Finding a place that both kids and adults like can sometimes feel like mission impossible, especially for this family with our fussy 8-year-old. I like to be able to relax and know that we are in a family friendly place where the girls can enjoy themselves as well, so there are a few things that we look for when we are going out with the girls…things they will both eat, welcoming staff, kid friendly area and most of all affordability. Would we find any South Wharf Melbourne Restaurants to fit this bill?

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The Common Man is our choice of South Wharf Melbourne restaurants

The Common Man on South Wharf ticked all the boxes for this family and more!

The Common Man is situated on South wharf only a stone’s throw away from The DFO, Etihad and The Melbourne Convention and Entertainment Center. The Common Man on South Wharf has been around for about 5 years and is one of the restaurants making brilliant use of the South Wharf area. Surrounded by many speciality South Wharf Melbourne restaurants the owners thought ‘What about the Common Man?’ and the rest is history!

The Common Man stands out above the many South Wharf Melbourne Restaurants

The Common Man’s easy decor is simply gorgeous. It is very family friendly inside with plenty of space between tables so parking your pram would not be a problem. With this amount of space, I thought it would also be great with wheelchair accessibility as well. The girls just loved the green wall and were desperate to sit right under it. The green really brightened the room. Outside on a beautiful day, you could watch the world go by and the Melbourne, Australia cityscape in their alfresco area. Another great area was their little beer garden or the ‘common green’! Although we were sitting inside that did not stop the girls from going out and seeing what it was like, It was out there that they found every kid’s dream GIANT GAMES!! Now, who doesn’t like giant games like Connect 4 and Jenga! It was difficult to get them in to order some lunch!
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Another great thing for us was that we were greeted as soon as we walked in the door…all of us. As a mum, I noticed straight away that the lady (who’s name was Cazz) who had greeted us included all four of us. That was a huge thing for the girls as most of the time it is just Mark and I are that are spoken to. Straight away you got the feel that this was an extremely happy workplace, everyone was smiling and laughing. It put us all at ease immediately.

South Wharf is an amazing area for shopping and eating

Cazz came over with our menu’s and some water to get us started. The menu was well presented, easy to read and most of all there was something for everyone! Straight away the girls had chosen Hawaiian Pizza for Marley and good old Mac and cheese for Willow. Mark and I took a little longer but ended up settling for a Bogan Burger for me and Braised Brisket for Mark. We ordered a house Iced Tea to try as well with our lunch while the girls settled for a soft drink each. Mark and the girls headed back out to the ‘common green’ to have another go while we waited and I sat Cazz down for a quick chat about what the Common Man on South Wharf has to offer.

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I was impressed to know that the Common Man was not only focused on producing amazing meals but the were also becoming part of the coffee culture Melbourne is known for. All staff are being trained in the art of coffee with all sent to complete Barista training. This is a great thing as everyone loves a good coffee! Coffee is available all day and the Barista is on duty for all of those early morning starts at 7.30 am. Catering is also something that the Common Man on South Wharf is great at! If it is a small group or even a group of up to 200 it is not a problem for these guys!

Out of all South Wharf Melbourne restaurants, The Common Man caters for families the best!

By this stage, I could hear the little bell in the kitchen ring and before I knew it our meals were placed in front of us and WOW! We all were blown away by the presentation. Before we all tucked in I begged everyone not to touch the lunch while I got some quick photo’s and before I could sit down the ‘oh yes’ had started! Willow loved the mac and cheese and Marley was really happy with her pizza. For Marley to say that something is delicious it must be pretty good as she is the hardest in the family to please. The pizza was a great size that two people would be able to share if they just wanted a snack or a light meal. With our travel from home to Melbourne breakfast had been eaten very early so she was very hungry and ate nearly all of it but saved a piece for her dad! Willow’s mac and cheese were actually a side but were a good size for her. She struggled to finish the last few bits as well.

South Wharf Melbourne Restaurants

Mark’s Brisket was melt in your mouth…it was just so tender and he had a real problem sharing a small bite with me but was more than happy to insist on a bite of the Bogan Burger! It was so delicious! You could tell that fresh produce was in there. The lettuce was crispy and the tomato firm and not sloppy. I loved every single bite. The house tea was nice and the girls loved the little pansy that was in it as decoration. As Mark and I were taking our time enjoying our meals the girls went out to the common green again to have another go of the games. This area is truly unique for South Wharf Melbourne restaurants.

All in all, I loved everything about the Common Man and will happily go back next time we are visiting Melbourne. I highly recommend ducking in for a coffee, lunch or dinner if you ever get the chance! The kids will love the giant games, the adults will love the food and atmosphere and you will all walk away happy with your time there.

Oh and if you do get there say Hi to Cazz for us…she is an absolute gem!

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Disclaimer: The Common Man were nice enough to provide us with some great tucker. Our views expressed here are our own and are no way influenced by the feed we received from the Common Man.

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