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Marley is very excited to write her second post about travel and what it means to her. It is not a structured post and she puts her ideas down with a little help from me in the spelling area later on. She loves to chat travel and we love that she is taking such an interest in telling her story and how she sees her travelling life. Welcome to Marley’s Muttering’s part 2.

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Exploring the forests of Southern Poland

Well being a 5-year-old and starting to travel can be very different compared to me now. When I started travelling I was not that interested in the things that I was seeing as it was confusing. And everything was bigger than me. But now I like travelling a lot more because it is just, I am not as small anymore and I am bigger now and I can learn more now than when I was smaller and I can understand things more than when I was younger!

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I love Star Wars so we had to go to Plaza Espana where some of a Star Wars movie was filmed

I love travelling it just makes your day seeing a new thing every day. I have gone on a lot of tours in my life. Like walking tours in Madrid, Belgrade, and Reykjavik. We had not done a walking tour before as I just did not like them and they were not fun when I was 5. I think that they are more fascinating now because I understand more and I know more from school.

Some of them have been food tours too. We went on one in Seville, Barcelona, and Belgrade. The food tours were really fun. I got to see different things wines, drinks, and food. And you also get to see restaurants that not many people got to see. They are also really fascinating because you get to see bits and bobs around the city and places you have never been to. Compared to when I was 5 we did not go on food tours so I don’t have anything to compare it to.

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Prague I really want to go back here, 1 day was not enough!

We also did another tour in London, I will tell you the story. So, we saw the London Dungeon and it was expensive but a woman said we could have her ticket so we went in and we waited by this animated door then it just had a bang. It scared me to death. We went to the toilets and there were creepy noises saying “I am watching you” and it was creepy so we went out and on the tour. I can not say any more it just gives me the shiverrrrrrrsssss.

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I loved Granada

So we also go to theme parks, well adventure parks that is in Australia. Our Aunty lives up in a place with a beach. But it will be in autumn. I am so excited and it will be awesome.

I want to learn Croatian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Polish and Serbian. I do not know what this one is called but the language from Qatar. I love Serbia, Poland, Portugal and everywhere I have been. If anyone has seen my Marley Muttering 1 I did say other countries like Italy and other places. So I am sorry if none of the countries that you live in are not on there but I like a lot of the places we have been. If any of you live in Asia we were supposed to go there but because there is the new living in Europe idea we will not be going anywhere because of the saving we have to do. We are going to do lots of exploring around where we live until we leave. But I will talk more about that later BYEEEEE!!

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17 thoughts on “Marley’s Mutterings part 2”

  1. I love following your travels Marley, you’ve always been a favourite of mine since you were little. What a great blog, I really enjoyed reading it, keep it up, I’m looking forward to the next chapter. Xxx

  2. Well done Marley, It was fabulous to read your mutterings. You really enjoy your travel and get a lot out of the places you go to. Keep up your mutterings they are great to read. One day you might be a Travel Consultant advising people where the best places are to see.

  3. Awesome Marley. Great to have a kids insight and hear about what you loved. Well done on your blog!!

  4. Well done Marley. You’ll have a life time of memories and could write a book one day perhaps ? Where are you going next?

  5. Great job Marley it was nice to read about your travels from your point of view. It must be so exciting to have been to all those places! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Marely, I am on a mission to get you to come to Ireland because I’d love to know what you’d make of it! From what you say, I bet you would like it and who knows, maybe you may like to add Gaelic to the languages of your list. It’s a funny language and most of the people here cannot even speak it so those who do joke that it’s like a secret code! Keep your travels and posts up, I love following you

  7. Great post Marley – it’s so great to hear how much you love travelling. My kids are just five and three years old and they love to travel too – I hope someday they will write about it just like you! We love to do food tours when we travel too – they are the best! You have been to some amazing places – I hope you continue to enjoy travelling as much as I do ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep up the writing x

  8. Great post Marley, very interesting read, you did so much and I bet there is going to be more traveling to come, I just hope you didn’t drink too much wine on your food tour tho?

  9. Awsome job Marley. Great to hear your travel experience. What foods have you found are the best. I love perogi ๐Ÿ™‚ keep up the great work

  10. Great way of expressing what Travel means to you Marley. I’m sure it will mean more every trip you take and you will keep learning so much from visiting all these amazing places.
    Now what is this living in Europe idea all about??

  11. It’s great seeing a post from the hands of a child! I am so glad you like traveling so much! You are being exposed to so much more than most other kids which is awesome. Start learning those languages now – it’s a lot easier at your age.
    Great post Marley! – Tim and Pam

  12. What an awesome piece of writing Marley! I love travelling as well but I had to wait until I was a grown up to begin my adventures. You are a lucky girl. Glad you are making the most of it. xo


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