The Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial site is located on the outskirts of Munich, Germany. Getting from Munich to Dachau is easy. No visit to Munich is complete without a day trip to Dachau.

In this article, we will talk about the train from Dachau to Munich, Dachau tours from Munich and how to get from Munich to Dachau by car. First, let us talk about the history of one of the most famous or infamous Nazi Concentration camps

Munich to Dachau Concentration Camp is a must day trip

Dachau was the very first concentration camp opened on German soil. In 1933 the camp was opened by Heinrich Himmler. In the first instance, the camp was designed to hold political prisoners. The type who did not agree with what Hitler and the Nazi party stood for.

As we know, this was just the start for the Nazi Party who enlarged the scope of Dachau Concentration Camp. History tells us Dachau was used for the imprisonment of Jews, German, and eventually, detainees from countries that Germany had invaded.

The main building at Dachau

The Gates to hell at Dachau carry the famous words “Arbeit Macht Frei” ( “Work makes free” ). These famous words also adorn the gates at Auschwitz Birkenau. During the lifespan Of the Dachau camp, they were 32,000 documented deaths and thousands more that are undocumented. Dachau was the longest-running of the concentration camps closing in 1945 after 12 years.

Dachau Concentration Camp Facts

  • The camp layout, building design, and organization was used as a model for all other camps.
  • It became a training centre for SS concentration camp guards.
  • Dachau had thirty-six large sub-camps containing approximately thirty-seven thousand prisoners
  • The majority of prisoners who died in the camp were Catholic.
  • When the new crematoria were made the old one was turned into a gas chamber also known as the barrack.
  • When liberated the confirmed number of prisoners at the time was 67,665 this camp was originally built to hold 5,000.
The gates to Dachau

The Train Munich to Dachau Memorial Camp

Munchen Hauptbahnhof railway station is known as Munich Central Station. The train to Dachau to Munich will either start here or pass through here on its journey. Taking the train from Munich is the simplest way to reach the Dachau memorial is by public transportation. To get to Dachau take the S2 train from Munich in the direction of Dachau/Petershausen until you reach the Dachau station.

The S2 train from Munich to Dachau can be boarded at the following Munich stations

  • Donnersbergerbrucke
  • Hackerbrucke
  • Munich HBF ( Central Station )
  • Karlsplatz
  • Marienplatz
  • Isartor
  • Rosemheimer Platz
  • Munich East
  • Hirschgarten

Once you have arrived at the Dachau train station, you will need to transfer to a local bus to reach the memorial site. Catch the bus 726 towards “Saubachsiedlung” to the entrance of the memorial site (“KZ-Gedenkstätte”) .The Munich Dachau train ride takes around 25 minutes from Munich’s Central Station (Hauptbahnhof).

Knowing the efficiency of the Germans if they say 25 minutes it will be 25 minutes. The recommended ticket for the S-Bahn from Munich is a single (or partner) day ticket Munich XXL (München XXL).

It covers the S-Bahn from Munich Central Station to Dachau and the bus in Dachau to the memorial site. ⇒ You can purchase your train tickets here

Where is Munich Central Station:  The front entrance to Munich Central station is via the Prielmayerstraße or Bayerstraße. Bayerstraße will lead you to Karlsplatz. Munich Hauptbahnhof is accessed via the following public transport options

Once you have arrived at the Dachau train station, take bus 726 towards “Saubachsiedlung” to the entrance of the memorial site (“KZ-Gedenkstätte”).

The gas chamber at Dachau

How to get to Dachau from Munich by car

If you are driving your car or a hire car for your trip the distance from Munich to Dachau is around 20-25 kilometres depending on where in Munchen you start from. Makes sure you have your international drivers licence for hiring a car.  We have the following basic directions for you

  • Head towards the B304 ( Salzburg, Munich Airport, Nurnberg )
  • Exit the B304 at the Dachau – Altstadt exit
  • Arrive in Dachau
  • Turn left Konrad-Adenauer-Straße
  • Continue left on Augsburger Straße to the Dachau site
Parking at Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial

After arriving at Dachau from Munich, you will find the public parking area located next to the memorial site at 73 Alte Römerstraße.
Parking at the site will incur, fees during the summer months (March-October). Current prices are €3,00 per car, and €5,00 for busses. In the off-season between November and February parking is for free.

