Let me introduce you all to Marley Wyld’s first blog post. This has been in the makings now for about 6 months. I set Marley a goal of reaching at least 300 words before i would post it on Wyld family travel. Our 7-year-old has finally made it and we are happy to present the first post in the series of ‘Marley’s Mutterings”

Mark Wyld

Let Marley’s Mutterings begin!

Going to Europe is a big experience when you are 5 years old that was how old I was my first time.I have been to so many places in life I love Europe it has so many things to do. I have been to Paris, London, Tallinn, Riga, Germany, Poland, Helsinki, Singapore, Vienna,  Rome and Porto and more.
Marley's Mutterings
Marley's MutteringsGoing to Europe is so fun I love it. Rome is beautiful Paris is touristy London is expensive Vienna is old Porto is hot and really hot. I am going to more places in life. In my opinion, Paris was not touristy but a few years later we went there it was touristy. We only went to Porto last  year and Barcelona too. But now we have to look after 2 animals Billy and  Salem so we well get someone to look after them when we travel again.

I love all the countries we go to. I have seen the Eiffel Tower,  the Queen of Englands Castle .I love the world there are so many things to do. Do you like the world? I am so interested. Do you know this King Henry the 8th had six wives he cut two of his wive’s heads off? I have been to so many places in my life all the places I have been are amazing in the world.

I will be in Australia in my life. I Relly wanted to go to New York. I love being in the world because all of the places you can go. I’m so excited to go to China because Maffra primary school has been learning Chinese for 2 years.

3 or 4 days ago we went to Melbourne it was fun. We went on the Melbourne star I really loved the views of Melbourne it was beautiful! I think you should go to the Old Melbourne gaol. WE saw a play at the gaol it was about Ned Kelly it was really good.I will see you later bye.

Marley Wyld.