the horizon, you can give them a Temecula hot air balloon experience gift.

A balloon ride will allow any member of your family to bask perfectly in the hues of vineyards, citrus groves, and towering peaks.

Palm Springs

Are you travelling with teenagers? Do you want to appreciate the Greater Palm Springs area’s panoramic desert views from above with your family members? Book a Palm Springs hot air balloon ride.

With a Palm Springs hot air balloon ride, you can enjoy palm tree-lined streets, top-rated golf courses, and mid-century contemporary architecture in the area simultaneously. Your family members will enjoy these views as they​ get over their fears of heights.

A Palm Springs hot air balloon will allow every member of your family to enjoy panoramic views of the ​ peaceful Coachella Valley. The best hot air balloon ride service provider allows their customers to enjoy some refreshing beverages and snacks after their voyage.

Depending on your budget and needs, you can allow your family to float in the clouds anywhere between 40​and 90 minutes. Some operators even offer opportunities to family travellers to learn how to operate the hot​air balloon. 

San Diego Zoo hot air balloon ride

San Diego Zoo Safari Park is similar to the journey in Africa, which is also family travel-friendly. It allows you and your family to view some of the most endangered and impressive animals in the world.

Taking off in San Diego

You and your family can view the animals through a tram ride. However, the best way is to view them all at once by floating in the clouds with one of the stunning hot air balloon rides in California. 

​With a hot air balloon ride, you can float above roaming collections of giraffes, gazelles, and rhinos. You’ll view these groups of animals as you treat yourself and your family to 360-degree sights of majestic herds globally.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to gift your family an unforgettable hot air balloon ride experience or you want to enjoy it yourself; these destinations are unmatched.

To take the entire family travel experience to a whole new level, be sure to find and partner with a top-rated hot air balloon ride service provider. You’ll never regret it!

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