Places to stay at Dachau

If travelling by car, you may want accommodation in Dachau. Dachau has a range of accommodation options to suit everyone. We recommend the following places to stay in Dachau for you.

  • Hotel Central Dachau – 4-star Hotel with 46 rooms including Family rooms. The hotels feature high-speed internet, Bar, lounge, breakfast and free parking for guests.
  • Select Hotel Dachau – 3-star Hotel with 120 rooms including family rooms. The hotel has multilingual staff, Fitness centre, high-speed internet, and air conditioning.
The bunks at Dachau
The bunks at the camp

Opening Hours of Dachau

The Dachau Memorial site is open daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The memorial site is closed on December 24th.

Entry Fee for Dachau

Visits to Dachau are free. The is no official entry fee. There is a small charge for an audio guide or English tour of Dachau that is run twice daily.

Further information for your visit

Dachau Memorial website –

Address: Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site

KZ-Gedenkstätte Dachau

Alte Römerstraße 75

D – 85221 Dachau

Phone: +49(0)8131 – 66997 – 0

Fax: +49(0)8131 – 2235

Email Enquiry:

A guided tour to Dachau
A tour group at Dachau

Tours to Dachau from Munich

If public transport or the driving option don’t suit you an organized Dachau tour from Munich is your best bet. There are many Munich Dachau tours daily. Some of the positives of going on an organized tour can be:

  • You will have a guide that will keep you informed on the way to your Dachau tour
  • Entry tickets to the sights are usually included
  • One price for everything
  • An organized tour of the sights when you visit Dachau Concentration Camp

Find below information and booking details for some great Dachau tours from Munich

Dachau Concentration Camp Half-Day Tour from Munich

Explore the haunting Dachau Concentration Camp on a half-day tour from Munich. Walk in the footsteps of prisoners first entering the camp and see the Shuntroom, Roll Call Square, Crematorium, and much more.

  • Duration 4-5 Hours
  • Explore the Dachau Concentration Camp with a guide that is authorized to conduct tours at the camp
  • Discover where prisoners were registered when they first arrived at the camp
  • Learn about the dreadful actions of the guards, and of the fate of the 32,000 people who lost their lives at the camp
  • Visit the crematorium and gas chamber
  • Stand in Roll Call Square, where the fate of the prisoners was decided
  • See the terrible “Arbeit Macht Frei” sign
  • Rating 4.6 / 5 on over 180 reviews

Additional Information: This tour leaves from Munich Central Station. You will meet your guide at a designated spot inside Munich HBF. The minimum age for this tour is 14

From Munich: Dachau Concentration Camp Tour in English

Visit Germany’s first Nazi concentration camp at Dachau to remember the victims of the Holocaust. Opened just 51 days after Hitler took power. Tour  Dachau’s gas chamber, barracks, and cells as your guide recounts the terrible story of the Final Solution the Nazi’s where seeking.

  • Duration 5 hours
  • View the Nazi’s first forced labour camp at Dachau
  • Visit Dachau’s chilling barracks, cells, and gas chamber
  • See prisoners’ accounts of life in Dachau at the memorial museum
  • Learn how the pretty medieval town of Dachau became the centre of evil
  • Rated 4.7 / 5 on over 399 reviews

Additional Information: The tour starts in front of the Tourist Information for the City of Munich at the Gothic Town Hall in Marienplatz. We at Wyld Family Travel have personally done this tour and HIGHLY RECOMMEND it.

The guard towers at Dachau
The guard tower at Dachau
Munich and the Nazi History Combi Day Tour

Learn about Munich, and it’s association with Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party on a day tour from Munich. A super-efficient way for history buffs and visitors, in general, to learn about this dark period in German history. See Dachau’s gas chamber, barracks, and cells

  • Duration 8 hours
  • Visit Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site
  • Experience a walking tour of Munich focusing on it’s relevance to Hitler and the Nazis
  • See key locations in beautiful Munich and get suggestions about things to do after the tour
  • Rated 5 / 5 from 10 reviews

Additional Information: The meeting place is at Marienplatz central Munich in front of the Tourist information centre. This tour is only open to people 14 years and older

Best time to visit Dachau Memorial Camp

We suggest that if you are arriving at the camp independently arrive at opening time to beat the crowds from the tour buses that arrive. If possible avoid visiting in the summer months when travellers to Munich are at their peak.

