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Strasbourg is one of the most popular cities in France for tourists and rightly so. The fairy tale village is beyond beautiful in any season and people flock there to experience it. Tourists wander the streets and squares of the cobbled stone old city eating, drinking and buying goods in awe of how beautiful it is in person. Frankfurt Germany is just a little over 200 kilometres away and getting from Frankfurt to Strasbourg for a visit can be so easy.

The city of Strasbourg is home to the European parliament and famous tourist areas like the La Petite France area that is famous for its picture-perfect coloured house, storks nesting on roofs and Alsacian foods, The famous Strasbourg Cathedral was once the tallest building in the world.

Strasbourg is a green city with plenty of outdoor parks and over 500 kilometres of riding paths in and around the city. Strasbourg is the host to a world-famous Christmas market for 6 weeks every year that has been running since the late 15th century

Strasbourg is the gateway to many of the most popular sights in the Alsace region of France. Attractions such as Chateau Haut Koenigsbourg, Colmar, and the ever-popular Alsace wine route . Let us help you to get to Strasbourg from Frankfurt today.

Catch a bus from Frankfurt to Strasbourg

Bus travel from Frankfurt to Strasbourg takes on average a little over 3 hours. When travelling by bus from Frankfurt am Main to Strasbourg, the distance is around 113 miles (183 km). Bus tickets start at around 8 euros when booked in advance. You will find there are between 6 and 8 buses leaving Frankfurt every day for Strasbourg. Both Eurolines and Flixbus travel to Strasbourg.

Where is the departure point in Frankfurt for Strasbourg?

Your Franfurt departure staion is Hauptbahnhof Fernbusse, Frankfurt bus station. The stop is located just a five-minute walk away from Frankfurt’s Main Train Station. 

Where is the arrival point in Strasbourg from Frankfurt?

You will get off the bus at straßburg place de l’étoile France bus stop or the Strasbourg Bus Station. The nearest public transport is at stop Étoile Bourse. Étoile Bourse is serviced by a Strasbourg Bus numbers 14 and 24 and tram lines A&D

Can I transit straight from Frankfurt airport to Strasbourg by bus?

If you are arriving at Frankfurt international airport and want to transfer to Strasbourg immediately there is a perfect travel option. The Lufthansa Express Bus connects Frankfurt Airport and Strasbourg up to six times per day.

The travel time will take you around 2 hours and 30 minutes. The bus picks up passengers at Terminal 1 of Frankfurt Airport. Upon reaching Strasbourg it stops at Strasbourg Gare Centrale Train Station and the Strasbourg Hilton Hotel

Driving to Strasbourg from Frankfurt

You can drive Frankfurt Strasbourg in just over 2 hours. The distance between Frankfurt and Strasbourg is 217 kilometres. The trip is easy and straight forward as you head down the A5 freeway to Strasbourg.

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You are driving in Germany for 95% of the time until you turn off to Kehl. Kehl is located the right bank of the Rhine River while Strasbourg is on the left side of the river. You can pick up a rental car at Frankfurt airport or any major airport in Europe.

Driving from Frankfurt to Strasbourg tip

We strongly recommend a stop off in Heidelberg on the way to Strasbourg. Heidelberg is at the halfway point of your journey. Heidelberg is world-famous for its UNESCO world heritage castle and old town. We can personally recommend a visit to Heidelberg.

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Is there car parking in Strasbourg?

Parking in Strasbourg can be expensive in the old town area. Your best option is the park and ride system. There are 12 places located on the outskirts of the city that you can park and catch a tram into the city centre. The cost is only 4.20 euro per car for up to 7 people including transport by tram into the city. Look here for more information on the park and ride, locations in Strasbourg

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Taking the train from Frankfurt to Strasbourg

train at the platform in France
Trains at a station in France

You can catch a train between the cities but there are no direct trains. You will be required to make a change along the way at either Mannheim or Karlsruhe. The average travel time between Frankfurt and Strasbourg is 2h52 minutes. There is an average of 13 trains a day between Frankfurt and Strasbourg, leaving approximately every 1h30 minutes. A train between Frankfurt and Strasbourg is not the easiest or fastest way to go.

Where is the departure station for the train to Strasbourg?

The departure station is Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhof: Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhof is serviced by an underground system and a tram network. If you are coming from Frankfurt Airport, the Regional Station is located below Terminal 1. S-Bahn train services S8 and S9 link the airport with central Frankfurt at Hauptbahnhof central station.

As with the vast majority of trains in Europe, there’s no need to check-in for your French train ride.

You can just walk into the station, scan the departure boards for the platform your train is leaving from.

Head to the platform, board the train and sit in your reserved or a free seat in the correct carriage class if your ticket is unreserved.

Best to have your tickets (or e-tickets) handy to show the conductor or inspector when asked

Do I need travel insurance in Germany?
We always say if you can’t afford travel insurance you can’t afford to travel. Get your travel insurance now to protect your epic holiday in Germany from any small hiccup.
For Australian travellers, we recommend Fast Cover Travel Insurance
For worldwide travellers, we recommend Visitors Coverage Travel Insurance

Where does my train arrive in Strasbourg?

The arrival train station in Strasbourg is Gare Centrale Train Station. Your trains from Frankfurt Strasbourg arrive at Gare Centrale. Gare Centrale is located in the western part of Strasbourg, about 1 km away from the city centre. Strasbourg Gare Centrale has a train, bus and tram connections to all parts of Strasbourg and beyond.

Flights from Frankfurt to Strasbourg

At the time of writing, there are no direct flights between Frankfurt and Strasbourg. There are flights connecting at Basel and Paris to name a few. Flying would be the longest and most expensive option available to you when you factor in waiting time at different airports.

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We know you will enjoy your visit to Strasbourg. It is an amazing city easily reached from places close by like Freiburg and Frankfurt or far from Paris and Luxembourg City. There is something for singles, couples and teenagers in Strasbourg.

We hope this ultimate travel guide has inspired you to visit Strasbourg and the Alsace. You can find more inspiration from Wyld Family Travel on our France destination page.

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How to get from Frankfurt to Strasbourg

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