With many months of travel in foreign countries coming up fast in 2019 one of our main worries was being understood and understanding others. This is hugely important with everything from ordering food, taxi’s, booking hotels, train tickets and especially getting a toilet for our youngest. Travel can be stressful, but feeling stranded and not understood can make this much worse. To help us out with all of this we were on the lookout for the best translator device for travel.

When I came across the pre-advertising for a new product called the Langogo, I was intrigued, to say the least. The Langogo pocket translator was boasting a myriad of features that seemed too good to be true. Such things as

  • 60 different languages to translate
    • Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, English, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hindi, Croatian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovene, Swedish, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Chinese
  • Langogo access 24 different translation engines to get the best results
    • Langogo adopts Neural Machine Translation (NMT) Technology and Fusion Translation Engines to optimize the process of speech recognition and translation between the languages, ultimately providing a fast and accurate solution to translations.
  • Translates in 1 second
  • Real-time display
  • Superior voice recognition
    • Langogo adopts Neural Machine Translation (NMT) Technology and Fusion Translation Engines to optimize the process of speech recognition and translation between the languages, ultimately providing a fast and accurate solution to translations.

Can the Langogo be the best translator device?

All this is exactly what we need. What really attracted me to the Langogo is that it does not need to run through a mobile phone app, it runs independently. Langogo will connect to 3G/4G networks as well as wifi in up to 72 countries. Just switch it on and it will automatically connect to the best local network with its built-in Cloud-Sim Card. This is amazing, it will allow us to use just about anywhere from the beaches of Krabi to the footsteps of the Great Wall of China to Ancient sites in Greece. I am hoping this could be the best translator device we could use.

what the Langogo looks like

We were lucky enough to get our hands on a pre-released version of the Langogo to try out. First off I was impressed with the size. This handheld translator is about half as wide as today’s smart phone’s and very light. It comes with its own lanyard to attach so you can hang it around your wrist.

How do you use the Langogo?

  • Power on the unit
  • The menu will give you two choices, translate and Euri (we will talk about Euri later)
  • Select translate
  • You will have two buttons on the screen that you select the languages to talk in and to translate into
  • Hold the button on the right-hand side and speak, release the button to hear the translation


Buying a product like this is a huge leap of faith when you don’t really know how well it actually translates. Luckily for us our daughter Willow can speak a little Chinese and Korean while we can speak a little French. The Langogo was easily able to translate sentences we asked of it.

The Langogo travel translator is compact

What we did find when our pronunciation was off is that the Language just repeats what you have said back to you. We also had to try out the Langogo in reverse as it is to see if it could translate accurately what someone said in a foreign language into English. For this, we used the power of Google.

We have a Google home and it was perfect for facilitating this experiment. We asked our Google Home to translate a number of statements from English into German and Polish. We then had the Langogo translate these into English. The Langogo got 100% accuracy on this.

best translator device being used by teenagers

Things we love about the Langogo

  • The size, it is small and compact
  • Ease to use. The girls find it easy too
  • Lanyard for your wrist to hold it
  • Kid-friendly, it can be educational
  • That it connects to the internet free of charge in up to 72 countries

Euri, ah Euri I have not had the pleasure to test you out just yet. Euri is the built-in Artificial Intelligence assistant that will premier on the Langogo at the start of October prior to release. Euri will answer all your travel related questions from exchange rates to daily weather reports, from directions to train timetables. When this feature becomes fully functional on the Langogo it will make this device the ultimate portable language translator and more.

Langogo Euri

So is the Langogo the best language travel device? Is it as good as it says? We would have to say yes. Without trying out all the languages we were happy with the languages we did try out. The real test will be when we travel through Asia and Eastern Europe next year. I will say the Langogo will be one of the first things I put in my pocket when heading out the door in a foreign country. If nothing else the Langogo will bring peace of mind that you can ask anyone anything from directions back to your apartment or advice on what to eat.


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The Langogo may be the Ultimate travel translator
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