Jakarta seems to be a place in Indonesia that most travellers avoid and after spending some time there, we have no idea why more people don’t explore Jakarta. While there is not a great amount to do in the Jakarta city centre we had an awesome time in Ancol…a piece of family-friendly heaven in Jakarta. In this article, we will talk about fun things to do in Jakarta Ancol Dreamland with teenagers and tweens.

What is Ancol?

Ancol is a suburb area of Jakarta. It is a seaside destination for both visitors and inhabitants of Jakarta alike. Ancol’s white sand and calm waters of this Jakarta beach area are very popular for water sports which now includes the Indonesian Jetski Academy. This waterfront destination is not only home to the Jetski Academy it is also home to some extremely popular amusement parks.

Within the bounds of Ancol, you will find rollercoasters at the Dunia Fantasi, rides at the Atlantis Water Adventure Park and the ever-popular SeaWorld aquarium just to name a few. You will find restaurants and beautiful hotels, markets and street stalls making Ancol one of the most popular Jakarta tourist spots.

Where is Ancol Jakarta?

Ancol is located in North Jakarta. It’s only a small area compared to the size of this mega city. Ancol is 45 minutes from the airport or 20 minutes from the main train station in Jakarta. We paid IDR110.000 from the airport and IDR35,000 from the train station by Grab. We found Grab an extremely cheap, hassle-free and safe way to travel in Jakarta. If you are going to explore Jakarta this is the perfect way to do it.

Why should you and your family stay in Ancol Dreamland Jakarta?

Jakarta is a big city, actually, Jakarta is a mega city. Around 12 million people in the city centre and some say up to 30 million people in the metropolitan area. There really is not too much to see in the city centre of Jakarta.

Some places to visit in Jakarta are the National Monument, a few museums and the old town area which is beautiful. Ancol Jakarta is a gated area, that is quiet and ready-made for fun and families. It is one of the safest areas to stay in Jakarta for families.

Where is the best place to stay in Ancol Jakarta?

Mercure Ancol pools
The Pools at Mercure Ancol

The best place to stay in Ancol Dreamland Jakarta is the Mercure Hotel Ancol. We had an amazing stay at the Mercure Hotel Ancol for 2 nights. Mercure Ancol is right on the Jakarta beach and if you are lucky you will get a room overlooking the water. We had 2 connecting rooms that are great for families.

There is a pool at Mercure Ancol with 2 waterslides running into it, 2 amazing restaurants and a bar on site for all your food and beverage needs. You will often find functions happening within the hotel. The hotel goes by the name of the Mercure Convention Centre Ancol but you will not find a more family-friendly convention centre anywhere!

For more information & bookings at Mercure Hotel Ancol click >HERE<

Ancol Jakarta tourist spots

Ocean Dream Samudera – This place is not sure if it is a theme park or an aquarium. Ocean Dream Ancol delivers a little bit of everything from bumper cars to aquatic shows featuring dolphins and sea lions. The pirate battle aquatic show is highly popular at Ocean Dream Ancol.

travel tip you can buy a combined Ocean Dream Samudera ticket and Seaworld Ancol ticket.

Ocean Dream Ancol ticket prices: Monday-Friday from IDR95,000, Weekends from IDR125,00. Combined Ocean Dream Ancol and Seaworld Ancol tickets from IDR160,000 Monday to Friday and IDR200,000 on the weekends.


Atlantis Waterpark Jakarta Ancol –

As you can tell by the name Atlantis, this waterpark in Jakarta is modelled on the mythical underwater city. The Atlantis is an aging waterpark that is starting to show signs of its age. Don’t let that diminish the fun teenagers and tweens will have here, it is still one of the top things to do in Jakarta. Featuring slides, a wave pool and a lazy river there is something at this waterpark Jakarta Ancol for everyone in the family. Just quietly the lazy river is popular in our family!

Atalntis Waterpark Jakarta Ancol ticket prices:

Prices start from IDR170,000 all week.

Ocean Eco Park Ancol – Is a great concept that delivers fun and education to families visiting Ancol. If you are world schooling your kids this would be one of the top places of interest in Jakarta for you. A teenager in Jakarta visiting Ocean Eco Park will learn about the environment, plants and nature while also being able to have fun.

The fun includes zip lining, paddle boats and paintball just to name a few. Much like its bigger and illustrious theme parks worldwide, this place is broken up into different sections called Eco-Care, Eco Nature, Eco Art, Eco Energy and Animal Small island.

Eco Park Ancol Ticket Prices:

It’s free to get into and walk around with attractions charged by what you want to do. For instance, Paintball is the most expensive at IDR130,000.

Seaworld Indonesia Ancol – This aquarium at Ancol is much like any aquarium you will find worldwide and it is another top tourist attraction in Jakarta. It sort of follows the Sealife model by having many smaller tanks and then one big tank that you can view on an escalator. One thing we did notice was that you could touch turtles and sharks in the small display tanks.

