Has the thought of starting a blog has been running around your head for a while? Is the process of actually signing up with a web hosting company scary? We suggest you start your journey with us right here. And of course, Bluehost who was nice enough to supply us with images to help walk you through the process of getting your site up and going. Let’s get that blog of yours up and running!

Step 1:

  • Go to the Bluehost website which you will find HERE
    • Click get started button. You have taken the first step in a simple step by step journey!


  • You will be presented with a number of hosting and plan options to choose from.
    • To make it easy and take out all of your confusion we recommend you start with the cheapest plan
      • This package offers all that a new website will need going forward for the foreseeable future



  • Now the important stuff and hopefully something you have already put some thought into. Your website name and address
    • Enter the name you are after in the domain checker!! This is exciting you will have a name and a website address from here on in. You will be able to build your brand around this.
      • We recommend you go with a dot com (.com) address.



  • Time to sign your life away, only joking! Bluehost will keep your details safe and secure
    • There are optional extras Bluehost will try to sell you.
      1. Site Backup pro – Backs your site up to the Bluehost server. In case anything happens it can be restored
      2. Search Engine Jumpstart – Helps with finding your site in a search engine
      3. Sitelock Security – Keeps your website details private otherwise you will have call centres everywhere ringing offering you web design and SEO services (We went this optional extra)


  • Time to hand over the cash


  • Pick a password. As you know passwords are needing to be longer and more complicated these days. A capital here a special character there. Bluehost is exactly the same, pick something you will remember!




  • Now choose your site type for WordPress
    • I would always choose a personal website to start off with.
      • If you choose a business it will give you the option to install WooCommerce. Woo Commerce is an online store feature you can attach to your website.


  • Now we are in what is commonly known as the Dashboard or “backend” of WordPress. This where we set up posts, themes and plugins for your site. It is the engine under the hood that allows visitors to see your website running
    • This is an area that will take some time for you to get the most out of.
      • To kick-start your learning process we have a link to a reference article by WordPress on the features and uses of the sections on the dashboard
        • Have a play around change how your site looks and launch your site when ready. I suggest you get some content ready to go


  • Even though you have a URL/website address you still need to give your website a name so Google can find you.
    • Make sure your description is to the point and short.
      • Studies show people turn off if they can’t find out what your site is about within a few sentences

STEP 10:

  • That’s it! Your site is live on the world wide web!
    • Start blogging and creating content for all to see whether it just be family & friends or people from all corners of the world

STEP 11:

  • Logging into your website
      •  You can get to this dashboard by adding /wp-admin to the end of your site’s URL (e.g.: example.wordpress.com/wp-admin). This allows you to log in with your WordPress password
        • You can also log in via Bluehost (as pictured above) Your Bluehost log in and password may be the same or different depending on what you choose when signing up.


Exclusive offer for our readers

We hope this reads as an easy process for anyone wanting to get started with blogging and Bluehost. For a short time, only Wyld Family Travel will be happy to personally help anyone with the process of getting a blog started. We will be available to chat and walk you through this process via Facebook messenger if you sign up to Blue Host through the link provided below ↓ Just click the banner.

Let us know if you need our help at mark.wyld@wyldfamilytravel.com.

In our next article in our blogging series, we will be reviewing and suggesting some essential premium (they have an added cost) themes and plugins to give your site all the bells and whistles it needs.

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