Iconic European…yes they are!

I love the cities of Europe make no mistake of that. I seek out the grand boulevards, pedestrian thoroughfares and back streets. Iconic European streets they all are. I love the variety of shops, the buildings and designs of some of these grand old streets. I love getting up early walking the streets before the cities wake up. Most of these streets never sleep anyway, there is always somewhere to grab a coffee or something eat and watch the world go by. The streets listed I have been too, walked on, had a meal on and enjoyed. Is there really anything like strolling iconic European streets?

Leidsestraat – Amsterdam Netherlands


The Leidsestraat is the most well-known street in Amsterdam if not all of Holland. The Leidsestraat has excellent public transport connections with tram tracks dissecting the centre of this street. The Leidsestraat leads to the Leidseplein entertainment district, famous for its cafe’s, restaurants, pubs and nearby Amsterdam casino. The world famous Amsterdam flower market can be reached just off Leidsestraat on the Koningsplein. All along Leidsestraat, you will find the latest in fashion plus speciality grocery, cheese, and pastry shops.

 Neuhauser Strasse – Munich Germany


Neuhauser Strasse runs from Karlzplatz Stachus to Marienplatz in the centre of the city. Neuhauser Strasse is the main shopping street in Munich, Germany featuring all the international brands and the famous Augustiner Beirkeller. Walking down this street from Karlzplatz you pass under the Karlstor town gate. This was one of the original town gates from the medieval times. Marienplatz at the southern end of the street features the world famous Glockenspiel at the town hall.

Family Travel Tips: For kids that love football (Soccer) the flagship store of the world famours F.C Bayern Munich is located on this street. The store sells everything from jersey’s to slippers.

We stayed at Meininger Hotels when in Munich

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Esplanade – Helsinki Finland


Esplanade in Winter. By JIP (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)


Esplanade lies in the heart of the Finish capital Helsinki. Esplanade consists of a park in the centre of 2 one-way streets running parallel down the sides. Esplanade starts at the iconic Northern Europe department store Stockmann and finishes at the harbour side where ferries leave Finland for Estonia and other Baltic ports. Esplanade is popular in summer for families strolling and having picnics in the park. Free music and ice cream stands to fill your ears and belly.

Family Travel Tip: At the bottom of Espanade at the Harbour you will find a market that operates everyday. Selling food and souvenirs. A giant ferris wheel is located here to give you great views of the city.

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Florianska Street- Krakow Poland



Florianska street is the most famous street in Krakow old town. Florianska first appeared on a map in 1257. This street marks the start of what called the “Royal Road” in Krakow, Poland. Polish royalty used to greet visiting nobles at St Florian’s gate which marks the start of the street as they entered the city of Krakow on their way to Wawel castle. Today the street is packed with tourists, cafes and shops selling souvenirs. The street empties in the town square of Krakow. Krakow old town square is the largest in Europe. It’s a unique town square because of its size and the cloth market building that sits in the middle of it.

Family Travel Tip: In Krakow old town square you will find street performers and horse and cart rides that the kids will love.

We stayed at the Dragon In Krakow. Close to the Old Town

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Vaci Ucta – Budapest Hungary


Vaci Ucta the most famous shopping street in Budapest, Hungary. The street starts at Vörösmarty Square and ends opposite the Central Market Hall at the Pest end of Liberty Bridge  Since Váci runs parallel with the Danube River, you can reach the river side through small side streets. Vaci Ucta became a main walkway of Pest in the 18th century and you’ll find beautiful mansions from this era. When we stayed in Budapest we ate most nights on Vaci Ucta where you would find some great priced restaurants with a tourist menu. The central market hall is famous for being designed by Eiffel and is popular with both locals and tourists alike.

Avenida Rue Augusta – Lisbon Portugal

iconic European

Rue Augusta starts and ends with two magnificent squares in Lisbon, Portugal. Rossio Square at one end and Commerce Square at the other. Rue Augusta is not very long by traditional standards, stretching only a few hundred meters. Rue Augusta is closed to traffic and teeming with pedestrians. This amazing street still has the original buildings that were constructed after the 1755 earthquake that flattened the city. The street is paved with patterned slate as is much of the downtown Lisbon area. You will find tourist restaurants, international retail stores, artists, musicians and street peddlers selling everything from handbags to handmade crafts.

Family Travel Tip: On the edge of  Commerce square you will find the Tagus River. There are sandy area’s where the kids can paddle their feet in the water on hot Lisbon summer days.

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It is really hard to pick my favourite iconic European street out this list. I have experienced Neuhauser Strasse more than any other of these streets having been to Munich 4 times  What’s are your favourite iconic European streets? I want to know where they are and why you love them.

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