The main tank is a huge 36 x 24 meters in size and 6 meters in depth. The separate shark tank features 7 different types of sharks. I will say if you have seen one aquarium you have seen them all. Our teenager particularly likes aquariums so this was one Ancol attraction for teens we had to do.

jelly fish at Seaworld Ancol

Seaworld Indonesia Ancol ticket prices:

Tickets from IDR85,000 Monday to Friday and IDR105,000 on the weekend.

Dunia Fantasi Amusement Park: This theme park is the top tourist attraction in Jakarta. This Jakarta Theme Park features 26 outdoor and 4 indoor rides. Divided into 9 worlds including the newest indoor world opened in 2013 featuring Ice Age and a Hello Kitty ride in 2015. If your teen is a thrill seeker or a little bit more reserved there will something for them. Some of the feature rides include Turangga-Rangga Carousel, the Halilintar Roller Coaster, the Niagara Water Log Ride, and more. You will find the usual restaurants and food options for you onsite as well.

Dunai Fantasi Amusement Park tickets:
Weekday: IDR 200,000
Weekend: IDR 295,000

Weekday: IDR 200,000
Weekend: IDR 200,000

Weekday: IDR 450,000 
Weekend: IDR 550,000

Ancol Gondola – Another great attraction at Jakarta beach Ancol is the Gondola. The Gondola runs for a 4.8-kilometre return trip along the beachfront at Ancol before crossing over land where you get a view of some of the attractions the Ancol area has to offer. At 24 meters off the ground it takes Jakarta sightseeing to a new level. A return trip takes around 40 minutes.

Ancol Gondola
The Gondola sliding by

travel tip: Check Traveloka for tickets

FaunalandsFaunaland is a zoo in Ancol Jakarta. Faunaland positions itself as the land of Papua a combination of the continents of Asia and Australia. The area showcases the flora, fauna and cultural arts of this part of the world. You will see unique and rare animals from various regions of Indonesia and countries around the world. It’s a fun little zoo that smaller kids will love. I would say not overly suited to teenagers visiting Jakarta.

Faunalands ticket prices:

Weekday: IDR 65,000
Weekend: IDR 75,000

Bowling at Ancol
Strike time

Jaya Ancol Bowling Center – Let’s get the family competitive spirit going in a family battle at the Ancol bowling centre. Teenagers love 10 pin bowling, it’s fast and fun. The Ancol bowling center has over 40 lanes waiting for you get a strike, spare or a gutter ball!

Discount tickets for Ancol 10 pin bowling can be found on Traveloka

Boating and golfing are also popular activities in Ancol. There is a harbour where you will see all types of boats moored from fishing boats to mega luxury yachts. There is a golf course, actually, the Ancol area started as a golf course and the theme parks were built around it. The Ancol Golf course provides a challenge for all golfing skill levels. Is having a round of golf one of your top things to do in Jakarta?

Ancol Harbour Jakarta
Ancol Harbour

Where to eat in Ancol Dreamland?

Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, Ancol

Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, Jl. Lodan Timur II No. 7, Ancol, Jakarta

Located on the foreshore close to the Ancol Gondola base this restaurant offers something quite different. Would your teenager visiting Jakarta Ancol like to dine in an aeroplane? Yes, there is a full-size Boeing 737-400 for you to dine in. The is a wide selection of food and drinks. No alcohol is served and your combined order must be IDR600,000 to dine on the plane.

Boeing plane restaurant at Ancol
The Boeing Restaurant

Shiosai – Mercure Convention Center Ancolh

Located at The Mercure Ancol is this amazing Japanese Restaurant. If you have had enough of the Indonesian food and want something different this is the place for you to eat. We had the teppanyaki and it was awesome. You all sit around the hot plate while you master chef cooks, cuts and flips your dinner in front of you.

You get served straight off the hot plate onto your plate. You get a selection of beef, chicken and seafood served up with vegetables and rice. Don’t worry you don’t have to go tracing through Mercure Ancol to find the restaurant. It has an independent entrance

sushi at Mercure ancol
Sushi Dragon at Shiosai Restaurant

How to get to Jakarta

By Air:

Jakarta Airport is known as Soekarno and Mohammad Hatta. The airport is located at Benda, Tangerang. 20 km northwest of Central Jakarta and up to an hour away by taxi It is the busiest, largest airport in Southeast Asia, the busiest in the southern hemisphere. The airport is ranked second in the world as a hub for low-cost budget airlines.

By Train:

The Main train line in Java Indonesia connects Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta and Surabaya. This makes it very easy to get to explore Jakarta by transiting in any of the cites mentioned on the train to Jakarta.

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Best time to visit Jakarta:

Jakarta has a tropical climate thus the temperature does not change much during the year. July to October make up the dryer months while December to March make up the wet season. In saying that we spent 6 days in Jakarta in February and witnessed about 2 hours of rain in total.

How to get around Jakarta:

Trans Jakarta Bus Rapid Transit System has dedicated lanes to help buses run at high speeds to move the public around efficiently.

There is a local train system with 7 lines that serve the city and greater Jakarta area

In all honesty, unless you are on a tight budget just download the Grab app (Asian Uber) and use that. It will cost you only a few dollars to anywhere in the city and it is a great way to explore Jakarta.

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