There are many budding photographers around the world that spend their hard earned money on photography equipment and then never learn how to use their cameras properly. The camera sits in the wardrobe and most photos are taken with cell phone cameras. Planning a holiday around photography is the perfect excuse to learn how to use your camera equipment. If your children are interested in pursuing photography as a career then taking them to some amazing destinations is a great way to let them try their hand at it. Here are five perfect destinations for photography enthusiasts.


highlander castle

Highlander Castle in Scotland


Scotland is a photography enthusiast’s paradise. There are so many beautiful natural sights like Loch Lomond, The Fairy Pools on the Isle of Sky, and the stunning coastline that you can easily explore by car. You can also visit the fortifications of Castle Trail, click your way through the exciting city of Edinburgh or take photos of St. Andrews, the first golf course ever created. Be sure to visit the Callanish Stones where you can spend an entire day taking photos as the light changes.


red crabs

Red Crabs moving across the landscape


The Galapagos are a series of islands off the coast of Ecuador that is the perfect place for photos. Charles Darwin based his theory of evolution on this fascinating natural wonderland and there are plenty of rare animals, plants, and other fascinating things to take photos of. You can see his work by visiting the Charles Darwin Research Station where you can see tortoise conservation and many other projects at work. You can take a cruise through the Galapagos and you can enjoy guided kayak tours that will allow you to see this beautiful archipelago up close.



India palace

An amazing palace in India


India is a fascinating country that is filled with many great photo opportunities. You can take pictures of buildings like ancient temples, fortifications, palaces, churches, and mosques. The marketplaces are alive with the colours of rich fabrics, brightly coloured spices, neatly stacked vegetables, and sights that you won’t see anywhere else in the world. Going on a trip to India is a great opportunity to take wildlife photography of animals like elephants, tigers, and leopards. It is a great place for people who enjoy taking photos of their food as well.

mountains in Chile

The amazing Mountain sites in Chile


The rugged beauty of Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonian Chile is a playground for photo enthusiasts. The natural beauty is astounding and you can take fabulous photos of vibrant green meadows, plunging valleys, stunning glaciers, and beautiful flora and fauna. There are accommodations in the park and you can go trekking, rent mountain bikes, go horseback riding or give fishing a try. You can also take a boat ride on the Grey Lake where you can view the Grey Glacier from a different perspective.


travel photography


Morocco is a unique blend of ancient culture, unique architecture, and stunning natural scenery. Be sure to visit the fascinating city of Marrakesh where you can wander through the astounding market and spend the night in a riad with your own private courtyard. Head out into the desert and go trekking at Jebel Toubkal Ascent, the tallest peak in North Africa. The trail winds through ancient Berber villages where time has stood still for the last two hundred years. The breathtaking views of the panoramic scenery and the fascinating history of the area offer up lots of great photo opportunities for enthusiasts.

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