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We were lucky enough to spend some time exploring the Mornington Peninsula attractions. The Mornington Peninsula is located south-east of Melbourne, Australia. It is surrounded by Port Phillip to the west, Western Port to the east and the Bass Strait to the south, and is connected to the mainland in the north.

The Mornington Peninsula is a popular day trip and getaway destination for folks of Melbourne and visitors both domestic and international. The Mornington Peninsula is characterized by its calm waters of the bay for swimming its amazing wineries producing some of the best drops in Australia and National Parks. Mornington Peninsula attractions are great for family activities.

Mornington Peninsula Attractions – Enchanted Adventure Garden

Mornington Peninsula Attractions

The Enchanted Adventure Garden is located at Arthurs Seat on the Mornington Peninsula. This Mornington Peninsula attraction has continued to grow over the years from being a maze to the recent introduction of tree surfing and zip line.  Tree surfing is a mixture of climbing, balance and containing your fears.

For those that don’t know Tree Surfing, it’s basically a high wires obstacle course. The Enchanted Adventure Garden has 3 different mazes all challenging. You will find a traditional Japanese garden maze, a turf and kids maze. The tube sliding was fun for the whole family. The bushland scramble for kids and the 3D spooky maze will keep everyone entertained.

The canopy walk was great fun. you walk through the treetops of the tranquil surrounding  Situated above our sculpture walk and Splitters Creek that runs through our park.  The great thing is the Canopy Walk is suitable for prams and wheelchairs making it an inclusive attraction for all. You can buy food at the Café or BBQ facilities are available.

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Family Travel Tips:  Tree Surfing Nippers is for kids from 4-12 years of age purchase tickets HERE for Enchanted Adventure Garden and Tree Surfing Mornington Peninsula

Mornington Peninsula Attractions – The Eagle Arthurs Seat

Mornington Peninsula Attractions

The Arthurs Seat chairlift had become one of the most iconic tourist attractions of the Mornington Peninsula and the State of Victoria Australia. When you mention the Mornington Peninsula everyone will tell you ‘I went on the chairlift as a kid’ or ‘We have taken our kids on the chair lift.

The Eagle is located in Arthurs Seat State Park. The State Park is a dominant feature on the Mornington Peninsula. Arthurs Seat rises up 315 meters from the waters of Port Phillip Bay. As you pull out of the summit station you slowly rise before going over the edge of the mountain where the views of Port Phillip Bay and Melbourne come into sight. On a clear day, the Melbourne Skyscrapers are easily viewed. The trip to the base station takes around 14 minutes.

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Family Travel Tip: Take a picnic and have it at the top of the Arthurs Seat. You will find a family-friendly picnic ground for your Mornington Peninsula adventure


Mornington Peninsula Attractions – Peninsula Hot Springs

Mornington Peninsula Attractions

We attended the Peninsula Hot springs bathing gully and hilltop pools. The Bath House is the most budget-friendly option. This area offers social bathing with over 20 experiences to choose from. Included in this area thermal mineral spring pools, Turkish steam bath (Hamam), cave pool, hilltop pool, massaging thermal mineral showers, family bathing area, lakeside pool and naturally landscaped bathing gully.

We can tell you it’s great fun moving from pool to pool all while being surrounded by the natural environment. If course the Peninsula Hot springs offers way more and has established itself as Day Spa destination. It also offers rehabilitation water exercises. You can stay and dine you get massaged and pampered. Peninsula Hot springs are your all exclusive destination.

I must admit we enjoyed our time here and it certainly ranked highly compared with the only other Hot Spring we have visited, that being the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

Family activities Mornington Peninsula – The Big Goose

Mornington Peninsula Attractions

The Big Goose was a bit of an all-rounder for family activities on the Mornington Peninsula. By that, I mean it a bit of everything in a fun and interesting way both parents and kids would enjoy. We arrived and were greeted by alpacas and goats in enclosures that the kids could feed. That was a winner straight off. We headed to the Big Red Shed which was an animal nursery.

Kids and baby animals go hand in hand and they loved putting the little lambs holding the rabbits and guinea pigs. Pony rides yes I the kids spotted the ponies and just had to have ago and mind you loved every second of it. We lined up for a tractor ride, all aboard on the trailer for a tour around the farm. We made our way over to the sheepdog trails via the Emu and camel pens. Wow, these birds are big. The sheep-dogs were a hit as they rounded up their sheep.

Did someone say kangaroo’s and Fawn deer’s yes we did? A special enclosure allows you to get close to and feed the kangaroo and a little Bambi. I think this was our daughter’s highlight. That was until we visited the reptile show, snakes and lizards to hold. The girls showed their country living steel by stepping up to hold the snakes and lizards. All this wildlife plus playgrounds, bbq area and a canteen. The Big Goose was a surprise hit.

Family Travel Tip:  Buy plenty of animal food when you arrive you will need it. The kids will love ffeding the animals.


Mornington Peninsula Attractions – Point Nepean National Park

Mornington Peninsula Attractions

Point Nepean nation Park is located at the end of the Mornington Peninsula, nearly at the heads of where the bay meets the ocean. We visited the Quarantine Station. With the Australian colony in its infancy, people were arriving by ship constantly for Europe and other places.

After a long sea journey, many arrived sick and dying. There was real need to stop any of these illnesses from reaching the general population. As Australia was an island this country had never been exposed to these diseases and an epidemic was highly possible unless the sick and dying who were arriving were quarantined.

On arrival, you head to the visitor’s centre where you can get a map, audio guide or hire a bike. The audio guide talks about the Ticonderoga ship and the how the Spanish Flu pandemic influenced the quarantine station.

