It had been a mighty long week here at Wyld family headquarters! The dreaded bug that had been sweeping through our comic (1 of 1)-9town had finally arrived on our door Thursday night. By the following Thursday, all hope of attending Oz Comic-Con 3 hours away in the big city of Melbourne seemed all but lost! It seemed to be in a galaxy far far away, a germ-free galaxy to be exact. We would have to take provisions we had never taken on a day trip before…Nurofen, cough mixture and a new hope that we could make it. But after much negotiating and a couple of dubious promises from everyone, we decided we could do it, we could make this mission. We banded together in our hour of need and set off on out epic day trip full of high expectations that our health would see the day out. Not even the downpour just out of Melbourne dampened our spirits…but the 12 degrees once we finally made it to our destination may have had a slight impact!

Oz Comic Con was packed

comic (1 of 1)-3Rugged up, we made our way from the car park and out into the freezing abyss that was comic (1 of 1)-7Melbourne, Australia that day. Once we got closer to the Exhibition Building we could see plenty of people heading to the same place. I was surprised at a number of people dressed up and the amount of work that had gone into their costumes.

They were all happily stopping to talk to people and explain who they were. I thought that was great as some of the ladies costumes were not really suited for the weather outside, they must have been freezing! Once inside we followed the signs down to where the line was for our entry time. The line was massive and my first thought that it would take forever to get in, but I was again surprised at the speed the line was moving, the guys and girls checking tickets were extremely efficient at their jobs! It was well organised and all the people around us were very courteous, there was no pushing but this also may have had something to do with the fact we had all started sneezing and coughing like crazy people again at this stage!

People really looked out for the girls, which was great because the dreaded bug was getting ready to Strike back and we were all starting to look well under the weather! There were plenty of children in the line and they were all being really well behaved, most of them were looking around for a favourite character or asking their parent who this or that person was.

The detail in the costumes was amazing at Oz comic con

comic con

Once inside I was astounded at the amount of people that were in there. There were people everywhere! I was really comic (1 of 1)-12worried that I would lose track of the girls as they both were desperate to go and see some of the stalls. I was happy to see some people walking around with Oz Comic Con t-shirts on and I went over to ask if they were working for the venue. The young man said yes so we were able to show the girls who to look for and what they were wearing if they were to get lost.

We started off at the first row of stalls and looked at what they had to offer. While I must admit I don’t know a lot about comics I did know some of the characters that were on display. We were about to enter the second row of stalls when I heard a squeal from my youngest daughter…”Oh, my gosh mummy, there are storm troopers here!” and she was off and running. Mark and I did the quick ‘look’ at each other and I raced off to chase her. She was just so excited that they were there. The best thing about this was that she happily posed for photos with a pretty decent smile on her face! (Marley is the family member who always looks like you have sprung the photo on her) The Storm Troopers were fantastic with her and all the kids that wanted photos with them. We then ventured off to find any other characters that we knew.

comic (1 of 1)

Everywhere you turned someone was amazingly dressed and so much effort had to have gone into their costumes! Even comic (1 of 1)-11some of the children were dressed and I must admit that my favourite was the little Ewok that was walking around. There were so many people in costume but the thing that got me the most was that they were happy to pose with anyone who asked. My girls asked numerous people and it was never a problem. By the end, they weren’t scared of asking anyone although it took Marley a little while to get the courage up to ask Darth Vadar! I was waiting for people to ask for money but all they asked was did we get a good photo before they walked off. You could not wipe the smiles from my daughter’s faces and in turn, I was one happy mum! We all ended up walking around looking at people rather than the stalls and everywhere you went you would hear someone being complimented on how they were dressed. It was a great environment for two young girls to be in.

The force was definitely in attendance at Oz Comic Con

By this stage if was getting warm in the building so the girls and I sat down in the eating area while Mark went over to seecomic (1 of 1)-6 Clarke (Eliza Taylor) from The 100 talk about her role and the series. He had been really looking forward to hearing what she had to say as he had been watching the show for awhile. It was a great time for the girls and I to regroup and freshen up. We found seats easily and enjoyed a drink from one of the vendors. The lines were quite big at this stage for food so we just had a small snack from the backpack I had. After our rest, we went and had another look around as it seemed wherever you went there was something else new! There were gaming stations and building stations as well, there really was something for everyone in the family.
Mark returned, we stopped for some more pictures with Thor and Loke and then decided to make our way out the front. WeUntitled design (1) got to see two Jedi fighting out the front with their light sabres and we stayed to watch that for a good 15 minutes before heading out into the fresh Melbourne air! The girls really loved everything about it.

Oz Comic Con not just for nerds!

comic (1 of 1)-10I realise the Oz Comic-Con is not for everyone. It is not something that we had ever thought of attending in the past but I am so very glad we took the opportunity and went. It was so refreshing to see people admiring each other, praising each other and genuinely having a good time. So if Comic-con taught us anything it was that it is ok to be yourself, enjoy it and have fun. As parents we are always looking for places that our children will not only like but things that help them find themselves. No one was being dragged down or put down you only heard positive things towards complete strangers and for that, we will happily attend Oz Comic Con again…because that is what you want your kids to see.

  • We would like to thank Oz Comic-Con for the free tickets

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