To be an arse or not to be an arse 

When mark told me he was starting a blog about our travelling I was extremely hesitant.

I could see why it was something he wanted to do. We had a small blog many years ago now when I was pregnant with the girls. I thought it was a great way for him to keep friends and family that did not live near us in the loop. It gave them the chance to see what was going on and be as involved as they could. It also gave Mark the chance to express how he was feeling and the things he was going through as it was so different from what was happening to me.

With this blog, he has greater plans. They are much bigger and more complex, with different outcomes. I am very fussy who we allow into our children’s lives. Everyone makes an impact on them, whether it be good or bad. We live in a small country town so we know a lot of people and they know us or our children and most of the time our extended family. Sometimes this is nice and other times…well there are other times it is not so great! Mark has spent his whole life living here and I have been in the district for the majority of my life. It is a great, safe place to raise our beautiful daughters.

I like that we have the Facebook page and the blog, many times at the supermarket I have been stopped by someone to ask me about a picture or a place we have been. They most of the time they refer back to what they have seen us post. There are a lot of people in our town that we hope to motivate to get out there and see the world with our travels. I think it has really made some people excited about travel, not just international travel but local travel as well. Just get out the and see something!

This leads me to my dilemma: with this blog I feel we are letting so many strangers in and opening ourselves up to criticism and it is all because we had our first critical person comment on a post we shared on a Facebook Travel Page. We absolutely love travel and in no way do I want someone to sour our excitement about any aspect of it. We don’t claim to be travel writers or even great writers at that, but we try. We want other families out there to take their kids to places they think will be too hard, too expensive or too scary. We want to build up people and their confidence, help them find the courage to take the leap and travel not tear them down. Traveling with kids is hard, it is scary and it can be expensive and that can be travelling in your own country in a place you know but if you have people out there who understand and sympathise with what you are doing it can lighten the load. If you take even one look at our blog and see an amazing place and think…I would love to go there then that is what we aim for. We aim to help fellow families get out there and see it, feel it, experience it. If everyone kept their little secrets to themselves and didn’t help anyone else we would all be the poorer for it.

So to the lovely gentleman that picked on my husband’s spelling and grammar in one of our posts…thanks. Thanks for putting someone down that is out there having a go. This may be a ‘pet peeve’ of yours, it is one of mine as well, but there is no way EVER that I would correct someone publically. And here is another huge news flash for you, you chose to be an ‘ass’ about it as you happily called yourself (personally I would have used numerous different choice words for your actions). You could have let it go or you could have personally messaged Mark and helped him out, don’t be afraid to give someone a helping hand privately. People will actually appreciate it more if you do it that way, rather than trying to embarrass them. Better yet, next time read past the bad spelling and see it for what it is, someone’s memory, someone’s joy and that we are letting people, complete strangers sometimes, share it with us. We are not travel writers and we have never claimed to be, but we get out there and share our experiences with other people. We try to and in Australia that is worth its weight in gold.


*Now in all honesty because of this we have installed a grammar and spell checking app. Obviously we need it, but we are new at this and had to do some research on which one to get. A thank you is necessary for that, it will help us in the future, but it was the way that person went about it. All help is appreciated, negative or positive, Mark just happens to have a very supportive, defensive wife!
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