How to get your money back if your holiday gets cancelled

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Family holidays can be really important. We all lead busy lives and it can be difficult to find time to bond with our families during our day to day lives. Going on a family holiday is a great way to create the perfect environment for the family to unwind and do things together.

The kids can make new friends and run around in a safe space, which allows the adults to de-stress and forget about work. At the end of each day spent soaking up the sun, you can all spend some quality time playing games or going for nice meals in beautiful places.

Then as it gets later, parents get to have some adult time. They can sip some cocktails while the kids are all passed out asleep from their busy days running around, making friends, and jumping into pools. Everybody is a winner on a family holiday.

There have been lots of stories in the news the last few weeks regarding big holiday firms going bankrupt. The worst thing about these firms going under is the amount of families that have had their family holidays canceled.

Thousands of families who have been eagerly awaiting that brief break from normality have been left feeling angry, and many of them do not know what rights they have or how to get their money back. If you are in this position, we advise you to try Creditfix, they have a great range of information and may be able to help.

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