A number of the building is open for your viewing from the old hospital through to the boiler house and it giant disinfection oven. This area was very informative with exhibits of machinery, pictures and journals. We really enjoyed our visit and it’s great to learn about the history of our country at the time of Federation.


Family Travel Tip:  It can get cold here with the station facing straight onto the water, bring warm clothes in off months | Purchases your self-guided Point Nepean Bike tour for 2 HERE | Read TRIP ADVISOR reviews Here

Best things to do Mornington Peninsula – Polperro Dolphin Swims

On a rather chilly Easters morning, we walked out the pier at Sorrento to meet the crew of the Polperro. These guys run an amazing Dolphin and seal swimming tours. First up we all had to get kitted up in a wet suit grab some flippers and goggles and off we went. We trolled the waters of Port Phillip Bay looking for Dolphins.

Like all wild animals, there is no exact science to finding them. The crew will tell you all about the bay and its wildlife. We first encountered some seals. We all moved into the water and were towed slowly behind the boat by a rope to get into place.

We made our way to within 5 meters of where the seals were swimming. Underwater, the real show was happening with the seals rolling, flipping and darting back and forth. The seals would come right up to you for a look.

It was an amazing experience. We headed off to find some Dolphins. On the way, the crew showed pictures they had taken where they could identify dolphins that had been living in Port Phillip Bay for 30 odd years. We found Dolphins yes we did as they surfed the bow of the boat. We made our way into the water but on this day the dolphins did not hang around long, still, it was a memorable experience and one we hope to do again someday. This is one Mornington Peninsula tour not to be missed.

Family Travel Tip: The crew were amazing with our 8 years old they helped, guided and reassured her which made her experience all the more special | Read the TRIP ADVISOR reviews here.


Mornington Peninsula Attractions – Dromana Drive In

Being of that age I can still just remember my local drive-in. It closed when I was around 10 years of age. Dromana has embraced the age of the drive-in with a 3 screen property. The Dromana drive-in is open Thursday-Sunday and screen movies at 7 pm and 9.15 pm. A drive-in a bit like a record player the kids of today gets a real kick out sitting in the car, speaker in the window watching a movie on a massive screen.

Onsite you will find Shel’s 1950’s diner that seats 75 people. The diner at the Dromana drive-in is decked out with Warner Bros pops and movie memorabilia. Grab a burger fries and shake and enjoy before your movie starts. Take a step back in time and visit the drive-in. The venue is also popular as the Dromana drive-in market in the summer months. People come from all over the peninsula to rummage through the Dromana drive-in market.

 Family Travel Tip: Take blankets, Pillows and food and have your own little family picnic in the car 


Mornington Peninsula Attractions – The Beach

Mornington Peninsula Attractions
Mornington Peninsula Attractions

The sun, sand and surf are what draws many people to the Mornington Peninsula. Mornington Peninsula beaches include the calm waters of Port Phillip Bay and the big swells of the Southern Ocean, The Mornington Peninsula beaches on the bay are perfect for you kids and families. The waters are calm with very little waves. The bottom is sandy. The Mornington Peninsula beaches such as Portsea and Gunamatta are known for their big waves and dangerous rips. You should only swim between the flags ( areas patrolled by lifesavers ) at these beaches.

I can attest to this as I was caught in a rip at Gunamatta as a youngster and dragged out to sea. There are some rock pools that can be explored along the coast that the kids will find fun.The beaches along the peninsula at places such as Dromana and Mount Martha feature the famous Melbourne Bathings boxes. Practically no more than a shed, with no water or electricity.

The famous boxes are in high demand with prices over 100,000 reached Sale. The historic bathing boxes are often passed down through generations. The Mornington Peninsula beaches bathing boxes are an iconic symbol of Victorian and the Peninsula. We loved Dromana beach, close to the shops, toilets and showers nearby and the bathing boxes.

Visiting Morning Peninsula Breweries

This suggestion is more for the parents than the kids. Why not visit one of the fantastic Mornington Peninsula Breweries for lunch or just a drink. You will find some of these breweries on the Mornington Peninsula will have kids facilities aswell. We can highly recommend the Jetty Road Brewery at Dromana, RedHill Brewery and St Andrews Brewery.

These 3 places are brewing amazing craft beer and serving it with some great food. A visit is a must on any day trip to the Mornington Peninsula.

How to get from Melbourne to Mornington Peninsula

Travelling by car from Melbourne

Follow the coastline from Melbourne via Frankston to access Port Phillip bayside towns (Mt Eliza, Mornington, Rosebud, Rye, Sorrento, Portsea).

To access villages alongside Westernport Bay (Tyabb, Hastings, Flinders), take the M1 linked with the Western Port Highway. Melbourne to Mornington Peninsula is an easy drive or around 1 hour.

Public transport options

Jump on a metropolitan train service (running every 15-20 minutes) from Southern Cross Station in Melbourne to Frankston, then connect through Hastings to Stony Point on Westernport Bay.
Buses travel from Melbourne to all areas and local bus routes operate around each Mornington Peninsula village. Bus number 788 departs Frankston station for towns alongside Port Phillip Bay to Portsea every 45 minutes on weekdays and every one to two hours on weekends.

We hope this article from us here at Wyld Family Travel has you inspired to visit the Mornington Peninsula and stay in Portsea, Dromana or one of the seaside locations. There are so many things to do in the Mornington Peninsula with kids, singles and couples. For more amazing ideas on where to holiday in Australia click through to our Australia Destination Guide page for more brilliant inspiration

Mornington Peninsula Attractions - Family Activities

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