I may be the first travel blogger in History to say Pompeii was overrated and unimpressive in parts.
Maybe our expectations of this renowned UNESCO site had our hopes built up way too high for something that was just not achievable in our minds.
Is Pompeii overrated
I must admit we had a few things that went against us the day we visited:
*It was hot, really hot.
*Our beautiful youngest daughter Marley chose this day of all days to come hell or high water she was going to be a little miss, no matter what!
*A packed train ride out from Naples.
*Possibly the wrong tour was chosen in haste as there were people everywhere.
*We lost our map and we could not find another one.
*And to top it off we had a bag stolen on the way home from Naples to Rome on the train.

Is Pompeii overrated

As a whole, and we are only commenting on the areas we have seen. We found the place to be:
*Overcrowded to the max.
*And there were so many areas fenced off.

Is Pompeii overrated

From a family travel point of view there were also many challenges:
* Toilets were sparse.
* Availability of water was scarce. We brought water with us but no amount would have been enough in the heat.
* Shade was non-existent. We had umbrella’s with us but with the crowds, we did not want to spoil anyone else’s experience.
* The waiting time in the cafeteria was stretching to around 30 minutes and that was just to get served.

Is Pompeii overrated

Our tour guide it seemed was intent and moving through the site as quickly as possible. The Pompeii tour provided very little time to stop and take in the Pompeii attractions instead the rhetoric was, if you don’t keep up we will move on without you. Which is fine and dandy until you get separated and one child is still with the group and you and the other child have fallen off the pace. It would have been nice or at least courteous that when the tour headed to the red light part of Pompeii, for our tour guide to give us a small amount of notice. Our eldest daughter loves tour guides and listens like a lost puppy soaking up the information, she also had not left the tour guides side from when we first signed up for the tour. The topic turned to brothels, penis and the mosaics on the walls were the clearest and most vivid we had encountered in Pompeii. The tour guide seemed intent on explaining in detail what was happening in these mosaics. Luckily we had some fellow tourists in the group that tried to help us distract our children in these sections and move on through the rooms quickly! This tour was definitely a Pompeii mistake for us. Take some time and choose the right one day Pompeii tour

Is Pompeii overrated


There were so many factors that influenced our day out at Pompeii. One day we hope to be able to visit again as there is that feeling that we just did not get what we wanted out of Pompeii. It may have been all these contributing factors that made it the day it was, so there is always the chance of a recovery. So we will return… one day…maybe without the said, little miss and give the Pompeii attractions another look! Plus there is some amazing sites, attractions and tours on the Amalfi Coast to see.

Is Pompeii overrated

Is Pompeii Overrated? That is an opinion only you can make after visiting!

There are so many amazing places to visit in Italy from Ancient ruins to places like the Valley of the Temples you will never be short of seeing something brilliant. Below are 2 more posts from Wyld Family Travel that we think you will find interesting about our time in Rome!











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