The weather when visiting Dachau

Wintertime in Dachau / Munich, Germany, has average low temperatures a few degrees below the point of freezing (0˚C/32˚F). Daily highs rise up to a few degrees above this temperature. Extreme low temperature are not uncommon, we have been in Munich when the weather has reached -15 degrees

Springtime in Munich / Dacha see’s the weather starting to warm up. The daily highs temperatures rise around 5˚C in each month from April to May. Hence, low temperatures increase from around 0˚C/32˚F in April to around 8˚C/46.4˚F in May. May is the wettest month of the year in this area of Bavaria.

The bathrooms in the barracks

Autumn from Septemeber to November in the Dachau and Munich are see’s the weather going from hot to sliding into winter. September is the mildest month with temperatures, which usually range between 9˚C/48.2˚F and 19˚C/66.2˚F. October is fairly cooler, and with that comes some cold winds with average temperatures ranging between 5˚C/41˚F and 14˚C/57.2˚F. November is the onset to winter, with average lows being around 0˚C/32˚F and highs up to 7˚C/44.6˚F.

Summer sees the warmest daily average in July with 18 degrees. The days are longer and the sunlight hours are at their peak during this time. Day weather temperatures in Munich will shoot up into the high 30’s at times and provide great weather for outdoor activities. Time to break out the sunscreen, summer hats and drink plenty of fluids.

Map of the Memorial Camp Dachau

Things to take to Dachau Concentration Camp

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Getting to Munich:

Munich is the second biggest city in Germany.

Flughafen München Franz Josef Strauß is 28.5 kilometres from the city centre.

Munich is serviced by many international airlines and budget carriers. For cheap flights from with Europe check Veuling, EasyJet and Eurowings. You can check the prices of international flights to Germany with CheapOair. Domestic flights can be booked with Expedia

By February of 2017 Flughafen München, Franz Josef Strauß features flights to 248 destinations, making it the airport with the fifth-most destinations worldwide.

The S1 and S8 S-Bahn lines connect the airport with the centre of Munich, with departures every 10 minutes. The airport is also easy and convenient to reach by bus from the Munich city centre

Many international and domestic trains and bus service’s Munich terminating at Munich’s Central Station (Hauptbahnhof)

You can book an airport transfer with Suntransfers who we have personally used on many occasions.

You can book a rental car with AutoEurope and have it waiting for you at Munich Airport.

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Getting around Munich:

Munich has an extensive public transportation system. It consists of a network of underground (U-Bahn), suburban trains (S-Bahn), trams and buses. … Tickets can be purchased at the blue vending machines, found at U- and S-Bahn-stations, at many tram and bus stops and newspaper kiosks.

There are different types of tickets: Single Tickets (called “Einzelfahrkarte”), Stripe Tickets (called “Streifenkarte”) and Day Tickets (called “Tageskarte”).

Before first embarking, the ticket must be validated – insert the ticket into the small stamping machines posted at the entrances to U- and S-Bahn tracks or on trams and buses. It’s a € 60 fine if you are caught riding without a valid ticket.

The Munich City Tour Card allows free use of public transport, plus discount and free admission to some of the best Munich sights. More information and booking click here

Another alternative for tourists is to buy a pass for the Munich Hop on hop off bus which takes you to all the sites in the city. Click here for further information and prices.

Where to stay in Munich:

Munich has accommodation options for every budget from Hostels, to apartments and hotels rooms.

Hostels in Munich can start from as little as 20 euro’s a night for a shared dorm room.

You can search Airbnb for their Munich accommodation offerings. If you have never used Airbnb before get yourself $50 credit by signing and booking a stay right

Hotels in Melbourne generally start from around $100 a night for a double room and increase incrementally as the luxury rating rises towards 5 Google states that 3-star averaging $144, 5-star averaging $469 for a night stay.

You can compare and book your stay on Trip Advisor or Agoda

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How to get to Dachau from Munich