Some Flight search engines favour certain airlines. You will certainly be given different prices on different search engines for the same flight. Some search engine do not even index low-cost flights. I always make a point of searching Skyscanner, Kayak, Airfare Watchdog, One Travel and CheapOair for the best international flight deals. So if you’re looking for budget short-haul flights you will need to go straight to their website

Have you used a flight search engine

The beauty of these Flight search engines is they allow you to set Alerts. Alerts are a fantastic feature for anyone during the planning process. What the alert lets you do as put in where you want to go, your departure and return date and the site will send you emails when there is a price drop or increase on that flight. But be flexible on your departure date as prices can vary from different days. Put in for an alert for flights only on three to four different days of the week you want to depart. You can request emails daily, weekly or monthly. I personally select daily.

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I set this up on more than one site because as I had previously mentioned prices differ from site to site. This is a fantastic way to keep check of pricing of cheap international tickets because of these sites index hundreds of airlines that daily fly the route that you want. Airline specials come on and off all the time and who has time to be checking individual airline websites every day, certainly not me!

Set yourself a price you think you are happy with for the flights you want and monitor the price activity on it. When you see a price you are happy with on the search engine you should then go to the airline’s website. The price on the airline’s website may be cheaper again. After all these search engines also need to make money so they will charge you a booking fee to go through them. If the Airlines website is cheaper you have a second win already and have saved again.

If you are in Australia, what I would do is then call flight centre and ask them for a price. Flight Centre has a guarantee to beat any advertised price. Tell them the flight you found and the cost and they will beat it ( An update on this Flight Centre will now only beat flights that are found on Australian Websites. Cheap international tickets were killing them. )

So the process is:

  • Set alerts and find a price on Flight search engines.
  • Check the airline website for a better price again.
  • Call Flight Centre and let them know and hopefully receive even better price!

Some really cheap flights exist for a reason. Always check the details of your flights before booking. Really cheap flights may multi-destination flights with a long stopover while transiting through an airport to another flight. Stopovers while transiting at Singapore from Australia to Europe can be anywhere from a few hours to up to 8 or 9 hours. Singapore is a great airport to be stuck at though but that’s a whole other post! These flights also may have strict conditions on whether you can stop over in destinations on the way for a few days as well. Cheap multi-city flights are great if you don’t have a tight schedule you need to stick to.

This process may not save you lots of money but if your travelling with a family of 4 like us $50 a ticket adds up. That money can then be used for something else like taking the kids to Disneyland in Paris or Harry Potter World in London etc.

Organize your flights first once that’s done accommodation and everything else can be fitted in nicely.

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about searching for flights from a foreign site that belongs to a search engine or an airline. I have read articles about searching low-cost flights as an example from Melbourne to London and using say Finnair’s website or any airline really but use their USA site or Thailand site and see if you get a better price than the Australian site. You will need to use a currency conversion site like XE currency converter to compare the prices. Articles I have been reading lately suggest that there could be savings to be made this way. It is worth a shot… who knows!

On a side note, most airlines will have a flight sale multiple times a year. If you have your heart set on flying with a certain airline just wait for their flight sale and see what prices they have to offer.

Family Travel is something we are very passionate about and we are asked a lot how we manage to save to go. Below I have included 2 more posts from us here at Wyld Family Travel that we hope you will find helpful planning your next trip!

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