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Many creatures of the animal kingdom are facing an uncertain future even extinction. However, there is an island off mainland South Australia whose people are dedicated to preserving their wildlife animals such as koalas, sea lions and various bird species. This island is called Kangaroo Island.

Kangaroo Island was discovered by British explorers who were stunned to see that animals on the island were very approachable. Kangaroos in the mainland are usually very wary of humans but on the island had no human inhabitants for nearly two thousand years so animals who lived there were not as terrified of our kind.

Since its discovery, Kangaroo Island has become a prime tourist attraction. Over 140,000 tourists visit the island each year. Let’s have a look at how to get to Kangaroo Island.

Visiting Kangaroo Island

Adelaide in South Australia is the closest Australian mainland capital city to Kangaroo Island. Driving time, Adelaide to Kangaroo Island is 3 hours and 49 minutes and around 210 kilometres.  

The trip to Kangaroo Island includes the need to take a ferry from Cape Jarvis to the Island. The price of the ferry i must say is very steep.

  • $89 return for an adult
  • $50 return for a child  (3-14 years)
  • $196 return for a car.

The Cape Jarvis to kangaroo Island ferry takes 45 minutes. The ferry has cafe facilities, inside TV’s and outside seating for panoramic views of Kangaroo Island.

If you plan to visit the island any time soon, here are five must-dos in Kangaroo Island:

Flying to Kangaroo Island

Both Qantas Link and REX fly to Kangaroo Island. Rex flies twice daily from Adelaide to Kangaroo Island. Flights take place one in the morning and one in the evening. 

Qantas flies direct to the Island from both Melbourne and Adelaide.  Depending on the season to how many times a week Qantas flies into the island.

Watch the sunset at Flinders Chase National Park

Flinders Chase National Park is known for its natural wilderness. Its coast boasts beautiful rock formations sculpted naturally by the Southern Ocean. The remarkable ones have been named Admirals Arch, which is a large arch-shaped rock and the Remarkable Rocks, which are large boulders of granite rocks. Watching the sunset from the other side or Admirals Arch is like looking through a portal to another world of endless beauty. The area is also known for spotting long-nosed fur seals.

Sunset over the ocean at Kangaroo island

The park’s lighthouse keeper cottages also serve as accommodation so you can always stay the night and enjoy other park attractions the next day. In the Summer or Springtime, camping sites are also open. The park also has walking trails for visitors to be able to explore and see diverse species of plants and animals.

 Experience the wildlife at Seal Bay

For thousands of years, a large Australian sea lion population has lived in Seal Bay. Sea lions are considered endangered species and the people of Kangaroo Island are trying to preserve the species. Seal Bay Conservation Park is the only park that keeps the sea lions in their natural habitat instead of placing them in an enclosure. You are able to see them at close quarters and watch them in their natural environment. Visitors are taken to the colony to for a full experience with the sea lions.

 Crawl through the caves at Kelly Hill Conservation Park

Kelly Hill Conservation Park is known for it ornate cave formations. You can hire a guide and go on adventure tours in the caves. This allows you to visit the natural formations in the park, which includes a silt chamber with fauna fossils and bones.If you’re not one for crawling into caves, you can always enjoy activities above ground. Like most other conservation parks in Kangaroo Island, Kelly Hill Conservation Park boasts a natural diverse ecosystem that visitors can experience by firsthand.

Engage in a bird show at Raptor Domain

Raptor Domain is an environmental educator and rehabilitation centre.  As such, most of the birds that they keep have been injured so they are not suitable for release to the wild. The conservatory does not display the birds in cages or enclosures, they believe that an interactive and spectacular show shows their birds in a way that generates interest in the viewers. The birds fly to you and you are able to hold them and experience the birds first hand.


Play with the animals at Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park

Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park is home to over 600 animals of different species from koalas to snakes to birds, you name it! The park allows you to interact with the animals, including koala cuddling, snake holding and bird feeding. Entrance is a bit pricey ($25 per person). This is definitely the place to go to for a family fun-filled affair! The park is open from nine in the morning to five in the afternoon every day. facilities include restaurants and cafes open for you to grab a drink or a bite to eat.


As you can see, most activities in Kangaroo Island involve experiencing the natural wildlife. It is definitely a must-go for anyone who wants to connect with nature.

Day trip to Kangaroo Island

For those who just want to sample Kangaroo Island there are one day tours available. A day tour from Adelaide to kangaroo Island is very do-able in a rental car or by guided tour. A guided tour allows you to sit back and enjoy the scenery of the way. You can find some great kangaroo island day tours below

Family Friendly activities on kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island Sculpture Trail – A easy 1.5 km walk . A mixture of sculptures, landscapes, real wildlife such as kangaroos and Wallabies. For more information search HERE

Seal Bay – Promoted as the Islands number 1 attraction this 800-meter boardwalk takes you through the dunes and viewing platforms.  You will learn about the lives of the endangered Seal colony on a guided tour with an experienced guide.  For more information search HERE

Island beehive –Visit Island Beehive to learn about Ligurian Bees. The Bees are only found on Kangaroo island. See how Honey is produced, take a tour of the factory and taste the amazing food made with this organic honey. 
For more information search HERE

5 great beaches on the island

Kangaroo Island beaches are renowned the world over for their white sand and bush land settings. You will see wildlife both in the water and on the shore. One of the beaches even received a gong for the worlds best beach

  • Hanson Bay – Recommended for experienced surfers, not recommended for swimming
  • Vivonne Bay – Perfect for swimming and fishing off the adjacent jetty. Was named best beach in the world in 2003
  • Stokes Bay – Often referred to as the best sandy family beach on the island due to it facing the mainland. Its best feature is a fun natural pool
  • Pennington Bay –  You may be lucky enough to see Dolphins and Whales. The best surfing break on the Island
  • Emu Bay –  Drive your 4WD right on the white sands of Emu Bay. This beach is known for its amazing coloured water.

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 Kangaroo Island Accommodation

Mercure Kangaroo Island

Mercure Kangaroo Island has 38 rooms available on the property. All rooms have either a pool or ocean view available.

Family friendly facilities when staying at Kangaroo Island Mercure include

  • Swimming Pool
  • Kids playground
  • Beach access
  • Tennis
  • Breakfast and Restaurant

For more information and booking details click here!

Kangaroo Island Seafront Resort

Featuring 22 modern rooms with all the latest amenities, the Seafront Resort is located just 500 meters from the Ferry Terminal.

Family friendly facilities when staying at the Seafront Resort Kangaroo Island include:

  • Outdoor Swimming Pool
  • Sauna
  • Free Wifi
  • Close to the beach

For more information and bookings click here

We hope this inspires you to visit Kangaroo Island.  Its one of the most picturesque places in Australia. You will find things to do for the whole family on Kangaroo island.

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5 things to do on Kangaroo Island South Australia

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