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Paying your fair share abroad: introducing Taxes For Expats

In recent years, the internet has made it easy to get work done wherever, whenever. With fast connections and wi-fi now a ubiquitous commodity, professionals with an appetite for travel are now able to move about the globe while getting their work done in the process.

Unlike colleagues from other nations, though, American digital nomads are burdened with the responsibility of paying tax on their worldwide income. This wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the fact most accountants and tax preparers in foreign countries lack the expertise to tackle American taxes.

So, what are you supposed to do? Board a plane and head home every April? There is a better way…

The solution: Taxes For Expats

Founded to cater to the tax needs of American expats living abroad in over 190 countries, Taxes for Expats have been helping them file returns for over 25 years.

Unlike the average accountant with a website, this company focuses exclusively on the issues Americans abroad face when tax time every year. This makes them uniquely qualified to help expats remain in good standing with the US government.   

Why should I trust them?

As mentioned above, the tax preparers working with Taxes for Expats have helped Americans abroad meet their tax obligations for over 25 years.

This lengthy track record has allowed management to refine their approach, saving clients precious time.

Their pricing is fair and upfront, with no hidden fees.

They have the best rating of any business in the expat tax niche according to Trustpilot, an independent website rating authority.

For these reasons and others, Taxes for Expats is far and away the most reputable company to work with when it comes to filing US tax returns from abroad.

Taxes For Expats makes filing abroad quick and painless

This all sounds great, but how can you, an online freelancer/business owner, get your taxes done through Taxes for Expats?

Get started by registering an account, a process which should take no longer than 30 seconds. Next, you’ll be prompted to schedule a time for your free 30 minute phone consultation. On this call, you’ll get to explain your situation with a tax advisor, allowing them to outline options available to you.

If you decide to proceed, you’ll then fill out a questionnaire which will further define your needs – this will allow Tax for Expats to come up with an electronic engagement letter outlining a detailed scope of work. Once you sign it, sit back and let their expert tax preparers do all the heavy lifting.

Once they are done, you’ll either pay Uncle Sam, or sit back and wait for a check from the IRS – it’s that easy!   

Don’t let tax issues get in the way of your digital nomad life

The digital nomad lifestyle is enabling office drones everywhere to unshackle themselves from their cubicles. The world is a wondrous place – don’t let a minor speed bump like tax preparation get in your way of seeing it!  

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