I think the fact that I thought I would never travel makes this worse. I never thought there would be a food I would miss because it would always be available to me. Since i have travelled there are so many foods that I can’t get at home and miss. I have tried and failed miserably to reproduce some of them and others I just have not even tried to do myself! I hope you have tried some of these and if you haven’t I hope you will give them a go next time you are travelling!

1. Pork Knuckle

This is my absolute favourite when we are travelling! If I see one I will try it! I have tried to have a pork knuckle here at home at different restaurants but they just are not the same. The best we have ever had is from the restaurant in Vienna called Schweizerhaus and it was simply the best! The rind was crunchy and the meat was so tender but most of all for me it was not too salty! Some can be absolutely huge so when ordering make sure its not one that is for two people, you may have bitten off more than you can chew if you order that one!

2. Paella.

The best one we had was in a small restaurant called O’Toxo in Barcelona. I loved the mix of chicken and seafood and it was so delicious! The one we had in Barcelona was seafood and chicken. It also had a chorizo in it but was not spicy at all. I can’t handle spicy food so it was really good for me! I have tried it at some markets here at home but it just doesn’t seem to get the flavours all together. One night Mark tried to make it and it was really nice but he has not attempted it again! Hint Hint Mark!!

3. Gelato

I honestly thought that ice cream was perfect the way it was but then we went to Rome! I remember seeing my first gelato shop and being amazed at all the different flavours they had! I seriously sampled so many different types as often as I could! Don’t be scared of trying the different flavours either…sometimes they work out the best!

4. Sangria

Ok I know it is not technically a food but you put fruit in it so that has to count for something, right? I have bought so many different types of Sangria while at home but none have hit that same spot! It may have been the hot days, it may have been the location, and enjoying a jug while relaxing on holiday makes it fun!

5. Pierogi

My fav Polish food. I just love it! There are so many types you can try and every place makes it slightly different. The best we had was from a restaurant called Karczma Ochodzita. We can’t wait to get back there to have some more! Pierogi are a little like dumplings that have an assortment of fillings. Our favourite was cabbage and mushroom.

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6. Goulash.

My first time having this was also with sheep’s cheese so it was a complete experience! We were staying in Hungary and we had a restaurant across from our apartment called Vendiak. It was a long time ago now (yes 2006) so I have no idea if it is still around but the food there was fantastic! They also had a chestnut puree that was divine!


7. Baguette

There is nothing better than walking around and picking up an amazing tasting baguette! We also found that it was one of the foods we could finally get Marley to eat. They are available everywhere so it was not a problem to get one…well until we left France! You can get anything on them anywhere you go! We loved the chicken, mayonaise and egg. Marley loved the ham and cheese!

8. Kabab

Oh my goodness, the kabab! There is an awesome Kabab shop in nearly every city we have been to! I love them so much and they are all so different. One of the best was in Munich on a freezing day and we had to take them back to our apartment as Marley had been playing in a fountain! They were just so good!

9. Cod cakes.

Willow actually discovered these tapas Cod cakes while we were in Lisbon. She desperately wanted to try them and neither Mark or myself were keen at all. The waiter saw that she wanted to try them and bought her out one to try and we were all hooked! They are so tasty and melt in your mouth.

10. Potato Salad

There is nothing better than a German potato salad that comes with your meal. They can be mild, creamy, they can make your tongue fizzle from the vinegar but most of all they are delicious! There are so many different kinds that it is hard to say where we have had the best but if you are getting a meal grab some and see what you think!

I think one of my biggest travelling mistakes was that I didn’t give it all a go when I first went over. I missed the most beautiful pastries in Paris, Schnitzel in Germany and who knows what else! Now nothing stops me from having a go at something new!