There are a plethora of tours available for the Colosseum, we choose a Colosseum underground tour that also featured the third ring.”. Make sure you get to see all of this amazing building. It is an awe-inspiring moment when we stand in the middle of the Colosseum.

Colosseum Third Ring

The Colosseum looks stunning in the morning - Last Minute Deals

Google it and you will find every man and his dog runs a tour all happy to tell you that they offer this, offer that.

I took a good amount of time before deciding which tour to book for our family, after all, this is the Colosseum. One of the true wonders of the ancient world, a place where gladiators fought to the death, exotic animals sprang up from the floor, and emperors walked as Semi-Gods.

I went with the Colosseum Third Ring and Underground Tour.

Exclusive Colosseum Underground and Upper Ring Tour

No visit to Rome would be complete without visiting the Colosseum but why settle for the average experience. It will be an exclusive Colosseum tour away from the crowds as you gain access to areas which are closed and off limits to the general public. This also includes a visit to the Roman Forum which is an amazing area.

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The Third Ring tour was the only tour that gave you access to the underground floor, the viewing platform in the middle of the Colosseum and the third ring at the very top. I won’t lie these tickets and tours are more expensive than general admission. My theory was you may only go to the Colosseum once you may as well see all you can.

Colosseum Third Ring

The morning sun illuminates the Colosseum Agoda

To our knowledge, there are only a couple of tours that offer this experience. We know one tour where you must book an entry ticket to the Colosseum as well as the tour tickets. Tickets for these type of tours are very limited as to keep the impact on the Colosseum to a minimum. You must keep your eye on this because they sell out very fast, so planning is certainly required in accessing tickets.

Rome: Colosseum Skip-the-Line Family Tour for Kids

Explore the world’s greatest amphitheatre on a 2-hour tour of Rome’s Colosseum especially designed for families and children. A guide will explain the arena’s infamous gladiator spectacles in language that brings the excitement of Imperial Rome to life.

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The Colosseum is amazing!

Our tour guide was amazing and answered all questions with ease. Willow took a shine to her and followed her very closely soaking up all the information she had to share. One thing I found interesting was that she stated there is no actual proof that Christians were slaughtered in the Colosseum. Maybe it is just another one of those urban legends but it is definitely a fact closely tied to the Colosseum.

Colosseum Third Ring tour

The floating flooring inside the Colosseum
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Our tour started at a meeting point inside the Roman Colosseum. Our group were given headphones so we could hear what our tour guide was saying at all times. We headed down to the bottom of the Roman Colosseum the underground section. We were shown where the gladiators were kept, informed on the building principles of the Colosseum, talked through how they thought the trap doors worked that released animals into the area and told that the concrete that the Colosseum sits on is still curing 2000 years later.

Colosseum Third Ring tour

Standing where Gladiators battled

The Colosseum third ring is only available on this tour!

Up the stairs, we headed and I must say they are steep and shallow. I can imagine people falling down them when thousands of people were in a hurry to exit the Colosseum. Out onto the wooden viewing platform that covers 1/4 of the Colosseum and is their just to show you what it would look like with a floor in place. The walls of the Colosseum rise up around you as you walk out, you feel small entering this arena walking a place littered with 2000 years of history putting your own footprints on a monument few others in our world today can match.

This was amazing your standing in the middle area of the Colosseum really gives you and idea of what it might have been like in the day when people raced chariots and went to war with animals and gladiators. The stands would have been filled higher than we can see today, the cheers would have echoed around the arena, it would have been amazing.

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From the middle of the Colosseum, we head out and up again to the second ring of the arena till we reach a locked metal gate.


Colosseum Third Ring tour

The gate to the Third Ring

To stand on the Third Ring of the Colosseum is quite an experience

Our tour guide unlocks the gate and ushers us through while rejecting others who tried to get in. This gate leads to the amazing section of the third ring that is left of the Colosseum. This is where this tour stands out from the others, The third ring is closed off to all general admission tickets and other tours. You get to stand aloft at the highest parts of the Colosseum with only a small group of people. Looking down you see the other people looking up at you wondering how we got up here. The Colosseum third ring tour really is special.

Colosseum Third Ring tour

Looking down from the Third Ring at the Colosseum


The view is amazing looking over this mighty arena. One can also see the outside of the Colosseum looking straight at Constantine’s arch and over into the Roman Forum which we toured upon our exit.

Colosseum Third Ring tour

Looking out towards the Roman Forum

I can’t stress enough how good it was to get away from the crowds and tour all parts of the Colosseum. If you only do one tour in Rome do a Colosseum tour that features access to the three amazing areas that you can’t access with general admission. A Colosseum guided tour will also assure you an entry time that suits you. Colosseum tickets for general admission are also available by lining up on the day.

Get your Colosseum Early Morning Tickets

Enjoy priority access to the Coliseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, the symbols of ancient Rome. Meet your host and skip the LONG queues and the hassle of ticket counters.

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I will warn you the line for Colosseum tickets was long. We recommend buying a Roman Forum ticket to visit once you finish the Colosseum underground tour. Touring the Colosseum was one of the real highlights of my travelling experience’s its just one of those spots that you stand in wonder of. It is a special experience and one I will always treasure.



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